Watch: Evidence That Every Summer Blockbuster is Exactly the Same

July 24, 2012
Source: Funny or Die

Every 3D Movie is the Same

Our own regular contributor Brandon Lee Tenney has already put this summer's movies on notice for being fairly uninspiring and mostly disappointing. And maybe there's a good reason for that in the form of a new video that aims to be humorous, but also makes a valid point about the state of blockbusters and their generic appeal today. Now the video, called Every 3D Movie is the Same, uses some clips from movies that weren't in 3D, including footage from G.I. Joe: Retaliation that has yet to be seen in 3D, but it's better viewed as a critique on just how similar all these big Hollywood tentpoles are on the big screen.

Here's the amusing but simultaneously sad Every 3D Movie is the Same from Funny or Die:

Honestly, I couldn't believe just how many of these epic action shots were similar from film to film. Rather than just focusing on 3D movies (especially since feature footage from Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol are from films now shown in 3D), this video should have gone even further and put all summer blockbusters, at least the recent ones, on trial. This is half the reason we get tired of remakes, reboots and sequels and clamor for original ideas. Obviously, we still get excited about some of those films, but it's the unique and new ideas that catch our attention. Thoughts?

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He makes a good point. From now on, I think all directors should use non-epic, experimental and possibly terrible camera angles only.

lewinston on Jul 24, 2012


dutch angle everything

Dan Hibiki on Jul 24, 2012


Battlefield Earth?

Chris Amaya on Jul 24, 2012


You're right, because there aren't any non-blockbuster filmmakers who haven't crafted gorgeous films, great action, and compelling stories without all of those above trademark shots.

Ethan Anderton on Jul 24, 2012


I love this kind of trailers, I don't care it's been done 50000 times before, I just hate 3D

jiji on Jul 24, 2012


Wait, when was Mission: Impossible present in 3D?

Michael Lee on Jul 24, 2012


Wait, if it wasn't in 3D what did I pay premium ticket prices for then?

Christopher Dean on Jul 24, 2012


Tom Cruze...

Jericho on Jul 24, 2012


If you read the article, you'll see that we point out that the video mistakenly includes a few films that were not in 3D, which is why we say it's better as a critique of blockbusters in general.

Ethan Anderton on Jul 24, 2012


I don't think I saw any Nolan films in there. Hmm... Then again, who else would actually flip a real semi? Conversely, there are some shots (flying thru NYC skyline) that are pretty much required for certain characters. Though the blue light thing is hilarious.

David Kinskey-Lebeda on Jul 24, 2012


Yep. This is what we get when accountants are making movies and not real filmmakers who are willing to take a risk and push the limits.

777 on Jul 24, 2012


Good to know I'm not the only one that noticed it.

BinaryChaos on Jul 24, 2012


Catering to the sheep . . . they're easily entertained and will continue to pay to watch the same generic concepts over and over and over . . . .

racquetman on Jul 24, 2012


Thus spoke Zarathustra. Don't be an arogant prick.Prejudice is not inteligent.

777 on Jul 24, 2012


Neither is misspelling arrogant and intelligent. Sorry. Anyway, yes, he is arrogant prick.

grimjob on Jul 24, 2012


Well you can spell better than the other guy, but your grammar is poor. You need an article in front of "arrogant" in your last sentence. If you are trying to deny that there is a large majority of people that go to these action movies solely to watch the action sequences, then we can't have an intelligent exchange. You will just continue to call me names instead of acknowledging the truth of my statement.

racquetman on Jul 24, 2012



CHG on Jul 24, 2012


🙂 Nail, meet head.

Zenza on Jul 24, 2012


Ha! Good call on the grammar. Typo. Anyways, I'm not denying any of that. I'm agreeing that you're an arrogant prick because you're coming off as though you think you're above those who do enjoy those movies by calling them sheep. You start out by calling people names, then try to put me down intellectually by pointing out that I'm calling you names. I'd say arrogant prick covers it pretty well.

grimjob on Jul 24, 2012


You've made the assumption that "sheep" has a negative connotation. It didn't in this case. The "sheep" are important - everyone can't be a critic or movies would never get made. We need them to keep going to the theaters and paying to watch these movies so that more movies can be made. I'm not above these people (nor anyone else for that matter), just more discerning.

racquetman on Jul 24, 2012


"just more discerning." This assumption makes you arrogant. I don't know about prick. 🙂

interloper on Jul 24, 2012


If it was an assumption you'd be right. However, there are plenty of people who freely admit they go to the movies to turn their brains off and watch stuff blow up. They aren't necessarily unintelligent people either. I have a friend who is college educated, makes well north of $100,000/yr running the finances at a hospital, yet he freely admits that he just wants to see action when he goes to a theater. He is by far the least discerning movie goer I have ever met. All this being said, if it makes you guys feel better to call me 'arrogant' and 'prick', go for it. You certainly aren't hurting my feelings any.

racquetman on Jul 24, 2012


Ok. With this and your response to interloper, I see your logic. However, the term "sheep" will always carry a negative connotation as long as you are seperating yourself from it, sounding as if to you, they are nothing more than lemmings shuffling about and shelling out money. Perhaps you might want to use a different term, so assholes like me don't get the wrong idea. Apologies for the prick comment. I am curious though, about what films you enjoy. Do you altogether avoid the big blockbuster-types?

grimjob on Jul 24, 2012


Honestly it is mostly the comic book movie onslaught that is making me cranky. It is getting out of hand - Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Hulk #, Avengers, another X-Men, Batman, Spiderman reboot, Superman reboot. The list goes on and on and continues to grow. They are all so similar and, as this article mentions, the CG action scenes are recycled over and over again. I look for original stories, like Inception, or movies with style, like Drive. I like movies that surprise me or that challenge me. I wasn't always this way, though. My tastes have gotten a lot more sophisticated as I have gotten older. If I was still in my early 20s or younger, I'm sure I would be all over every blockbuster that came along. I've seen The Hunger Games, The Avengers, and Prometheus this year. I managed to enjoy The Avengers but was disappointed by the other two.

racquetman on Jul 24, 2012


I've yet to see any of those. I don't make it to the theater that often these days. Your feelings on comic book movies is how I feel about remakes/reboots. I'm so sick of them. They rarely improve upon or add anything to the original. Just a way for the suits to cash in on already-established property.

grimjob on Jul 24, 2012


The comic book movie is ( finally ! ) " en vogue " because Hollywood's scripters have NO new ideas( Inception's not original - being able to affect reality/create a new one is a SCIFI COMIC idea , btw ) . The original , stylish ideas are coming from everywhere else . Besides these blockbusters are how the studios pay for the artsy flick . DVD is the only way some films break even . So don't complain just let us comic fans finally enjoy the spotlight I kinda understand the HG critics( it was OK but I haven't read the books ) , but I'm kinda tired of the Prometheus ones . The way to enjoy the scifi drama is to suspend your disbelief , and don't expect Oscar-worthy material . Or you'll be disappointed . I believe by the 2nd sequel people will appreciate this film more ...

Dominic A on Jul 25, 2012


There is a lot more going on in Inception than just the basic premise of the film. I think you worded your response incorrectly or you didn't understand the movie. They weren't able to "affect reality" nor "create a new one." They, at times, were in danger of being able to tell reality from their dream worlds. The more interesting exploration of the movie, IMO, was the concept of the implanted idea infecting the brain and taking over. I have never seen that touched upon in a movie, yet it is all around us ever day. We are bombarded with ideas from the media and corporations on a daily basis and some of them grab hold and become our reality. Think of the conspiracy theorist who buys into some idea he reads on the internet. That single idea can become that person's reality and they then begin to see conspiracy everywhere. I have an ex-coworker who has literally been brainwashed by this $hit and it is sad. It started with a single idea and it took hold of him and now he is completely paranoid of the government, big corporations, etc.

racquetman on Jul 25, 2012


nice exploration but NO it's still an old sci-fi idea ( and hey rulers did this in the STONE AGE just not as an " implant " ). usually there's a lot of people affected , then somehow one person sees thru the fog and tries to convince others, or leave the others . The male lead tried to save the Janine Garofalo character , if memory serves , And fights those trying to keep THEIR reality safe . So the update here is that there are MANY talented enough , able to change it for all . Concept prob goes all the way back to the Twilight Zone .( if u were a big sifi/comic fan you'd KNOW this .) and yeah everyone that thinks ONLY Fox News tells the truth is a present living example .

Dominic A on Jul 26, 2012


AND I JUST remembered the Twilight Zone episode it was on . Three astronauts go to a world that they think has human exploration survivors but actually they are all dead and an alien has implanted the idea that they are still alive . Astronauts walk past people that are frozen still , until the " caretaker " activates them . Of course , the 3 meet the same fate after tricked into drinking some potion .... Hell , it was just in " True Blood " the humans that faeries have taken think THEIR reality is in an oasis drinking glowing orange juice , not knowing that one day for them is 20+ years on earth ....

Dominic A on Jul 26, 2012


Poor grammar does not necessarily mean lack of intelligence.It's just poor grammar.

CHG on Jul 24, 2012


Yeah, I bet they all eat pizza over & over again too... pfft! Sheep.

Zenza on Jul 24, 2012


You know your sheep!!

racquetman on Jul 24, 2012


Ha ha ha... wow. Silly goose.

Zenza on Jul 24, 2012


too funny

bRado1 on Jul 24, 2012


"And three flying thiiings." Funny shit.

grimjob on Jul 24, 2012


I think people (with all due respect) do not know the real point 3D graphics. I told my dad The Avengers was awesome in 3D and he was like: "I don't want something thrown at my face!" And I was like: "That is not the point of 3D!" I guess it's because of Spy Kids 3D: Game Over, and I hated it. But when I started to take a look at it back in 2008 and 2009 I learned to appreciate the beauty of it. It's not about throwing things into your face (which every movie unfortunately does in a way in one scene or two), but it's the feeling that the movie is not a flat screen. you get a better sense because what's being projected is not in a flat wall, but you get a feeling that what's being projected is actually happening in the real world.

Faceman on Jul 24, 2012


Ha, that's pretty awesome.

Nick Sears on Jul 24, 2012


Gotto get yer dubstep on too! Whub whub whub whuuuub!!!!! I used to go to Bboy jams as a teenager and watch the circles and folks always would get impressed by a guy doing windmills to headspins to windmills all night. Then I saw Prince Ken Swift at a jam in Copenhagen do mostly top rocking and barely even hit the floor and he destroyed those people. That's maybe like a Wes Anderson film compared to a summer blockbuster, some people just like headspins, other like interesting camera work. Did anyone see the scene in Moonrise Kingdom with all the folk in the field in the background? It wasn't even cgi or nothiiiing.

Carpola on Jul 24, 2012


I'm going to type your name here as an indication that I've enjoyed your post: Carpola. Now I return to Leavenworth Hefeweizen.

Quanah on Jul 24, 2012


Cheers Quanah, yep I dunno where that analogy came from. Honestly though seeing Ken Swift on his comeback tour was insane. That Hefeweizen sounds good, I'm jealous, I've been up way too long and I've promised my son a day tree climbing and other daft stuff in the morning. I better get to sleep.

Carpola on Jul 24, 2012


Yeah. I don't know about this. Its like saying "Dang it all! Every conversation in a movie is done with a Shot/Reverse-Shot pattern. Why in the world?" well, its because certain filmic techniques happen to work. I'm more interested in the similarities in story structure and how human beings seem to be telling the same story over and over - Campbell and Jung said it first. But even TDKR was the heroes journey one more time.

Carson Tietjen on Jul 24, 2012


This is just brilliant,

Kwaz on Jul 24, 2012


It was funny, but I was only disappointed once this summer, with Brave.

Greg dinskisk on Jul 24, 2012


Generic 'n reused visuals don't bother me if the story is well executed, but some of those films have just enough eye candy to fill a TRAILER 'n trick the public into wasting 2 hrs of their lives

Richie G on Jul 24, 2012



A5J4DX on Jul 24, 2012


So, you like finding stuff that is repeated over and over again? How about "The Hero's journey"? Must be over 100 of movies about that story. Or, a possible more sinister story, the The Man Who Would Be King(1975). Who many movies are carbon copies of The Man Who Would Be King, how many can you name? 🙂

David Banner on Jul 24, 2012


This is so true! Especially, if you think about the survival of the nuclear blast and the romantic afternoon dinner in an italian cafe at the end of tdkr!

mattdamon on Jul 25, 2012

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