'Walking Dead' Producer Gets 'Gaiking' for More Robots vs. Monsters

December 19, 2012


If the first trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim didn't look like your kind of summer blockbuster jam featuring giant monsters versus giant robots, then we have some good news. A press release from Valhalla Entertainment and Gale Anne Hurd, the producer of Terminator, Aliens, Armageddon and "The Walking Dead" has pegged Hurd to produce a live-action feature film adaptation of Toei Animation's anime property Gaiking, one of the super robots from Shogun Warriors. We heard about this project back in March of 2010, but now it seems to be gaining traction, and we even have some cool visual effects test footage. Look!

Here's a first look at some CGI tests for the robot effects for Gaiking:

The press release says, "Gaiking follows a young man who is recruited to serve as the lead pilot for the Super Robot Gaiking. When Earth is threatened by an alien race intent on taking over the planet, he emerges as the only one who can pilot the massive robot. Together with his fellow co-pilots he must fight off the alien force in order to save mankind." It doesn't sound terribly different from Pacific Rim other than using established characters from anime and a seemingly different method of controlling the robots." If Pacific Rim doesn't work out next summer, I'm not sure we'll see this project come to fruition, but if it does, you might see many more films like this in the form of Robotech, Gundam, Voltron and more. Interested?

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In Pacific Rim are the pilots actually inside of the robots or are they controlled remotely?

Matt Peloquin on Dec 19, 2012


The pilots(ranging from 1 to 3 of them) are within the head of the robot during combat and control them with their own neural interface and body movements, as opposed to pushing buttons and using joysticks.

Chris Groves on Dec 19, 2012


think Power rangers and voltron...

JL on Dec 19, 2012


It seemed remotely at some underground base. However the robots are so large it could be from within... I have not helped you out, good day.

Matthew on Dec 20, 2012


Fantastic news. Between Pacific Rim coming in July of 2013, Godzilla coming in May of 2014, this, and rumors/reports that Sony has registered several Gundam oriented domain names makes me think that the next big craze in Hollywood is going to be giant monster and robot films. Just as X-men and Spider-man ushered in an era of superhero movies that is STILL ongoing, I think Pacific Rim and Godzilla may very well bring their genre to Big-time Hollywood.

Chris Groves on Dec 19, 2012


As much as I like what del Toro is trying to do, i have to admit the Pacific Rim trailer didnt have the "feelling" of the japanese cartoons I watched as a kid. The Gaiking test footage on the other hand was way closer. This is good news 😀

dreckent on Dec 19, 2012


I've been waiting for something to replace the whole vamps and werewolves thing...currently zombies which is alright, but I'm excited for the whole monsters this, pacific rim, Voltron and even hear about Gundam, robotech, or even WETA Workshops Evangelion is just a dream....hell, bring Exo-squad back too....

JL on Dec 19, 2012



Jericho on Dec 19, 2012


Gundam Wing to be specific, but I am not mad about more robot vs monster movies. Keep them coming. Looking at you Voltron, Gundam Wing

Steven Morgan on Dec 19, 2012


Any Gundam would be great.

Rain Spider on Dec 20, 2012


I'd love to see how the whole Force Five Shogun Warriors might play out on screen!Gaiking was my favorite! Also besides Pacific Rim, remember Tim Burton was supposed to do the movie version of the game Monsterpacolypse for Dreamworks, which sounds exactly like Pacific Rim's storyline, so let's hope PR is a huge sucess!!

jah p on Dec 19, 2012


lets copy pacific rim with the movie, then lets copy transformers with the title. not that interested.

JBrotsis on Dec 19, 2012


Don't be a dumbass. The teaser got out 2 years ago. Also, Gaiking is way older, like 1976 old.

Anonymous on Dec 19, 2012


Really made a mess of the pavement there.

Carpola on Dec 19, 2012


Looks like Pacific rim is making all the money jews come out.

DotaD on Dec 19, 2012


Give me the real deal. Mazinger Z

Jim Dawkins on Dec 19, 2012


Gaiking!!!! awesome!!!

hellyeahbuddy on Dec 21, 2012


ok they just ruined something incredibly cool by making the pilot a broad.

teamhellno on Dec 21, 2012


I want to see them all: Gundam, Voltron, Macross, Mazinga Z, and even doesn't have giant robots but it does have vehicles and gadgets!!!

parkus on Jan 28, 2013


was not it the girl?

Salman Ahmed on Jun 5, 2013

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