Video Blog: Sony's 'Skyfall', 'Spider-Man', 'Total Recall' at CinemaCon

April 26, 2012

Skyfall Photo

Bond. James Bond. He's back. Yesterday at industry convention CinemaCon in Las Vegas, I attended the presentation hosted by Sony Pictures, the same as Columbia Pictures. They've got a very exciting slate of movies this year, but four of them in particularly really impressed us and we recorded our thoughts after. Not only where we shown the world premiere of the teaser trailer for Sam Mendes' Skyfall, which looked outstanding, but new extended footage in 3D from Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, plus another glimpse of Rian Johnson's Looper, and finally an extended look at Len Wiseman's Total Recall. Dive in!

As has been the case throughout the week, this video was recorded with colleagues Peter Sciretta from SlashFilm and Steve Weintraub from Collider, discussing these four movies (and maybe even a fifth one):

Despite my negativity towards Total Recall in our video discussion, I still want it to turn out good, I just don't have much (or any) faith in Len Wiseman, and what we saw made me fear for the worst. As for the other three movies, The Amazing Spider-Man and the footage from that was the big one that really made me go crazy with excitement. I honestly thought I couldn't see anything more from it that would impress me, but there were so many spectacular shots that we haven't seen yet, that looked even more incredible in 3D. Do not write this movie off, it is going to be awesome in every way possible for a Spidey flick, and it may even put Raimi's series (well, maybe not the second movie) to shame. And I'm not alone in believing this.

As for Skyfall, the teaser they showed us looked SO DAMN GOOD! I can't wait for everyone else to see it, because I know they'll all go nuts over it as well. There was a lot of great footage Sony showed and I'm so excited to get into the summer movie season and watch all these movies. It is going to be an excellent year!

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I really hope the Skyfall teaser gets attached to Avengers like Ethan said in a previous article.

peloquin on Apr 26, 2012


Me too! Hope it arrives sooner than later, so awesome...

Alex Billington on Apr 27, 2012


I obviously haven't seen the new footage, but based on the trailer I'm with you Alex.  Total Recall looks very cheesy.

john on Apr 26, 2012


Holy shit, you guys need to post these videos to YouTube or something else, that video site sucks it is literally taking me an hour to load the 12 min video.

Yeysuekri on Apr 26, 2012


The Amazing Spider-Man has been on the backburner for me, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and Prometheus have been my big 3 of the summer for a while. I'll probably end up seeing it...but I'm not that excited. The first person shots sound great though. I haven't really liked too much of Wiseman's stuff. I thought the first Underworld was cool...but the 2nd felt like it was forced to focus too much on Beckinsale and making her the superhuman protagonist of the film as opposed to shifting the focus on Michael, the more interesting character. I've only seen bits and pieces of Live Free or Die Hard...and it seemed alright. Alex, you seem to have the same problem with him that I have with Ridley Scott. From Gladiator, to Kingdom of Heaven, to Hannibal, to Alien, to Blade Runner...I WANT to think his movies are fantastic and I want to love them...but they all just end up feeling 'good, not great' Prometheus looks fantastic we'll see.

Chris_G on Apr 26, 2012


"Despite my negativity towards Total Recall in our video discussion, I still want it to turn out good, I just don't have much (or any) faith in Len Wiseman, and what we saw made me fear for the worst" Alex, you're an idiot. I saw your discussion, and you couldn't even explain why you don't like the footage, nor could you explain why you don't like the way Len Wiseman shoots his films. You were wildly grasping at straws to hate on Wiseman, but couldn't come up with one single coherent thought. The truth is you've seen people on the internet hate on Wiseman, and you do it to because you think it makes you look smart and cool. It doesn't. It makes you look like an idiot. You're also about the only person that was negative towards the Total Recall footage, solely out of some illogical hatred for Wiseman and nothing more. Every report I read was very high on the footage, and a couple of sites stated that it created most of the buzz for theater owners. Total Recall could be the greatest film ever, but you wouldn't have the guts to admit it. As for your criticism of Wiseman casting his wife, that was even dumber. Kate Beckinsale rules. I don't hear you trashing Tim Burton for casting his lady, Helena Bonham-Carter in every movie he makes. By the way, Live Free or Die Hard kicked ass. The only problem with that film was the studio hacked it up to sanitize it for a PG-13 rating. Read it and weep.

Joe_HTH on Apr 26, 2012


Joe = Asshole

john on Apr 26, 2012



Nathy on Apr 26, 2012


 Smart or cool? Nah man, I can genuinely tell you I hate Len Wiseman's films, I don't like his action, at all. None of his films have been entertaining to me, and that's not me "being cool" or anything. We were recording a video blog on the spot after the event, I couldn't pull every moment instantly out of memory... I'd have to go watch them again to truly explain, and I really don't want to. Honestly, Total Recall looks visually awesome, I want it to be good, but I'm expecting to dislike it because I don't like his action, and that's just my personal preference. Nothing wrong with that. If it does turn out awesome and I do enjoy it, good, but we'll have to see in August when it arrives. As for your defense, "Kate Beckinsale rules" isn't exactly the perfect way to say she's a great actress. But so be it, we each have our opinions about them. Big deal. No need for a personal attack.

Alex Billington on Apr 27, 2012


not to be too rude but go on a diet...big bang dudes do not like you.

Wasi on Apr 27, 2012


Mark My Words Total Recall(2012) WILL ROCK

Sachin on Apr 28, 2012

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