Vince Vaughn to Play Fast-Talking Private Eye in 'The Rockford Files'

April 17, 2012
Source: Deadline

Vince Vaughn / Rockford Files

Older readers might remember The Rockford Files, a television show starring James Garner about a disheveled private eye that aired on NBC from 1974-1980. The show featured a charming former-convict-turned-detective who used his wits instead of his gun to get out of sticky situations, and NBC was actually trying to get Josh Holloway, who played Sawyer on "Lost," to star in a TV reboot of the show before those plans fell apart. Now the premise has shifted to the world of feature films, and Deadline reports that Universal has set fast-talking funnyman Vince Vaughn to star in and produce the adaptation. More below!

Runner, Runner screenwriters David Levien and Brian Koppelman have writing duties on this project, and we're still in the early phases on this one. No word yet on a slated start time or anything, but Vaughn recently signed on to re-team with Wedding Crashers co-star Owen Wilson for Interns and he also has press rounds to do for his upcoming comedy Neighborhood Watch, so one can only assume it'll be a little while before The Rockford Files begins production. I've never seen the show, and I know the TV reboot hasn't happened yet, but I really like the concept of Josh Holloway playing this part. That's obviously not going to happen, since Vaughn's production company is producing this specifically for Vaughn to star, but we can dream of alternate casting sometimes, right? Any fans interested?

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Older readers?  Bite me. Vaughn seems to be a good choice for the role.  I hope they keep away from having James Garner in some kind of cameo.  The "former star cameos" have become cliché, it's hard to think of a movie as a stand-alone entity when they have to put in a throw back to the original all the time.

Jedi on Apr 17, 2012


Yea, the older readers comment was a little tact-less, but Ben is new so hopefully he'll stop interjecting his personal opinions into articles as he writes more for FS.  I think RDJ would be a good fit for the role, but Vince Vaughn works as well.

peloquin on Apr 17, 2012


We inject personal opinions into all our stories, so it's not just a matter of Ben being a new writer.  And the comment about older readers isn't an opinion so much as an observation since the show is almost 40 years old, it would be the older readers who would be more likely to remember it or be fond of it. He didn't say geriatric or senior citizen. He said older. And it's an accurate statement. Also Robert Downey Jr. is already going to be Perry Mason, and he can only be so many classic TV characters on the big screen.

Ethan Anderton on Apr 17, 2012


Just for the record, I wasn't offended by the "older readers" comment.  I'll be 44 this year, but don't consider myself to be old. My comment was intended to be more sarcastic than it may have appeared. 

Jedi on Apr 17, 2012


I just noticed that his writing has a lot more puns and personal commentary than yours or Alex's, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he's new.  It's not just this article, and it's not a personal attack, I'm just getting used to the way he writes.  I prefer to consume the facts without the writer interjecting their personal opinion about the news until the very last sentence where a debate can be opened up.  I guess this is just how my reading has transitioned from books to the internet.  I'm sure as time goes on I will learn to value Ben's opinion about film, but he hasn't earned that respect like Alex and yourself have over the years.  From Ben, all I want right now is the facts and as time goes on we'll see if his interests match up with my own.  If our subjective tastes don't align then I'll read the same news from someone else who has a like-mind.  This is the cold reality of blogging, thousands of people writing about the same thing and the reader has to be able to choose who they want to "feed them."  Since I spend a lot of time reading about film it's an important relationship to me and it's a position of trust in my life that must be earned.  I trust you and Alex and we have similar tastes when it comes to the entertainment industry, but I'm still on the fence about Jeremy and Ben.  Jeremy and I never agree, but I like that he writes for FS because it stirs debate.  Ben, on the other hand, I don't know well enough to form an opinion about yet, but the ability to speak to the reader as if they're your friend should be earned through past work and not assumed. 

peloquin on Apr 17, 2012


Oh and you're right about RDJ, I forgot he was playing Perry Mason.  Perhaps Justin Timberlake would be good for the role, but I know I'm going to get some crap for that.

peloquin on Apr 17, 2012


Fair enough. Thanks for being level headed about it at least. Also, I think Timberlake is too young for Rockford Files. Vaughn's got the right personality, but I just don't know if it's going to work, no matter who you put in the role. Maybe this could turn into an adaptation like 21 Jump Street and not really be anchored by being true to the show and turn out to be a solid comedy adaptation.

Ethan Anderton on Apr 17, 2012


I think Vaughn is a little more Garner-like both physical and acting characteristics.  Besides RDJ is already taking on the role of Perry Mason, how many franchises does RDJ need?  At least we can count on no cameo from Raymond Burr. Oops.  There I go showing my age again.  lol.

Jedi on Apr 17, 2012


 I think their voices are pretty similar, too, even if their speaking style is completely different.

Blurb on Apr 17, 2012



Jimbo on Apr 17, 2012


Guess what, the reboot of the TV show failed. What makes HW think this will be any different?

David on Apr 17, 2012


It didn't fail--it fell apart before an episode had even been produced. Now, if episodes had managed to air and it was pulled off the air by the network, _then_ you could say that it failed. Just sayin'.

Scopedog on Apr 17, 2012


Watch one episode of "Rockford Files" and you will know why this is a horrible idea. Vince Vaughn couldn't come close to doing the character justice. At best he'll only be a smirking, wise-cracking buffoon with no charm whatsoever. They might as well just get Pauly Shore because this thing will be a complete joke!

Greg on Apr 17, 2012


 He would definitely have to attempt a drawling swagger instead of his usual speed-speak if he wants to give a proper homage.

Blurb on Apr 17, 2012


 "They might as well just get Pauly Shore because this thing will be a complete joke!" With Pauly Shore it WILL be a complete joke.  With Vince Vaughn, who knows?  Besides, it wouldn't be the first time a James Garner TV series was done for the big screen with another actor playing the character that Garner had previously played--remember MAVERICK? (Yeah, I know that was Mel Gibson pre-crackup, but, you know, just saying.....)

Scopedog on Apr 17, 2012


I say Vince will do a fine job.  And, hey, as long as he's not Fletch.  

John Kipling on Apr 17, 2012


Fats talking... what a stretch for him. Seriously, I know he's making a comfortable living and all but doesn't he get bored doing the same role over and over? 

Krusty027 on Apr 17, 2012


 Ha... FAST talking.

Krusty027 on Apr 17, 2012


RDJ?  Nahh... he's to busy at home praying someone pitches a "Baretta" movie adaptation. (Hear that? thats  the sound of a hollywood exec and avid reader raising an eyebrow and dashing for a cellphone.....)

Duane on Apr 17, 2012


Things like this make me wish i didn't like tv when i was a kid. that way I wouldn't care so much when some low level Hack has to destroy what I liked, so that a "mass" market could "get" it, Bay your top of that list.

Jimmy Love on Apr 17, 2012


Rockford Files is one of my favorite shows of all times, with one of the most underrated actors ever (James Garner). I'll kill them if they screw it up. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Quanah on Apr 17, 2012


Terrible idea! "Rockford Files" was a pretty good show and the big screen treatment is going to suck with Vaughn in the lead. I remember how terrible the "Starsky and Hutch" film was with Stiller/Wilson. This is shaping up to be a huge turkey that will take so many stupid liberties with the original material that will join "Starsky..." in the horrible adaptations group of films to avoid.

Blue Silver on Apr 17, 2012


I'd rather see them reboot the TV Series with Bruce Campell playing Rockford 

Mike on Apr 17, 2012


reminds me of their earlier choice........ So a NO for me............

DustyOR on Apr 19, 2012

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