Warner Bros is Now Readying Their 'Justice League' Movie for 2015

October 18, 2012
Source: LA Times

Justice League Movie

Briefly: After winning a big legal battle over rights to DC Comics' Superman, Warner Bros is free-and-clear to move forward on a Justice League movie. The LA Times reveals that they're "expected to accelerate development" of Justice League, and it may now include the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, with an apparent plan to "spin out other superheroes into their own movies" after. The opposite of Marvel, which is what everyone was expecting considering Chris Nolan's Batman franchise just concluded this year. The tentative release date is now 2015, which puts Justice League up against Marvel's Avengers 2, arriving in May 2015. They're still working on the script now, and no director is attached yet. Stay tuned!

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Soooooo, besides the superman movie (that may or may not have this superman tied in), will there be any movies leading up to it a la phase one with marvel? Jus wondering. Maybe I missed a posting.

KING on Oct 18, 2012


It doesn't look like it, unless they decide to have Ryan Reynolds return as Green Lantern....but that movie was pretty much a failure across the board, I don't know if that would be a smart move to retroactively include it into the DC film universe.

Chris Groves on Oct 18, 2012


Going backwards just might work: it's a good way to REALLY introduce the old guard to the audience well. As long as Warner allows their people over there to be as creatively free as Disney does Marvel, then they shouldn't have a problem.

Big Boss on Oct 18, 2012


A script, no director, but a target for when it comes out? Sounds like an early case of 'making a release date, not making a movie'....the whole thing that made The Avengers a big deal wasn't that it was a bunch of great characters who made a great team in one was the fact that they had been established in solo films already.

Chris Groves on Oct 18, 2012


no- what made it a big deal was a bunch of rabid comic book fans willing to see anything that has their heros in it.....put the names batman, spiderman, superman, avengers or iron man in a movie and they'll show up - regardless of the quality of the movie. i also don't think the "solo films" concept is very important. i think a JL movie introducing the whole group fighting together can work - with possbile spin-off movies for some (or all) of the characters at a later date.

beevis on Oct 18, 2012


This could be great. I have a hundred and one ideas for how this could be done right and I really don't think it's necessary to have a bunch of individual films to gear up to an ensemble blockbuster. Just hope they don't try to do too much for each character in two and a half hours, the key is balance

Richie G on Oct 18, 2012


me too - i grew up watching the JL cartoon on saturday mornings. i LOVED those guys - for me, i liked seeing the group working together.

beevis on Oct 18, 2012


who is your favorite JL villian - felix faust, the wizard; epoch and (obviously) lex luthor are the ones i like the most. of course, there are others i like a lot too.

beevis on Oct 18, 2012


They should keep it light, they need to spend the bulk of the film setting up the league and explaining why they're working together. I'd like to see Luther running for office in the first film. Sets up where the league draws their juristiction and offers a chance for the characters to differ on how to deal with a situation before they come together

Richie G on Oct 19, 2012


I always thought The Blackest Night would make a great trilogy. Movie 1, intro to characters & story line. Movie 2, Main event of Blackest Night. Movie 3, Brightest Day part of story. And from there you can spinoff all the characters you would want to. I think that would be better than a JL movie imo.

The Douche on Oct 18, 2012


It is said that the script was written by Will Beall. He is the writer of the hit show Castle. Castle is smart and witty show. And we all know that The Avengers was directed by Joss Whedon (who wrote for the shows Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse, Angel, etc.) but he also co-wrote the story for Avengers. Do you see where I'm getting at? As long as the script was written by an exceptional writer, the movie will be a success regardless what kind of director helms the movie. So hope is not all loss for this JL film. Lets just hope for a good director. It will be a MIRACLE for Will Beall to pull off this movie without having individual movies for FL, WW, GL, Bats, and Supes building up to this JL movie.

Galadri-El on Oct 18, 2012


why would it be a "miracle" for this to work? JL has batman and superman in their midst.....2 of the biggest (if not #s 1 and 2) superheros ever. on top of that - it'll (obviously) be a superhero movie - and those have been gold for hollywood the last few years. if ironman can be a success - this can certainly work. - my biggest concern is getting the right people to play the individual SH as well as the choice of villian. the villians i'd like to see would be epoch, lex luthor or felix faust. any one of them would be good.

beevis on Oct 18, 2012


Well, when i said "miracle", i was pointing to the fact that Will Beall has a lot of weight on his shoulders. There were many writers that took a shot at doing a JL movie/script, but his was the one that was chosen. So his better be good. I wouldnt want Warner Bro's to greenlight a JL script for the sake of making a JL movie. I would want them to do it right the first time... Yes, Supes & Bats are the Worlds Finest and had their own movies, but neither of their movies were connected the way Avengers did their superhero movies. But we'll see how Will Beall approaches this movie project. To me JL has greater characters than Avengers, so the standards are pretty high.

Galadri-El on Oct 18, 2012


i understand what you're saying - but there has to be a first movie regardless. batman and superman are big players in the superhero world. i wouldn't say that of the others as single entities - however, they could be successful as an ensemble cast (anchored by batman and superman). i just hope (if the movie is done) that they pick one of the villians i'm thinking of.......lex luthor would probably be the safe choice but i'd LOVE to see felilx faust or epoch - the stories done with them could be really cool.

beevis on Oct 18, 2012


I really hope the villain is not Lex. He's had enough screen time on TV and the movies. The JL has God-like characters that need strong villains. Epoch will be an interesting villain.Vandal Savage is immortal. Batman usually has psychological villains, so Riddler, Joker, Two-Face..hhhhhmm now come to think of it, I wonder if this JL movie will have 1 or more villains. In the Avengers, they only had Loki. (btw, Tom Hiddleston is incredible playing Loki)... But now i want to see the JL script. I hope they choose a good villain.

Galadri-El on Oct 19, 2012


agreed on lex - from a studio standpoint - they might consider him the safeest. as far as more than one villian - i couldn't agree more! JL ususally went up against more than one - the injustice league? secret society?....yea - if the script sucks and the wrong actors are picked - it'll be fantastic four all over again.

beevis on Oct 19, 2012


Might as well make a Young Justice movie too

Arwn on Oct 18, 2012



beevis on Oct 18, 2012


C'mon it will be fun! And then the JL members can cameo in the YJ movie.

Arwn on Oct 18, 2012


maybe - but i'm really not into that idea. i'm just hoping to see the JL movie - then we'll see

beevis on Oct 18, 2012


If only Christian Bale would be back as The Dark Knight... And Henry Cavill as Man Of Steel... I really wouldn't mind Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern.... And would love to see Bradley Cooper suit up as Flash...

Faceman on Oct 18, 2012


I agree-ish, Nathan Fillion would be better as the lantern (+ they could get him easily), but if they used Reynolds they could kill him off so the next stand alone film could have john steward inherit the ring giving closure to the last cinematic abortion without ignoring it hulk-style. Also they'd have a token black dude for jla 2

Richie G on Oct 19, 2012


Chris Pine as The Flash.

The Douche on Oct 19, 2012


Well I for one hope they can pull of an awesome JL movie I like both DC and Marvel, and it would be nice to see a big DC film.

Jimmy Love on Oct 18, 2012


God damn-it if this actually happens all people will do is fight about which was better.

gmcnall on Oct 18, 2012


This this movie falls face first into the ground like all the other DC movies have (except TDK series and hopefully not Man of Steel), then there's seriously gonna be no hope for the DC world to be as successful on screen as Marvel. Go Marvel!

JBrotsis on Oct 19, 2012

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