Up and Coming Writer Jeremy Slater Hired for 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

July 13, 2012
Source: Heat Vision

Fantastic Four

The feature film presence at Comic-Con this year has certainly dwindled a bit with many studios opting out of the convention completely, but the news surrounding comic book properties hasn't slowed down at all. David Slade is no longer directing Daredevil and Jessica Biel is playing Viper in The Wolverine and now, hot on the heels of confirmation that Chronicle director Josh Trank would helm Fox's reboot of Fantastic Four, Heat Vision has word on who will write the script. Up and coming writer Jeremy Slater has been hired to write the new franchise beginning about a family of superheroes who don't always get along well.

Slater already has a burgeoning career as his horror spec script Tape 4, which centers around the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft has been set up at Lionsgate, not to mention My Spy, a teenage spy comedy that just got picked up by Universal Pictures with Bad Teacher helmer Jake Kasdan attached to direct. However, we've heard from our own sources that what really landed him this superhero job is another spec script he wrote called The Man of Tomorrow which is essentially an alternate take on Batman and Superman without every mentioning the characters by name beyond their super powers and background. It's apparently very gritty and set in an alternate 1940's time period with a lot of style. As long as it's not a silly, family comedy with superheroes this time around, I'll be happy.

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It'd be dope to see them give The Thing the "Avengers Hulk" treatment. That, I'd PAY to see.

Big Boss on Jul 13, 2012


I couldn't see Thing moving around like Hulk. Hulk and Thing are two different people. Hulk is more animalistic and attacks out of pure anger and frustration. Thing acts differently. It wouldn't make sense to me to see Thing have the kind of treatment Hulk got; plus Hulk is just better than Thing.

jar-red on Nov 7, 2012


what he mean by "Avengers Hulk" treatment" is in the term of Animating, rendering, the 3D modeling, the feeling, the realistic persona and personality and well react to the film "Avengers Hulk". not in term of characteristic like u describe.

zackjords on Jun 25, 2013


Huh...(holding breath).

DAVIDPD on Jul 13, 2012


I liked Fantastic Four...not every superhero movie has to be Batman. I guess they could aspire to be Avengers-like. But really, enough of the gritty reboot. As if everything's so dandy we need to be dragged into the grim broody hero every single time.

Clues on Jul 13, 2012


Agreed. Why do so many clamor for a darker version of the original? Is dystopic the only acceptable tone for a remake? I enjoyed the FF movies and the Dark Knight Trilogy. Can't we enjoy a variety of tones in our superhero movies? C. S. Lewis implied on more than one occasion that adolescents cannot enjoy lighter fare such as the fairy tales, but children and adults can. To enjoy such stories, it either takes a certain degree of innocence or a certain degree of maturity to not disdain innocence.

Shane on Aug 5, 2012


I'm not clamoring for a dark story, I need a story that is told well and that has integrity. Both FF movies do not possess this.

SubSumeYou on Aug 19, 2012


Well if you think about it all movies need a lead up and developmental period for a character. More so with comic book heros. You can't expect them to go to space get hit by the field and bam they know exactly what happened and that they have powers and how to use them. What did you see Spiderman get bit then bam he was swinging from web to web. No it took time for him to figure out he had the abilities he had.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


The other thing missing from the first FF movies is solid acting. The only guys that did their job were Evans and Chiklis. The rest of them were sub-par actors doing a sub-par job.

Soylent Green Is People on Sep 17, 2012


The movies weren't good I agree, but don't ever talk bad about Jessica Alba. Been a fan since Dark Angel. She is a great actress, unlike that untalented hack Megan Fox. Who Bay cast as April in the turtles movie. Really??!!!!

Spiderclaw on Jul 20, 2013


well put, good point

idleprimate on Aug 26, 2012


Both FF films were so generic and boring. Not to mention, repetitive. From hiring terrible writers who knew NOTHING of its source material, they bastardized any potentially amazing stories with weak "re-hashes" such as Gallactus, one of The Fantastic Four's ARCH NEMESIS.. and what was it? A damn cloud of smoke. Lame. And please get another director. Tim Story can stick to his romantic comedies. Sheesh. After these two "Comical" takes on these heros, it NEEDS a darker take.

TheMachine on Jun 24, 2013


This movie needed a reboot. I liked them, but now they are almost painful to watch. The only good thing about them now it the Thing's costume. I would give a kidney to wear that suit around for a day. Michael Chiklis is so lucky

Roguedork19 on Jul 13, 2012


They were always painful to watch.

ok on Aug 3, 2012


Speak for yourself. I own them and watch them all the time.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


Good for you, you have no taste in films. You probably loved Spiderman 3, am I right?

TheMachine on Jun 24, 2013


Yeah I did like Spiderman 3. It was a hell of alot better then the AM. You are probably a fan of the shit known as Twilight

cage1 on Jun 25, 2013


than the Amazing Spider man? Now I KNOW you have no taste. And NO i actually don't like Twilight, but I WOULD rather watch THAT shit then these "feel good" ame as comic films that screw up everything about them from the stories, to the acting, to the direction, even down to the very VILLAINS. now THAT's a triumphant failure.

TheMachine on Jun 25, 2013



guest1 on Jun 27, 2013


You are to stupid to even speak. Spiderman3 was a disgrace to all Spidey fans. True fans anyway. Especially the vile garbage he did to a beloved character like Venom. The treatment he got was terrible and frustrating. Raimi should be shot. Amazing had it's problems but was WAY better. And it did a better job capturing Spidey's famous mouth than the other 3 combined.Man I hate movie fans who know nothing about the comics. but talk like they do.

Spiderclaw on Jul 20, 2013


For the love of god, please make The Thing look like he does in the comics, rocky, not like a lumpy mud-man.

Iam Strange on Jul 13, 2012


You obviously haven't read a Fantastic Four comic that came out before the 80s.

betaray100 on Jul 27, 2012


Actually one of my favorite Marvel Two-in-One issues was the Thing teamed up with the Thing. One was the later rock skinned and the other the lumpy mud-man type. It was a time travel story where been takes nack a cure Reed created for him that "Would've worked a few years earlier."

Bill on Sep 21, 2012


Before the 1980's...The thing did look like a lumpy mud man, but I get what you're saying, because the problem I had with The Thing is they made him the size of the average man when since the mid to late 70's The Thing was drawn to be as physically big as The Hulk...just not as strong....

James A Barnes Jr. on Oct 10, 2012


Hollywood will keep trying till they get it right.

rennmaxbeta on Jul 14, 2012


I enjoyed the first FF film as good-hearted entertainment, but it was not really what I wanted to see based on reading the comics themselves, so I welcome a reboot.

jerryofthewest on Jul 14, 2012


Yes, me too. Chris Evans also wears Cap. America costume and leave behind the "flames"! xD

Indori4n on Jul 16, 2012


I liked him more as Torch

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


Me, too. Totally. IMHO, he was the only one in the original FF movie that sorta "got" their character. I found him boring and wooden as Cap ... 'course, I find Cap kinda boring and wooden, so ...

Pitt90 on Jan 9, 2013


The FF movies were way too PG-13. Past 1 was bearable but part 2 was a disaster. I hope they get it right this time.

Adrian Casillas on Jul 16, 2012


You are totally wrong! If you don't like easy going, action comedies, then don't see these films. They were good fun and should never be dark. The dark knight rises takes itself so seriously that they completely lose the thrill of seeing bat man. As soon as I saw the pic of Bane standing atop a tumbler, I knew it would suck. Batman Begins was awesome and The Dark Knight is perfect! Why they would make a film where Batman has retired is lame.

Will Stryder on Aug 12, 2012


The minority has spoken. One of the Ten people that didn't enjoy Dark Knight Rises has spoken.

KainsLegion on Aug 15, 2012


I didn't like it either. It SUCKED compared to the previous two. They made a terrible mistake with this story, and the apparent retarded "twist" at the end revealing Miranda's true identity. Stupid. But still I think these FF films SUCK and definitely need a reboot.

TheMachine on Jun 24, 2013


Batman retires because that's what happens in the comics, simple as that. DUH.

Adrian Casillas on Aug 18, 2012


Umm... I don't know where you got your info bub but Batman NEVER retired. He's too obsessed with keeping gotham safe. He's had to sit on the sidelines a couple of times due to injury or mental health. he even "died" recently, but had someone take his spot. Dick did it twice. And the movie WAS bad. It strayed so far from the source it doesn't belong with the other 2. Bane was a bad idea from the start cause he didn't come into the picture till after Tim became Robin. Here Dick isn't even introduced. I could go on with the wrong things in this movie but I won't.

Spiderclaw on Jul 20, 2013


To some extent I agree with you. Batman rocks. With Bane they made a big mistake with him and him in it. First off you can't have Bane without Ivy. It was Ivy's potion that made him. Plus Bane towered over Batman. He was not the same size. Some characters have to be done dark for them to be done right. Ghostrider is a prime example. He was a dark character and making him PG hurt him. I enjoyed the ones Cage did but to do him right he has to be dark.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


Poison Ivy never made bane. You are just refering to the "batman and robin" which was pretty lame. The real bane is a little bit more like the one in the new movie plus the venom.

spoppo on Jun 20, 2013


I loved the 1st 2 Fantastic Four films, but I wouldn't mind seeing a more 'badass' version of them. Just to give us a little variety. Let's have it! ;~D

Dennis B. on Jul 16, 2012


Colton Haynes ( Jackson on Teen Wolf) for johnny Storm. Colton's definately got that arrogrance/pretty boy mentality that he plays so well on teen Wolf. He'd be my pick for Johnny Storm, The Thing needs to be CGI/motion capture performance. Go with Andy Serkis ( Golum/ceaser...Rise of the planet of the Apes/King Kong) for the performance capture.

Alec Grimes on Jul 17, 2012


I enjoyed the first two FF movies, but agree that they were too 'PG-13'. I think there is a disconnect with the suits who control the money for these movies. I think they see comic book/superhero movies as fodder for children. I think that's why the FF movies turned out the way they did. Little do those suits understand that the target audience is really the 40, 50, and 60 somethings who were kids when they read the original comics and, now, want to see their childhood superheros brought to life on the big screen. But they don't want to see comedic parodies of their superheros, they want to see them placed into the 'real world', as if such people and circumstances could really exist. They want to see not just the explosions and stunts, but also the characters...their motivations, emotions, weaknesses and personalities. FWIW, I'm a sixty-something and that's what I want to see in a superhero movie.

Aaron Maxwell on Jul 18, 2012


it seems to me there was always a lot of humour and banter in FF, and while many storylines were epic or cosmic in scope, it was for the most part never a dark or gritty comic, it was fun, especially back in the day when todays 40-60 yr olds were reading it as children. superheroes were invented to entertain children. the stories offer pleasure to adults a s well, but i feel sad when people want to take characters like FF or spiderman and make movies that aren't for children to enjoy.

idleprimate on Aug 26, 2012


For them to make a movie to a certain point that they want it to be at they would have to throw out the ratings. They want it out there for all adiances. Look at the Ghost Rider. To do him right they need a Rated R rating. He was a dark charcater and not comical like Cage did with him. I liked them don't get me wrong but to do him right that is the rating they need. For your audiance comment your wrong. I am only 34 and have loved Marvel and DC for years. My daughter is 15 and also loves Marvel. So your age range is way off. Now to go off that logic The Avengers sucked.There was way to much comedic crap in it. But the Avengers is a brillant movie. So your logic is off to. Hell X-MEN was great and I don't ever remember Wolverine making funny cracks all the time. Like when he teased Cyclops.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


I disagree, Avengers was a great film; they had a touch of everything in there and it worked brilliantly. As for the X-Men movies they weren't God awful, but they weren't anything special. They made Cyclops TOO big of a sissy. Plus they didn't even introduce some of the main great X-Men until the last film. Yet they were still lacking in the X-Men and Brotherhood ideals of human and mutant kind. I liked Jackman as Wolverine, that is about it. I think they need to make a re-boot. Have the iconic characters that everyone knows and loves from both sides.

jar-red on Nov 7, 2012


i agree i think to do any superhero movie it needs to be r-rated to any justice to the original material

Chris Brewer on Mar 12, 2013


Doom better be the Doom from the comics this time around. He was such a puss in the first two FF films. To me, he's in the same realm as Darth Vader, so he needs to be menacing. In the films he was portrayed as just some grumpy dude who stayed up too late drinking and playing video games.

irk on Jul 18, 2012


You are absolutely right. Also, the incredible dikk-headedness of the Human Torch was WAY over the top...

MortarFire on Nov 8, 2012


Thing is, and even Lucas himself confirmed this, Darth Vadar was never meant to be the badass figure people interpret him as. He was meant to be somewhat pitiful actually, at the feet of the emperor with very little in the way of personal choice or thought. He was meant to be felt for and pitied.

Jack on Nov 12, 2012


I think irk's point is still valid though.

Randall "texrat" Arnold on Nov 26, 2012


One thing you need to remember though, is that Lucas decides to change things on a whim all the time. Especially his mind. Originally, the Emperor was supposed to be a puppet on the throne controlled by the military and Vader, something Lucas has also confirmed. Which means one of those two things is wrong and a lie.

Valokiloren on Dec 15, 2012


i would love to see a reboot, chris evans makes a good Torch...but a better Captain, so lets let someone else have the flames 🙂

eric from canada on Aug 1, 2012


I disagree I think he made a better Torch

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


His portrayal of Johnny Storm was very good. So good I was concerned he'd fall on his face as the more adult/serious Cap. I'm so glad my fears were unfounded.

Bill on Sep 21, 2012


Can't it be something for everyone to enjoy but with the real world like The Amazing Spider-Man or The Avengers. Not everything has to be dark and gritty. And if they choose the "Dark and Gritty" it will most likely suck. The Fantastic Four are a family not Batman. Their Situations are dark but they aren't... You get my point

Miggy Untalan on Aug 6, 2012


Thank you. But the only way to do some characters is to go dark. Ghost Rider is a great example. He was a dark character so do him that way. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed them the way they are but to do him right he has to be dark.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


You're both right, but the FF is not a dark book. In fact as it's written right now, it a damn good read. They're can be some light moments in it, but the first two films just didn't seem to capture the feel of the FF at all, except for Johnny Storm.

jsmith0552 on Sep 21, 2012


I hope they put Galactus on the movie. Not a shadow or a giant cloud, but actually the real character.

Paulo Figueiredo on Aug 11, 2012


They can't. They sold him back to marvel in exchange for keeping Daredevil.

Bradley Conder on Sep 2, 2012


Keep up! They wanted to but Fox refused. Fox still have Daredevil, FF, Galactus and the Silver Surfer. But the Daredevil rights are gonna revert back to Marvel because no-one wants to direct the Fox version. I'd prefer it if Marvel could have all their characters back (especially Ghost Rider; Hollywood needs to get him right; in a 15). I think the new FF film should have the tone of 'The Amazing Spider-Man'. It was darker than the original Sam Raimi trilogy but nowhere near as dark as the 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Some Random Guy on Sep 5, 2012


By 'in a 15' im presuming you mean a 15 certificate. Id say youve got more chance of fox doing an adult orientated ghost rider film than Marvel/disney ever doing one, Marvel are gonna stick to ther successful but heartbreaking (if like me you want to see a bit of ultra violence and autuerism in ur comic book movies) film making process of good casting, mediocre directors willing to bend to marvels cinematic universe, somewhat light hearted films aimed at the lowest common denominator. Who knows with this guy doing FF and mangold doing the wolverine movie fox could actually be about to realise that good directors with good visions make good comic book movies, something that after the ridiculous success of the avengers Marvel is never going to realise

jackson vega III on Sep 15, 2012


Sounds like the superhero movies you want to see aren't the superhero movies that the studios are going to make because they aren't the superhero movies everyone else wants to see (and those are the ones that make enough money to justify the massive budgets required to do the CGI properly).

Soylent Green Is People on Sep 17, 2012


Agree. I wanted to see a Captain America movie set in WWII like the gritty parts of the Brubaker/Epting run, and Steranko-esque when he is revived.

Jerilyn Nighy on Dec 19, 2012


Orientated is not a word. Try oriented.

Lee Keels on Feb 5, 2013


I prefer Raimi's Spiderman. I actually never saw all of the AS and don't plan to. I just heard that they changed alot of it from the origin of SM. The only thing that look good with the AM is Lizard.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


So you haven't seen the Amazing Spiderman, but you know that you prefer Raimi's? You know, I prefer movies I've seen over ones I haven't seen also. You can't make a judgement on a movie you've never seen.

Elmakai on Sep 17, 2012


the new spiderman SUCKS!!!!! I saw it and was COMPLETELY disappointed! don't waste your time finishing the movie. After I watched it, the first, original spiderman happened to be on tv and when I watched that, it was REFRESHING to see a well thought out, well written movie again. With normal, sense-making plots and characters. I think the fact that the new guy who plays spiderman is a homo (look it up) has something to do w how awkward the peter/gwen moments are on the new film. (this is just one of the film's MANY MANY flaws) but trust me cage: you made the right choice!

JC on Jan 1, 2013


You are one sad individual, casting aspersions on a persons sexuality, by citing "look it up" and blaming it for why you didn't like the film is truly pathetic, in reality ( try it some time) he is actually dating his co-star, as in a real life heterosexual relationship, not that being a"homo" somehow denigrates his acting ability, I suggest you either crawl back under your homophopic rock, or drag your sorry arse into the 21st century, some people are gay, get over it...

0ldn1k on Jan 2, 2013


I don't get what you mean by that. FF is a Marvel group. If Galactus is origianlly in FF comics and what not that makes him Marvel. Daredevil is also Marvel how do you sell things back to a company that already owns them.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


Marvel has the ability to license it's properties out to other people if it wants. And it licensed a bunch of characters to Fox. That's why Marvel doesn't make Spiderman or FF movies at present.

Soylent Green Is People on Sep 17, 2012


Ok that I didn't fully know thanks. But with them being Marvel Characters do they not have like final say in what happens with the character. Someone has to make them into movies but do they not have to ok it first and ok a script since they are Marvel.

cage1 on Sep 17, 2012


I'm not sure about the specifics of the licensing agreement between Marvel and Fox but there is probably some sort of clause that specifically lays out what Fox cannot do (i.e. they cannot do anything that would denigrate the brand or the characters). Other than that, Marvel has no creative control over the script or the direction of the movies made by Fox with characters under license from Marvel.

Soylent Green Is People on Sep 17, 2012


Well the fact that he was a cloud in the Rise of the Surfer is because he was only just coming to earth. The actually character was not there yet. He was supposed to be in the next instalment if they made it. Like every movie there has to be a lead up to a character and that is what they did with Galactus

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


A 200 foot guy in a purple helmet? That was "the" most brilliant creative licence they took in the movie by not going with that, but rather making him different. That would have been over the top rediculous!

kyle shaw on Dec 15, 2012


So you know better than Jack Kirby and Stan Lee about the proper aesthetics of a superhero milieu?

Jerilyn Nighy on Dec 19, 2012


Woa, that Man of Tomorrow flick sounds more interesting than FF. Wonder if it's based in part on Moore's Whatever Happened to...??

TefferMcG on Aug 11, 2012


The dark, brooding bit has become like a "bridging of the gap" for the people who didn't ever have an interest in picking up a comic book. They want to see these characters come to life, and in doing so, they won't be put into a world of "bangs!" and "BIFF!'s" like in the days of Adam West. Its death, despair, and destruction for modernized super heroes. Like it or not, we'll all end up paying to see it in theaters.

Scott Day on Aug 15, 2012


Maybe. I still haven't seen The Amazing Spiderman and don't plan to. I seen pictures and the trailer and that is as close as I am gonna get to seeing it.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


Please make Thing HUGE like Hulk. Not the shortest member of the team.

CainCrow on Aug 17, 2012


The Thing shouldn't be the shortest member, but he has never been portrayed as large as the Hulk.

StillAmused on Aug 24, 2012


Dammit Fox, you couldn't leave it alone could you and just let Marvel have thier shit back....

freeete on Aug 20, 2012


Can we just have a third FF movie, not really a sequel but not an entire re-boot? We don't need to see new origins every ten years. Just make a fantastic film. James Bond has gone on for decades without giving up a spy origin every few years.

InvisibleZombie on Aug 29, 2012


They can't... The producers made too many mistakes and the sequel just piled them higher. I do agree that we don't need another origin story tho, everybody already knows all the characters' backstories, and if they don't, they can pick up a COMIC BOOK (gasp!) Just cast the characters right this time (no beautiful hispanic girls as beautiful Swedish girls,) and properly represent the heroes and villains, (please no douchebag-Electro Dr. Doom,) and tell a story.

MineDogger on Sep 28, 2012


I don't think that expecting your audience to have to pick up a comic-book for some much-needed context is the best way to go. I'd ideally like to see the origin handled the way The Incredible Hulk handled it, by limiting it to the film's opening credits sequence and then just moving the hell on.

Cyberxion on Oct 31, 2012


The reason why we don't need another origin story is that the first movie really gives us a good idea who the characters are. Get to the real action. I don't give a shit about reading comic books. Hollywood needs to stop with all these superhero movies. I can tell you in no uncertain terms that Antman will get no love from me. The studios actually think that they can keep release C list superhero movies. Eventually the audience will stop spending money on crap.

Philippe Drouin on Jan 13, 2013


Woah, you sure as hell told them. Superhero movies aren't going any damn place and with good reason. At the end of the day it's about money, and if you did some research every single super hero movie/franchise has pulled in at least a billion dollars. TDK and Avengers are in the top 10 highest grossing movies in human history. So? And you have absolutely no point to be posting on here with your hard ass statement about not reading comic books. Keep being ignorant thinking antman is useless, it's probably why you think its a C list movie. Moronic.

Uri Jamal Charles on Jan 15, 2013


@ Philippe. I guess you're tired of movies based on novels as well? Consider superheroes a genre, like Westerners or detective stories. Personally, I'd like to see the FF done right. You could tell from the get go that the people behind this movie were only cashing in on what they thought was a fad. They put absolutely no thought or imagination into it, other than a bit of inspired casting. But they totally wrecked one of the best comic villains around with the way they handled Dr. Doom. Still if Batman can make a comeback from where it was at when Nolan took over, there may be help for the franchise, regardless of what naysayers like you think.

jsmith0552 on Jan 17, 2013


Chris Evans is playing Captain America now, so they need to recast Johnny at the very least... and recasting one of the main characters is a bad idea. Therefore, they need to reboot.

Lucia Malpense on Nov 27, 2012


One thing they do all the time in storytelling is the "unknown" or "lost" brother or sister that is found. So why not have them discover than Cap is Johnny Storm's unknown twin? Or at least a very close look-alike sibling. Who knows....maybe a cousin. It's one workaround to be able to not have to do a full reboot. He can play both characters. They will rarely be in the same movie. (Makes you wonder what they were thinking by casting him as Cap in the first place.) It kinda sucks to have the new Spidey for instance, and then have the Toby McGuire run on the shelf. Loses a lot of interest. (Although in that case, it seems McG was an ass about coming back for more movies in the series.....sign them to a contract for 6 movies just to be sure 🙂 ) The same would happen with the other FF movies.

Jamie Sweat on Mar 20, 2013


You clearly enjoy talking out of your ass. I'm surprised nobody has nerd raged all over what you just said. However, I'm pretty sure that Fox loves to completely obliterate any continuity possible in their Marvel movies. Knowing them, they'd think your idea to make Johnny Storms related to Captain America would be a genius idea. And eff Toby McGuire as Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield FTW

guyg on Apr 16, 2013


They recast Batman bunch of times. I want to see a reboot of the FF because frankly, the two movies sucked.

yaya on Mar 21, 2013


Casino Royale with Daniel Craig was at the beginning of the film an origin of sorts. It showed how he gained 007 status so your point is moot!

J-Dizzle on Jan 8, 2013


Nothing I do is MOOT! Nothing! :p But hey, if they've never shown an origin for Bond then that's something they needed. Comics in the early days either had a 1 to 3 page origin or they didn't have one and did it years later. Think of River Phoenix's small Indiana Jones flashback. My point is, Hollywood has been afraid of super-heroes for decades, they approach them tentatively, afraid to put them in their original costume tights (though that usually does need tweaking in real-life), feel the need to make an event or a blockbuster instead of just having the confidence to make a good movie, and generally make poor casting choices. Hey, I think they've always had the same problems when bringing Broadway hits to the big screen. Superhero animated shows are far more comfortable with their writing, and continuity, and now that we have the technology to make really great-looking fantasy/sci-fi/hero movies, they just need to take the confidence that the animators have with their product and just move that business model into the live-action world. I think John McClane survived more physical comic-book punishment in "Live Free or Die Hard" than Batman has ever been through!

JD Harris on Jan 9, 2013


Actually I have to agree with you to some extent. Why after all do we get all these movies that show how partners come to understand and work with each other? It's like the only story Hollywood knows how to tell about people who work together. You see this especially in movies based on television series. Did we really need to know how James West and Artemis Gordon came to respect each other? Hell no, they're Government agents it's their job to work together. Same with adaptations like Dragnet, I Spy, The Avengers (John and Emma). Actually when you think about it, the Marvel Avengers is the same story just done a heck of a lot better, and on a much larger scale. Hollywood needs some new screenwriters.

jsmith0552 on Jan 17, 2013


Nothing I do is MOOT! Nothing! :p But hey, if they've never shown an origin for Bond then that's something they needed. Comics in the early days either had a 1 to 3 page origin or they didn't have one and did it years later. Think of River Phoenix's small Indiana Jones flashback. My point is, Hollywood has been afraid of super-heroes for decades, they approach them tentatively, afraid to put them in their original costume tights (though that usually does need tweaking in real-life), feel the need to make an event or a blockbuster instead of just having the confidence to make a good movie, and generally make poor casting choices. Hey, I think they've always had the same problems when bringing Broadway hits to the big screen. Superhero animated shows are far more comfortable with their writing, and continuity, and now that we have the technology to make really great-looking fantasy/sci-fi/hero movies, they just need to take the confidence that the animators have with their product and just move that business model into the live-action world. I think John McClane survived more physical punishment in "Live Free or Die Hard" than Batman has ever been through.

InvisibleZombie on Jan 9, 2013


The backstory could be taken care of similarly to The Incredible Hulk, where during the opening credits you get a cinematic that shows them going into space, getting hit by cosmic rays, and turning into the Fantastic Four, that way, when the movie starts, we've already got them in the Baxter Building and they've already got their powers.

Jonathan Komar on Jan 21, 2013


Here's an idea, when you watch FF, hold your freakin' Galactus Doll in front of the screen every time the cloud that hurts you so much shows up

the Doc on Aug 31, 2012


It needs to be rebooted. Not just because the sequel wasn't on par with the first... Yes I liked the first one. But because Chris Evans is Captain America now. He can't be Captain America and Human Torch.

FatedScythe777 on Sep 6, 2012


I agree with you with the two roles but I enjoyed both FF movies. Not everyone will like them but I do. I still watch them to this day. One of the reasons I bought them. I wished they went with a FF sequel and brought in Galactus like they were leading up to. I prefer Evans as Torch more.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


the heck? Why a reboot? IT'S TOO EARLY FOR THAT. What's wrong with all the sudden reboots? makes me sick...

Donna Noble on Sep 13, 2012


Then you will really hate this. They are already talking about rebooting Batman to lead into the Justice League. I say bring back Bale as Batman and leave him that way. Bale by far played him the best. In the old ones Keaton did the best and they hurt when he left the role.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


... or follow on from DKR and have gorden-levitt as batman, i think he would play the role really well, and that way they already have his story panned out... i know most people want a wayne batman, but it would be an interesting take to do one with blake, just sayin'

smc on Oct 18, 2012


Bale's scratchy-voiced Batman was weak-sauce. Funniest part of Dark Knights was either the "punch you in the back" back-surgery or the "it's a nuke bomb ... oops, I dragged it on concrete." Yeah, sorry, writing fails galore.

REkzkaRZ on Jun 24, 2013


What's sad is that the Incredibles did the Fantastic Four, then the Fantastic Four. Forget this "family that doesn't get along" crap, just make them a family of superheroes and accurately capture the essence of that and you win. And don't make Dr. Doom a corporate CEO which is the most cliche villain archetype in Hollywood history.

Drew Pierce on Sep 13, 2012


Wasn't DOOM a corporate man. Plus I have seen the Incredibles and disagree with you there.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


No. Doom was not a corporate man. In the comic series, Doom is the dictator of a fictional East European country.

Roy Woods on Sep 16, 2012


Ok thank you I didn't know that. I never paid attention to Doom.

cage1 on Sep 17, 2012


Agree 100%. The Incredibles portrayed a FF-like group much better than the two FF movies. I got the feeling those involved with FF1 and 2 did not really read the comics... whereas you can tell everyone involved with Iron Man 1 and 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers knew their stuff inside and out.

Randall "texrat" Arnold on Nov 26, 2012


I actually enjoyed the FF with Alba, Evans and them. Could they emprove sure. What movie can't be emproved a little. I own both FF and the Rise of the Surfer and watch them all the time. I hate the fact eveything has to be re booted. Make a sequel but make it better. I can't understand why people are so harsh about the originals. Sheesh I can name a few movies that sucked that did really well. The only problem is with making a sequel is Evans is Cpt America and is tied up with his sequel and Avengers sequel.

cage1 on Sep 16, 2012


you know, i like some of the marvel movies of late such as the avengers, thor, captain america and anticipate their sequels. i even enjoyed dc comics movies such as the dark knight. but just because there is this big superhero kick doesn't mean we should remake all the movies made in the first part of the 21st century. i mean this is taking modern hollywood's need to remake movies to an all new and horrible level.

Kayla Sonergoran on Sep 21, 2012


What happens when they end up rebooting a reboot? would you call that a rereboot?

baz on Sep 28, 2012


Bale was a good Batman now let's pass the cowl. Fantastic Four needs some work as a film effort. Kids play video games that are way darker than comic books were after the code watered them down. Kids can take the darkness if it's there. Hell, some early DIsney was dark like Milificent turning into that huge fire breathing dragon in Sleeping Beauty. Scared my little ass senseless. But it was a good scare.

Savagedarky on Sep 30, 2012


How about pass entirely on the cowl. Isn't 8 Batman features, not including two 1940' serials, enough! What about Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazam, and a good Green Lantern flick with Jon Stewart. We need a black super hero someone has heard of. Blade was good, but hardly anyone knew he was a comic book character. I'm tired of DC playing it safe for the last 35 years and giving us either Batman, Superman or some member of their extended families.

James H Watschke on Aug 14, 2013


James, referring to CAPTAIN MARVEL as "SHAZAM!" only helps legitimize DC's boneheaded contention that "that's what everybody calls him, anyway"; PLEASE don't lend aid and comfort to the enemy...

Michael Gonoude on Aug 29, 2013


Michael, first off, since the 1970's, when I discovered the good Captain on T.V. I agree. BUT, I used the name Shazam as the title of the series in this instance NOT the name of the beloved character. I've never had a problem with this as a lot of others do. Superman has Action, Batman has Detective, not all comics HAVE to have the name of the title character. That being said the NEW series STINKS anyway. Shazam is now just some dementia riddled wizard with no name. Captain Marvel is a street thug, a-hole, wearing a hoodie and a costume that looks like it belongs in a 'pride parade', and HE'S Shazam. Billy Batson, once this great, honest, yet street smart kid is a stupid punk I wouldn't let in my house. I won't call HIM Captain Marvel because he not Captain Marvel, he's awful. He hasn't been the Captain since 'Power of Shazam' was cancelled. DC needs to sell the rights to a different company that actually respects classic characters, like Dynamite. Their Green Hornet and Shadow are great. Plus, they have Alex Ross now.

James H Watschke on Aug 29, 2013


No comic book movies will matter until a really good Shazam! feature is done. And I DO NOT mean one based on the current bull spit DC is trying to pass off as Captain Marvel( I mean, uggg!, Shazam) in this awful New 52 Justice League back up feature either.

James H Watschke on Oct 3, 2012



SubSumeYou on Aug 14, 2013


Obviously, Geoff Johns and all his childhood friends were developmentally disabled if they couldn't comprehend that the character's name is CAPTAIN MARVEL, NOT "SHAZAM!" as they read the books on their way to and from school-- on the short bus. "Captain Hoodie" is excrement, pure and simple. The inmates currently in charge of the asylum that is the NEW DC have no respect for one of the greatest, most endearing characters ever created, and they've turned one of the most elegant, appealing, and original costumes ever designed and made it an eyesore. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Michael Gonoude on Aug 29, 2013


Right! C.C. Beck still hasn't stopped rolling, and throwing up, in his grave! This 'Shazam' looks like a 'Pride Parade' attraction. Is he wearing Sir Lancelot's truss? If I hit the jackpot I'd march into DC and just offer them a cool million for the rights to the Fawcett characters and take them to a company that would publish them with a little dignity. I think that if E. Nelson Bridwell could have done what he wanted to in the first place back in '73 things would be much different for the Captain. He wanted to write, and have drawn, stories like he eventually was allowed to do in the World's Finest 'SHAZAM!' back up feature. It was quite popular and considered by most older fans the best work on any Marvel Family series DC ever did. But no, DC initially wanted to make it into what was essentially a kiddie book with little seven page stories that flopped so badly they had to start including far superior Golden Age fillers to boost sales. They have never had a handle on what made the Captain tick, Bridwell knew, but they tied his hands till it was too late. Sorry, I ramble on.

James H Watschke on Aug 29, 2013


P.S. I don't think Geoff Johns is capable of shame. Solid original sin. First clue, took away Superman's red shorts. Second, had him break up with Lois and start dating Wonder Woman. Heresy! Superman ALWAYS saves Lois Lane!

James H Watschke on Aug 29, 2013


They didn't need to reboot. The first two were very good movies.

Greg Price on Oct 4, 2012


I'm not going to apologize for saying that the 2 Fantastic Four films were terrible. Yes of course the Silver Surfer looked great. Yes the fantasti car was cool.. But it wasn't the Fantastic Four that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created. As cool as the Surfer looked, that could not save this disaster on film.. The tragedy of Ben Grimm was always a constant source of conflict and misgivings within the group itself, and was the thing (no pun intended.) that made the FF so compelling in the first place. Yet its trivialized in these films with some lame sight gags and badly played jokes. As much as some people like Michael Chiklis the actor, his portrayal of the thing lacked any meaningful substance. That's not his fault, that's the director's fault. Dr Doom, who was the inspiration for Darth Vader, was a pompous, stuck up, snot nosed, sissy mary. Did anyone really feel any sense of danger from the movie Dr. Doom? For that matter, did the cloud Galactus make anyone nervous? I don't think so. I am not saying to make this like the Dark Knight, I am saying stay true the original characters. There was a lot of emotion and depth in Lee and Kirby's FF whose tagline was the THE WORLD'S GREATEST COMIC MAGAZINE. And it truly was. Just look at the first 100 issues. There is more imagination and creativity in one of those old comics from the 60's than there was in both FF films combined...

Lori High Priestess on Oct 6, 2012


I have to agree. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers all demonstrate how to portray Marvel properties. I really wish Marvel Studios had them ALL back...

Randall "texrat" Arnold on Nov 26, 2012


Marvel does have them all back, but contractual obligations were made that prevents them from being under the same studio That's actually a good idea because you should never have all your change stashed in one studio..By the same token none of that seemed to affect the first Spiderman film.

Madame Ost on Aug 16, 2013


The studio is what I said. I believe Marvel Studios could have done better with the Fantastic Four.

aka texrat on Aug 16, 2013


Believe it or not the subject of Jack Kirby, is still something that Marvel has yet to own up to. They have literally made 100's of millions of dollars from his creations yet Jack Kirby wasn't anything close to a millionaire when he died, and they destroyed the man. Marvel must acknowledge his work if they are going to make a film that resembles anything like jack Kirby had something to do with it. They have to admit what they did to him if they do that. Marvel is owned by Disney now. I do not believe that Disney is going to honor and respect anything that even remotely resembles Kirby. The only reason George Lucas sold his property to Disney is because he still has some say in the way Disney will allow Star Wars to manifest itself. Unfortunately Jack Kirby is dead and there isn't anyone beating on Disney's doors to acknowledge him. Someone needs to make a film about Jack Kirby. His story is a real American tragedy and would show how the corporatocracy doesn't give two shits about anything except making a profit.

Madame Ost on Aug 20, 2013


Thank you, Madame Ost. Thank you : ) I'm not too sure about Doctor Doom being the inspiration for Darth Vader, though. You see, George is a movie fan and studied anthropology and human culture. He got some of his inspiration from Japanese samurai culture.

SubSumeYou on Aug 14, 2013


I wouldn't have said it like if I wasn't sure about The entire business on the Empire Strikes Back between Luke and Yoda was steeped in traditional Japanese mythology..Mr Lucas was a student of Joseph Campbell. He was the foremost authority on mythology in the world. Jack Kirby was into mythology as well and he learned that from his European grandmother and Joseph Campbell. One of Kirby's favorite books was "Hero of a Thousand Faces" by Joseph Campbel. I should also mention that directors like the Coen Bros and Ridley Scott, were also followers of Mr Campbell. A brilliant man who inspired many creative people as well as intellectuals. All those guy have admitted publicly that they are indebted to Mr. Campbell. You fail to recognize the significance of Kirby's Doom. You need to read the first 50 issues of the Fantastic Four to know what I mean about that. He was the ultimate bad guy. However all you really have to do is look at them both. They are almost identical except for the color of the cloak. And under the mask they are both disfigured. But if its helpful at all, I had attended a special screening of Star Wars and the Empire Strikes back in Seattle wash. I heard and saw George Lucas tell a full house that Dr Doom played heavily into his creation of Darth Vader and then he went into a thing about jack Kirby and how it was sad he was never the household word he should have been.It was all very nice. Once you understand that you begun to see how much the guys who made the Fantastic Four films screwed up. They had the guy who inspired Darth Vader in their hands and that was the best they could do with it??

Madame Ost on Aug 16, 2013


And like the blonde I am I forgot to mention the most important aspect of the Dr Doom/Darth Vader. Both characters were horribly disfigured in accidents that were of their own doing.. They are both tragic characters. Both were rulers. Dr Doom was also the King of Latveria. I think its pretty obvious that Dr Doom was really a mirror character of Ben Grimm. Think about it... Tne fantastic Four themselves represent the four basic elements, earth, water, fire and air, who all play heavily in many mythologies.

Madame Ost on Aug 16, 2013


First off, I liked the Fantastic Four movies. I thought both films were very well done. Admittedly they weren't as well done as some films, like say Batman Begins or Transformers, but they were still good. However, a FF reboot would be good, but only if the writers, producers, and director don't make it into a copy of the previous Fantastic Four movies.

Zorgmas on Oct 16, 2012


Well done? Yeah, like burnt to a crisp,.

SubSumeYou on Aug 14, 2013


I would like to see Benn Grim change like the HULK sking getting dry, then ripiing to see another orange sking form then turn orange and solid painful.

Mantronix on Oct 17, 2012


Thank god. Let's just forget the incredibly dumb first FF movies and restart them with actual Marvel-based logic and facts. Kind of like Alien 3, it's too horrible to think about. Just let it fade away and die.

MortarFire on Nov 8, 2012


This all should lead to Thanos

k on Nov 26, 2012


fck fox.... give the franchiqse back to where it belongs....marvel

Leo Garcia on Dec 7, 2012


screw fox,give back FF to marvel....cause of this crappy studio we cant have galactus,SS,FF to the avengers.

Leo Garcia on Dec 7, 2012


Forget all of that,FF needs to be back on Marvel so we can have crossovers with Iron Man.Just give up the license.Reboot it with Marvel in charge.

Andre Beverley on Dec 8, 2012


Fantastic Four failed as a movie because of piss-poor writing. Stop making a goofy "superheroes family" movie and make it SCIENCE FICTION, with characters that could be superheroes.

Demi Voices on Jan 4, 2013


Can marvel just get the film rights back to their stuff or atleast get them out of Fox's inept hands?

Christopher Rice on Jan 6, 2013


Make a FF film with their children in it. Daughter who is a genius and son who shapes reality. That would be a great movie

Jump Stop on Jan 9, 2013


reboot is stupid, origin is established enough and as far as a comic why dont these movies give a free origins comic or a movie based comic with the purchase if a ticket ? that would assure that only those who went to the theater get the limited issue Easter egg.

Daryl Albrig on Jan 20, 2013


I just hope they finally do it right. As someone who grew up with the FF as my favorite comic, I was furious with the first 2 movies. They need to get someone who truly loved the FF to do this one. And the Thing needs to be CG like the Hulk, unless they can somehow make him look big enough without it. The Thing is only a head shorter than the Hulk, and only one step down in strength, as Marvel heroes go. In the comics, he could lift 80 tons. If they could capture the FF of the "Golden Age of Marvel comics" on screen, I have no doubt it could rival the Avengers.

Anthony Rhodes on Jan 27, 2013


Malin Akerman as invisible woman!

Dude on Feb 10, 2013


One FF movie was enough, just as one comic was enough to turn me off of this team.

Eric Lilly on Mar 20, 2013


the second film was dissappointing

Fabrizio Castelli on Apr 7, 2013


they should make thing like hulk that ben could change himself into human and thing anytime.

skyjade captain on Apr 7, 2013


I guess I'm the only one who enjoyed The Fantastic Four. 2 wasn't bad except for the Horrible Galactus treatment (that was beyond weak). Why does everything need the Dark reboot?? Every hero isn't broody.

Leonardo DaVinci Barnette on May 21, 2013


Perhaps, this time, they won't f**k up Dr. Doom.

Jason on Jun 24, 2013


the THING must be CGI for this to take off

truth on Jul 11, 2013


i agree the thing needs to be cgi, he needs to rival the hulk like the comic book, it's clobbering time

John Patrick Broadhead on Aug 14, 2013


STICK TO THE COMIC BOOk ORIGIN, that's were most superhero movies seem to fail at!

Rodney James on Aug 31, 2013


Yes, stick to the comic book versions. For that matter, all superhero movies should be animated features. Should be easy to translate the best comic book art to movie animation. Who wouldn't like to see Wonder Woman looking as George Perez did her in the reboot? Added advantage there. They could get Lynda Carter to do the voice.

John Taylor on Sep 23, 2013


I really think rebooting this and changing who there characters are is setting up for failure. I didn't think the first FF movie was that bad. In fact, it was way better than the version that never made it out of the studio years before except as a bootleg at comic conventions. While there are good actors mentioned for this version, completely changing who the FF are is a little overboard. They might as well just script one with the league of evil reeds..

JM on Sep 25, 2013

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