Video Blog: 'Amazing Spider-Man' Worldwide Preview Event Footage!

February 6, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

Sony is kicking off their marketing for The Amazing Spider-Man today with a worldwide preview event held in numerous cities around the world. Fans were invited in and were shown the brand new trailer in 3D (watch the trailer online now) as well as eight minutes of extra never-before-seen footage, some of which was unfinished, but all of which was awesome. I've been very excited for this movie since our first tease at Comic-Con last year, but with the footage we saw today, I'm completely sold and even more hyped for this. Marc Webb was the right guy, Andrew Garfield was the right guy, this is looking better the more we see.

The event included a very brief Q&A with director Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans, scattered around the world (Webb was in LA, Garfield in NYC, Stone in Rio, Ifans in London). Since the trailer will be online soon, you'll get a taste of how great this is looking, but with the extra footage we were shown, we got to see more moments that really impressed us. Not only the action and where the story goes (there's lots of hints involving Peter Parker's parents and their connection to Dr. Curt Connors and Oscorp) but the character moments between Peter and Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben, which look amazing.

I recorded a video blog with Peter Sciretta from SlashFilm after the event, about our thoughts on all the new footage we saw. Yes, there was plenty of The Lizard, and more. Give this movie a chance! Watch here:

I'm a sucker for the epic, summer event comic book movies, so I'm naturally very excited, but this also looks completely different from the previous series of Spider-Man movies, yet also closer to the comics and the character that fans really love. Webb's Amazing Spider-Man seems darker yet more gritty and realistic, and yet still lightly comical with the way Spidey cracks jokes with criminals. However, the scenes that really got to me were those involving Martin Sheen as the new Uncle Ben and his talks with Parker, especially early on, the foundation of the "with great power comes great responsibility" theme, but in beautifully written, emotional dialogue. This is what I was happiest to see in the footage today, it showed quite a bit of promise.

After everything I've seen, and heard, I've got a lot of faith in where Webb and Sony are taking Spider-Man with this new franchise. If you're still hesitant about it, I urge you to give this a chance, think about it from a completely new perspective and get ready for a hell of an experience. It seems like Webb is balancing both the big, awesome action that we have come to expect from our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and the intimate, character moments and relationships that are truly the key to why this is going to work so well. I can't wait to see the entire movie and I can't wait to see the reactions from the new trailer. It's looking like everything I was hoping, and even more. Spidey might just give Batman a run for his money this summer!

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With as well as the first spiderman movies did, these new ones could very well blow the box office doors off. This 'new release' footage will have to win over people who may cynically brushing it off as if "I've already seen this".  Once it's out I'm sure everyone will have a formulaic way of explaining it.  "It's batman begins for spiderman" "It's darker"  I'm looking forward to it as I'd also come to expect a cameo from him in the Avengers. If so, I don't want to hear about it. I never get surprised anymore. Everything leaks and it spreads in headlines online even if I'm not looking for it. Damn the internets and my ADD!

Nick Sears on Feb 6, 2012


i might have to see this movie.

Michael Baldwin on Feb 6, 2012


Thanks Alex, I"m really pulling for this to be very successful! Who would have thought that of all the summer blockbusters coming soon, nobody is really talking about The Amazing Spiderman....

jah p on Feb 6, 2012


i really dont get people doubting over spiderman beeing huge success.this franchise is such a big part of movie culture and people really love it.i think of it as pirates of the carribean franchise-it may be good it may be bad but it will take a bilion $.all spiderman films have earned 800-900 mill but none of them were 3d,and tickets were a lot cheaper then.not to mention markets like china,india and russia that are probably going to bring 100-150 mill $ alone. amazing spiderman will be one of 3 maybe 4 films this year that will pass 1 bilion  worldwide very easily...

Nemkes on Feb 6, 2012


Who's doubting the movie's box office potential? More importantly, who care how much money it makes?

Cameron on Feb 6, 2012


think of the approach this way:  look at the batman franchises in the 80s/90s and how it left everyone with a bad feeling about batman movies.  now theres the new franchise, which is now one of the greatest film franchises of all time. This new spider man has at least similar potential the dark knight had.

driver on Feb 6, 2012


With this whole "untold story" and the tag line "some secrets are kept from us" in the first trailer; I just hope that they don't take the same road Ang Lee's Hulk took and mess-up the background of a character we all know very well. It totally blew when they screwed up that Hulk by telling us how through Bruce Banner's dad experiments; the Hulk was in him all along.

Ron on Feb 6, 2012


It is not a big deal as long as they keep the essense of the character.  You think Ra's Al Ghul trained Batman in the comics originally?  NOPE !!!! that was a tweaking by Nolan whom all seem to worship So don't pick on Webb Bub until you see the final product 

Ultimospider on Feb 7, 2012


True. If there was one blemish to Batman Begins; according to me, that would be it. But the end of the day, it worked out perfectly for Nolan's Batman series. It is all about how you work the change into the story. As you mentioned keeping the 'essence of the character'. Even in the comics, they change origins stories for their characters all the time. Some are good, others not really. Ang Lee's was, unfortunately terrible. That is why I said I hope it doesn't' turn out that way. I wasn't trashing it. And by the looks of the recent trailer it is turning out good!

Ron on Feb 8, 2012


"Worldwide preview event footage" Uh, where's the footage? I wanna see the footage, not hear them bragging about what they saw and telling us about it. That's no fair! 😉

Jedibilly on Feb 6, 2012


These guys are making us jealous 

Rahul on Feb 6, 2012


AAAH! Is it just me or is midnight taking forever to get here? I can't wait to see what Webb has done with this. I mean come on! His last name is Webb, he's got to have some inner sense of duty to make that name justice 

Edgar Alan on Feb 6, 2012


Sounds fucking awesome. Thanks Peter. Thanks Alex.

DAVIDPD on Feb 6, 2012


Is it me or does the new Spiderman look like Dexter?

Josef on Feb 6, 2012


Alex, I know you mentioned in the video that you saw lots of footage of the does he look compared to the earlier photo released of what he "could be pictured as"? I know there were a lot of people unsatisfied with the characteristics of the Lizard Man. Does the lizard look better? Can you tell a little about him?

JBrotsis on Feb 7, 2012


Ok I saw the trailer! Stoked!!! Disregarding all of my above questions, did you at least get a look at the Lizard's face?

JBrotsis on Feb 7, 2012

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