Universal Delays 'Bourne Legacy' a Week to Avoid 'Dark Knight Rises'

June 22, 2012
Source: THR

The Bourne Legacy

It's a foregone conclusion that The Dark Knight Rises is going to be a juggernaut at the box office, likely topping the charts for two, maybe even three weeks. Universal Pictures knows that, and that's why they've just announced, via THR, that they're delaying the release of The Bourne Legacy back just one week from August 3rd to August 10th. Surely that will give people plenty of time to see The Dark Knight Rises and then be hungry from some Bourne action with Jeremy Renner. That gives the Christopher Nolan trilogy conclusion starring Christian Bale three weeks to rake in the dough after opening on July 20th. More below!

Universal said in their official statement on this change: "Just as The Avengers demonstrated marketplace sustainability that well outpaced traditional patterns earlier this summer, the industry expects a similar trajectory for The Dark Knight Rises. Moving one week further from its release will give The Bourne Legacy an even greater opportunity to maximize its opening box office potential." That also only puts it up against The Campaign and Great Hope Springs. Universal notes that an onslaught of marketing will hit TV and digital audiences during the Olympics starting on July 27th. If that last action-packed trailer was any indicator, Jeremy Renner and Bourne Legacy have a lot of action to deliver, and may be worth the wait.

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Smart move.

grimjob on Jun 22, 2012


Bourne or Cross could kick Batman's ass.

Bl00dwerK on Jun 22, 2012



SuicidalOptimist on Jun 22, 2012



Ehsan Davodi on Jun 23, 2012



JBrotsis on Jun 22, 2012


Hahaha! Yeah, probably.

grimjob on Jun 22, 2012


Smart. Now they need to do the same with Les Mis and the Hobbit. Tomfoolery to bring those two films out on the same weekend.

Ali Miller on Jun 22, 2012


Smart move... And I like how they don't even mention that they were trying to avoid Total Recall as well, which aims at pretty much the same audience as Bourne does. This helps Total and Bourne to get a decent opening weekend now instead of splitting box office.

hi hello on Jun 22, 2012


Looking at the image above just reminds me how promising this movie is. I expect it to deliver all the way. And it looks like TDKR has a solid chance at breaking The Avengers' opening record. That I have to see.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 22, 2012


dont think thats possible without the inflated 3D ticket prices though.

Anon on Jun 22, 2012


Yea, you're probably right...

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 23, 2012


I wish that

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 23, 2012


You and me both.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 23, 2012


Yeah dude

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 23, 2012


So the gay neighbor from Melrose Place is taking over the Bourne franchise?

Big Ross on Jun 22, 2012


If Bourne legacy fail , cause would be studio & director not " Jeremy Renner " . Renner prove his abilities in " Heart Locker " & " Twon " two top-notch and beyond wishes act from him. Tony Gilroy doesn't must accept this . Look to the A Ginues Called Great Darren Aronofsky. He doesnt accept remake most popular and desirable comic " Robocop ". Succeed of Robocop remake is inevitable, but he pass on that and go to the " Noah ", yeah dudes, maybe he make mistake but Main Point is He Knows Himself More Than Us, He know where are his power and also weakness points. He take right decision, Noah is closer to his thoughts rather than Robocop , because his films may be not tasteful for everyone but Robocop is popular movie(Black Swan was a little bit exceptional) Tony Gilroy was ScreenWrighter, He didn't any "Action" flick either, In other hand Bourne project was in Hazzard Point. Its Top-Class director & actor leave with surprising crude decision, and pass on many fans in whole world that their jaws droping for last kick-ass brilliant Bourne and also their eyes was concentrate on next sequel with appetite. Then Tony Gilroy didn't must mix with this story. Then " Bring Me Head Of Tony Garsia" (Tony give two watchable good movie and show some skill and class in Michael Kleaton and Duplicity) And also such shame for Studio either. They could take helmet of this Tough Post-Modern Fast Paced Intense Action Flick to who at least a little bit familiar with such movies. Pity For Renner "IF" Bourne's Legacy would be Gone With The Wind.

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 22, 2012


I'd buy that for a dollar!

rennmaxbeta on Jun 23, 2012


The Bourne spin had me till they started with the whole gene splicing bullshit.

Johnny Neat on Jun 23, 2012


This is a self fueling fire. Nothing is opening on the same weekend as Rises because they expect it to be dominant. But because nothing is opening against it, it'll be even more dominant. People are worried about it having great legs at the box office, so they are delaying releases to avoid competing with it. But because there will now be less movies coming out in the weeks after it opens, it'll have even better legs at the box office. I mean, it would be like studios cancelling all August releases and then people being shocked that Rises holds #1 for 7-8 weeks straight. I'm not complaining, I want Rises to be as successful as possible...but it's funny.

Chris_G on Jun 23, 2012


Bah, this makes sense, but argh.

DAVIDPD on Jun 24, 2012


Yeah I see the Dark Knight Rises making a 3 week run. Plus if people find out that Bourne 4 isn't good it could go for a fourth. Also,If anyone here lives in South Florida I'm selling my TDKR 15/70 IMAX Midnight opening tickets. I can't go anymore. If you want them hit me up.

thaRiddler on Jun 24, 2012


I saw an early screening of The Bourne Legacy and thought it was fantastic. Much better than Supremacy or Ultimatium and definitely on par with Identity. I think word of mouth will help this movie be a success. I do think it's smart to delay the release so it can have it's moment in the spotlight. It really is a great film!

kmg1177 on Jun 24, 2012

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