Watch: 'Dark Knight Rises' Fan Film 'Arkham Rising' Has The Joker

October 29, 2012
Source: Geek Tyrant

Arkham Rising

Of all the questions that fans were posing at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, the one that we knew Christoher Nolan would not provide an answer on himself was the fate of The Joker. Nolan declined to include even a reference to the character brought to life in grand fashion by the late Heath Ledger, and it made sense considering the film takes place years after The Dark Knight and the likely imprisoned character wouldn't really effect the conclusion of the trilogy. That is until Bane takes over Gotham and criminals like Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) showed up. This fan film Arkham Rising proposes an answer. Watch below!

Here is Tito Guillen's fan film Arkham Rising, brought to our attention by Geek Tyrant:

Now, don't forget, The Joker is mentioned in the novelization of the final film in an excerpt saying:

"The worst of the worst were sent here, except for the Joker, who, rumour had it, was locked away as Arkham’s sole remaining inmate. Or perhaps he had escaped. Nobody was really even sure. Not even Selina…”

That's interesting since it implies Selina has a lock on many of Gotham's finest criminals, or that maybe she has some sort of past with the mysterious villain. This film is really just a bit of fun by hinting at some other iconic Batman villains as well. Obviously something like this will never match the greatness of Nolan's trilogy, but the use of Bane is interesting (even if plenty of people could have done the voice better), and the idea of Arkham being unleashed after Black Gate prison is taken over would've made for a great scene, too. I guess this will have to do. Did you want a reference to The Joker in The Dark Knight Rises?

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loved it

Michael McRorey on Oct 29, 2012


Great idea, basically taking that animatic that some one made and shooting it. I don't like the dialogue at all though.

Kento on Oct 29, 2012


It's not a dialogue, it's a monologue. I don't think the voice was terrible, but it could have been better. Over all, though, great fan film!

Matthew South on Oct 29, 2012



dafda on Oct 29, 2012


Probably the best fan film I've seen. By keeping it simple they make it look better. Loved Calendar Man, Dr Quinzel and Riddler's cameos. Well done

Ricardo_PT on Oct 29, 2012


Maybe Joker did not participate in the events of the movie because they were just too boring for him? Or Because Talias goal was to destroy Batman and Joker did not find that amusing,just dull? Becuase revenge is too boring for Joker ? Great idea for the short,terrible acting.Villains are a bit too "comicy".

fester on Oct 29, 2012


we address this comment specifically in our podcast. YMM Podcast.

Toddske on Nov 6, 2012


they explained it all in the novel, Arkham was cleared out after the Dent law was passed and its current and only resident was the Joker...until after the events when the national guard find his padded cell has been opened from the inside.. whats funny is that i never knew until someone posted it on this site.....

Jericho on Oct 29, 2012


this was really boring.. the Bane voice kinda stunk and the it was just a bunch of different clips that happened in the other Batman movies put together..

thavenss on Oct 29, 2012


This sucks.

Bane on Oct 29, 2012


Doesn't it?

TheRagingCajun on Oct 30, 2012


Hey pay attention to Bane's voice in the end..sort of comes out as an Indian accent..!!

Ash on Oct 30, 2012


I really enjoyed it! Directing, cinematography, acting, grading and vfx could be a bit stronger, but overall it was quite well done. Great music and fairly good story.

Andreas Climent on Oct 30, 2012


Shoulda been called...... Arkham: Body weight rising....... Since it's just a bunch of fatasses, Bane, his mercenaries, the prisoners who look like they're in their freshman year of college. Only thing that was cool was the Calendar man. Other than that, it was 99% bullshit. Can'T believe people would like this and hate the Looper retro video game trailer that came out like a month ago. People are so fuckin' dumb it's not even funny....

TheRagingCajun on Oct 30, 2012


"Good" taste or the lack of it does not necessarily mean lack of people can like stupid shit and vice versa..or to put it another way...idiots who like to point out how the rest of humanity is dumb for not likeing the same things as them or thinking as them are usually dumb as yeah...

Meh on Oct 30, 2012


I take it you enjoyed that fan-made shit.... Dumbassssss. Commit suicide you fucking turd-eating dickhead.

TheRagingCajun on Oct 30, 2012


People who immediately go for filthy insults as a reply can really boast their "inteligence".You sir are a "true genius".

U need a psychiatrist on Oct 30, 2012


Why does Bane sound Indian?

Sean on Oct 30, 2012


see that's what i said..he starts off normal but this goddamn indian accent comes towards the end...

Ash on Oct 30, 2012


horrible filmmaking

sdf on Nov 2, 2012


I am the producer of the film and we do a podcast. In our latest show, we discuss the production of the film and also address some of the comments we've been seeing on the web. Have a listen here

Toddske on Nov 6, 2012

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