Watch: Cinemageddon 2012 is One Hell of a Year-End Retrospective

December 11, 2012

Cinemageddon 2012

Our year-end retrospective videos kicked off last week with the 2012 Movie Trailer Mash-Up, and this year Christopher Sherwood wanted to throw his hat into the ring with "Cinemageddon 2012". We're certainly glad he did, because this edit is phenomenal. From the music choices (which allow for a really fantastic moment where the trailer song from Les Miserables blends into the video's soundtrack) to the way the films move into one another, this is just a great piece of work. Documentaries like Bully are even represented here with blockbusters like Prometheus and powerful dramas like Lincoln. View it below!

Here's Christopher Sherwood's Cinemageddon 2012 video which he sent to us personally:

Sherwood says, "Every year I've loved watching the big year-end film compilations from editors like Matt Shapiro, Kees van Dijkhuizen, Gen Ip and others. This year I finally decided to make one. So thanks to all those who did it first, and a HUGE thanks to my sister, the best assistant editor I could ask for." For a full list of all the phenomenal music and films in the video, check the YouTube page right here. We're sure to see a few more of these kind of year end reviews & recaps as we start to close out 2012. What did you think?

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Great editing. Very cool!

Andreas Climent on Dec 11, 2012


Thanks for reminding me of all the movies I still have to watch, which is about 50% of what was in this video. With the exception of Twilight and Step Up, though. No thanks.

SuicidalOptimist on Dec 11, 2012


I was oddly pulled in by Twilight in it's last 30 minutes because suddenly the franchise got balls... then it promptly removed it's balls and stuffed them down the throats of everyone who thought the movie could be good. Also I think people are too harsh on Step Up. The franchise is about people dancing, and dancing well and they deliver that. If you expect more than that, then you expect too much. I think those films deliver on that level better than most.

Kento on Dec 11, 2012


People often like to say all that hollywood has become is a town full of remakes, second movies and adaptations, while this may be partially true almost one can watch that video and think "This was a great year for movies". At least I personally watch that and realize that even though movies may not be what they use to be, they still hold some merit and are still pretty damn entertaining. So haters are gonna hate but I'll be the first to say that the movie business is doing ok and continues to entertain.

Jeremy p. on Dec 11, 2012


I think the big problem make is they say "it isn't what it use to be". Well that's how filmmakers felt in the 70's and 80's and so on... it never is or will be what it use to be. And although we have a largely negative opinion of current films, it really is only a decade or 2 after that we can really judge and have an objective perspective on how our current films are perceived. I think studios are doing sequels because it's a surefire way to make money, whereas people go to them for an entirely different and wonderful reason... they want to see more of the same characters and worlds. The whole notion of re-exploring a world/character over and over is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it breeds more character exploration. Even though story quality may suffer at times, this opens the doors to a whole new kind of storytelling we've really only explored in fantasy and sci-fi thus far. Originality isn't dead. it's very much present in a lot of films, just maybe not the blockbusters unfortunately. Ever since the motion picture was commonplace, there have been bad films. There are unfortunately more right now because they're easier to make, there are more people making them, and most people who have control over what BIG films get made are more concerned with money. The day will come back around. There are a LOT of new filmmakers out there just waiting to get their shot at showing original ideas, and there are a handful of directors who are ready to make blockbuster films with original stories and character depth to boot. Trust me, we're in a phase that can be considered neither good nor bad. It's just a phase. We'll look back 20 or 30 years from now and ask "Why isn't anyone making a good superhero movie the way they use to?" Who knows. As a director myself, I'm actually quite excited about what the future has in store for films. I just worry about the QUANTITY of movies being made. There are far too many great ones that people will never see. I always wish going to the movies was still "an event" a "big deal" and not just "Let's go this weekend and I'll bash the movie on a forum on Monday". We've simply become far more cynical and jaded as an audience.

themartymartin on Dec 11, 2012


Nice to see some Non-American films represented too! Those are usually overlooked when looking back and making yearly lists, but I there always are some great gems for everyone if you dig deep enough.

Davide Coppola on Dec 11, 2012


the topic picture looks like both Batman and David admire the globe together...

Jericho on Dec 11, 2012


That was the idea! Trying to do that with all the retrospective videos this year.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 12, 2012


I'm so happy to see this posted here!

Chris Sherwood on Dec 11, 2012


Great great work here. Only complaints are that juxtaposing Linoln and Vampire is not a good call. Also- a couple 2013 releases in there. Did i miss a Zero Dark Thirty inclusion? Great though!

Lane on Dec 11, 2012


This retrospective follows a more traditional narrative of all the montages from previous years (people kissing, people crying, people fighting) and the editing is superb. Gen, Matt, Kees... your move.

DGreenwalt on Dec 11, 2012


Yep there was tonnes of good movies this year, lets hope it's the same next year. Looking through the films though, I still have a lot to watch!

Carpola on Dec 11, 2012


the music sucks

UnknownX on Dec 12, 2012

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