WB is Forcing a 3D Conversion of Guillermo del Toro's 'Pacific Rim'

September 12, 2012
Source: Variety

Pacific Rim

Earlier this summer, Guillermo del Toro talked about why he didn't want to make his sci-fi action flick Pacific Rim in 3D. The director firmly told Collider, "I didn’t want to make the movie 3D because when you have things that big… the thing that happens naturally, you’re looking at two buildings lets say at 300 feet [away], if you move there is no parallax. They’re so big that, in 3D, you barely notice anything no matter how fast you move. To force the 3D effects for robots and monsters that are supposed to be big you are making their [perspective] miniaturized, making them human scale" Apparently that wasn't enough to close the money hungry eyes of Warner Bros. who are forcing a 3D conversion of the film next summer.

Variety says it was likely the overseas box office numbers that come with a 3D surcharge driving the decision, and that's just awful. I know it's show business, but if the filmmaker doesn't want the film in 3D, then it shouldn't be forced. Collider makes the point that China is a huge market for American films, and currently the country will only allow American films to screen if they are in 3D or IMAX. Still this movie is just sad, and you can bet I'll be doing everything in my power to make sure I see this in 2D, the way Guillermo del Toro intended. I'll be interested to see if he makes a statement about this decision or gets asked about this drastic change sometime down the road. Thoughts?

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Fuck 3D, they can have it over there. I'll see it the way my eyes and brain were meant to see it.

Nick on Sep 12, 2012


Pretty sure 3D movies work BECAUSE your brain and two eyes are designed to assemble two 2-dimensional images into a 3-dimensional interpretation. Just saying...

Wafffles on Sep 13, 2012


Hopefully we're just in an awkward period where 3D isn't fully adopted yet, and in a year or two, they'll just shoot it that way or not. I usually really like 3D, but conversion are an obvious moneygrab, and rarely convincing.

OfficialJab on Sep 12, 2012


Sorry WB, Im going 2D on this one. If it aint filmed IN 3D, then I aint watching IN 3D.

LosZombies on Sep 12, 2012


Totally agree. Text book example why this movie shouldn't be converted: Clash of the Titans.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Sep 12, 2012


Conversions CAN be done good...but that's not even the point. Guillermo Del Toro wants the movie in 2D and has reasoning behind it, WB is forcing it to go 3D just for the money...that's not exactly fair.

Chris Groves on Sep 12, 2012


I kinda doubt conversions can be done well at all. Clash and Alice In Wonderland were just AWFUL as conversions, so I pretty much learned my lesson there. Avatar, which was filmed using those newfangled 3D cameras was suited for it because it was MEANT to be a 3D film from the start, as will The Hobbit, which I will gladly give my hard earned money to watch at 48fps AND in 3D haha ;D

LosZombies on Sep 13, 2012


The conversion of The Avengers seemed fine to me. To be honest, I'd have to watch a few 3D films back to back to back in order to really notice any major differences between native and converted 3D. I certainly didn't notice anything major seeing The Avengers and Prometheus weeks apart. Plus, conversion techniques will only get better. Clash was rushed and done in like 6 weeks...that wont be the case here.

Chris Groves on Sep 13, 2012


The 3D in Thor also seemed just fine to me. Like I said, if it was particularly worse than native 3D, it certainly didn't seem to stand out.

Chris Groves on Sep 13, 2012


Could you name 1 conversion that was good? Maybe you can, but if the 2D version is excellent and the 3D is "good", what is the point? More ca$h, only reason to convert to 3D.

David Banner on Sep 13, 2012


The point is that it's going against the wishes of the director. When you hire the director, you are paying for THEIR vision of the property. Tacking on 3D however the studio sees fit only destroys the image of it being an artistic choice from the filmmakers. Sure, it will make more money, but the 3D version will be a compromise, however small, of Del Toro's vision. It's a betrayal of the director.

Chris Groves on Sep 13, 2012


So much disappoint... >.<"

LosZombies on Sep 13, 2012


I too will see it in 2d but that isn't saying much as I pretty much flat out refuse to watch anything in 3d.

Brian Sleider on Sep 12, 2012


Why did you capitalize IN? I sound like a retarded monkey trying to say it your way.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 12, 2012


I was putting emphasis on the "IN" part there. :p

LosZombies on Sep 13, 2012


YAY for money grab studios forcing directors to abandon their vision.

Brian Sleider on Sep 12, 2012


Have to love greed. I'm still waiting for real 3D to come out, not this fake crap.

Zanpher on Sep 12, 2012


Jim Carrey invented it. It transmits the 3D image via brainwaves. It would have been out since 1995 but you know... too many questions, too many questions...

Akirakorn on Sep 12, 2012


lol i want my brain on the box

Maverick Pete on Sep 12, 2012


Real 3D Has been out a long time.Since The Big Bang.

tik on Sep 12, 2012


Warner Bros: Douche's Since Forever. They can't even control DC Comics films properly(Flash? Wonder Woman?), they passed on Dark Tower in favor of other worthless craps, and now forcing one of the greatest directors of all time a 3D conversion because they want more money out their ass.

WiseBoy on Sep 12, 2012


Don't you mean in their ass?

tik on Sep 12, 2012


In? Your kidding me these guys strut around with a tube in their mouth waiting to suck up some of the most dirtiest diabolical things in this world you can't imagine. Then it gets shitted out their ass and cycle repeats my friend. It's the system of greed and goes around everywhere like a disease.

WiseBoy on Sep 12, 2012


Not exaggerating AT ALL.Nope.

warewolf on Sep 13, 2012


The problem this raises then is that all IMAX screenings will be in 3D now - i want to experience this on the biggest, 3 story screen possible and now have no choice. give us the choice WB!!! have the 3d in normal digital screens only but leave the IMAX in 2D for ONCE!!!

Bubba Matt Schmieding on Sep 12, 2012


Yes, this is the biggest problem with 3D... all IMAX shows become IMAX 3D. There's no option for those that want the IMAX experience without the 3D. That's why I was so happy that WB didn't force Nolan into a conversion on TDKR. But it looks like Batman was the exception not the rule at WB...

John on Sep 12, 2012


For now - moving forward i think the biggest problem is going to be the conversion to 48fps since a lot of the giant IMAX screens, or at least ours here in Denver, just recently went digital from film so they most likely won't be upgrading again anytime soon. So for pureists like us on here who demand a 48fps 3D first screening we might be forced to sit in a normal sized digital screen when the 24fps 3D IMAX is playing on the giant screen right next door. ugh

Bubba Matt Schmieding on Sep 12, 2012


People don't have to go see it in 3D. Who cares. If people really voted with their feet then this wouldn't happen, but unfortunately the general public are not bothered.

Carpola on Sep 12, 2012


What in the actual fuck? Well, looks like my friends & I shall be seeing it in 2D. And I got a youtube channel to alert a few thousand people of such bullshit. Wow WB.

mmmmmmmm on Sep 12, 2012


Jeesh, it's one thing to film in 2D with the intent of a 3D conversion. But it's another thing to film in 2D, plan for it to be released in 2D, and then get 3D completely forced on it. Guillermo Del Toro had solid reasoning behind his choice against 3D.

Chris Groves on Sep 12, 2012


"....currently the country will only allow American films to screen if they are in 3D or IMAX." W00t??? When, where did you read this?

David Banner on Sep 12, 2012


As much as I hate 3D conversation, it kind of makes sense from WB's perspective. Pacific Rim is a really expensive movie, with no big stars involved. They want to make as much money as possible so they don't end up with a John Carter.

axalon on Sep 12, 2012


Regardless I will only see it in 2-D.

Xerxexx on Sep 12, 2012


Guillermo has just such bad luck. First they kill his Lovecraft movie,now this.

tik on Sep 12, 2012


does this mean that the release will be pushed back?

RWDY on Sep 12, 2012


Personally I think 3D is overrated and not very enjoyable. I can understand why some people enjoy it and I'm not knocking those people, it's just not my thing. However, the final say of whether a film should be 3D or not is the director. I realize that the studios are the ones who finance these things, but ultimately it's the director's vision, not their's. The fact that they are forcing this is bullshit.

Justin on Sep 12, 2012


2D 4 me

mooreworthy on Sep 12, 2012


When will all these 3d shit end, why can't they do imax instead.

rock on Sep 12, 2012


They're not mutually exclusive, but yeah just imax

Richie G on Sep 13, 2012


It easy , Dont Go ! as is said further down , vote with your feet . I saw Thor in 3d just to try it out - it really didn't help . Asgaard shots were incredible , but were prob just as good in 2D . let the Chinese waste their money , buy the DVD . you can wait ...

Dominic A on Sep 12, 2012


Upon hearing that PACIFIC RIM will be (forcibly) post converted to 3-D:

DAVIDPD on Sep 12, 2012


looks like i have to play devils advocate again, pacific rim is going to be amazing and good action blockbuster deltoro movies are expensive!! mr deltoro is right to be disappointed in conversion cause its his name up their and he doesn't want the viewer to be disappointed but the studio has to cover their end and max profits or else we all lose, so if you don't like it don't watch it but support any decision that subsidizes your geek wet dreams dreams!

angel figueroa on Sep 13, 2012


Spot on!

Avi Smulders on Sep 13, 2012


2D it will be!

Avi Smulders on Sep 13, 2012


IMAX >> 3D

Ehsan Davodi on Sep 13, 2012


In communist China... movie watches YOU!!

avconsumer2 on Sep 13, 2012


Could del Toro "Alan Smithee" only the 3D version?

David Banner on Sep 13, 2012


3D is nothing but a flashy exercise that adds nothing to a film. Bravo to Guillermo for trying to rail against it.

Payne by name on Sep 14, 2012


Terrible decision. I'll refuse to see the film in 3D (unless I have no choice).

Sean Kelly on Sep 14, 2012


WB, proving once again that 3D is only about the money.

germss on Sep 14, 2012

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