Watch: First Footage for Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' in a Teaser Teaser

November 6, 2012

World War Z Teaser

Another teaser for the teaser. Worst of all, this one is from Entertainment Tonight, meaning it's plagued by the worst kind of graphic overlays and editing mishaps. (Can we please start a petition to boycott any ET premieres?) However, since this is the first finished footage from one highly anticipated upcoming zombie movie, it's worth watching anyway. This teaser footage is for World War Z, the adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie novel starring Brad Pitt as a UN rep recounting the zombie war. And damn there are zombies, hundreds of thousands of millions of them. It might be the best part of this brief 30-sec tease. Take a look!

Here's the first "In 3 Days" teaser footage from ET for Marc Forster's World War Z uploaded on YouTube:

A UN employee racing against time and fate travels the world trying to stop a growing zombie pandemic.

This World War Z movie is directed by German filmmaker Marc Forster, of films Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland, Stranger Than Fiction, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace and Machine Gun Preacher previously. The screenplay was written by Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom, State of Play), revised by Damon Lindelof (Star Trek, Prometheus). It's adapted from Max Brooks' beststelling zombie book World War Z. Paramount is adapting this and preparing Marc Forster's World War Z for a release next summer, starting June 21st, 2013, after being delayed from December. Stay tuned for the trailer. First thoughts?

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The zombies look horrifying but kind of retarded at the same time the way they just "wave" towards people....

Wolffsrain on Nov 6, 2012


Looks horrible!

Jim on Nov 6, 2012


I expected this movie to be more 'I Am Legend' like in its pacing, but this preview made it look like a brainless (pun intended) summer blockbuster. I'll wait for the trailer.

Mithun Divakaran on Nov 6, 2012


the walking dead zombies...on SPEED!! ha im not convinced..:/

craig on Nov 6, 2012


I'm hoping E just got the description wrong, the book was all about and interviewer finding out how every pulled together, not one guy saving the world. The visuals look ok at least.

staatz on Nov 6, 2012


i don't mind if they change things up from the book to the film; we should expect that from any adaptation. but (as you say) the book's trump card was having a range of completely varied global viewpoints telling different aspects of the same overarching story. you got a real sense of the total global situation, and i don't mean with shots of news reporters on TV. we can't really tell from this Brad-focused teaser's teaser if this still remains, but if it doesn't, then the film-makers have totally missed the point.

son_et_lumiere on Nov 6, 2012


too animation heavy, looks like a cartoon, not the interesting personal stories the book got into

krrl@ on Nov 6, 2012


LOL, the film ain't even out yet. Heck, the trailer ain't even out yet. on Nov 6, 2012


Then why even show scenes then ? I think the dude is entitled to his opinion based on what they decided to show us thus far.. Same concept for a teaser and or trailer

Tester on Nov 6, 2012


Fast-moving zombies that move through the streets like a tidal wave? *sigh* How can people miss the point of a great book like WWZ?

Justin Mullen on Nov 6, 2012


Radical Man! All we need now is some cool scenes with a stereotype of a surfer dude on a surfeboard riding the zombie waves.

C: on Nov 6, 2012


Just reminded me of what they did wrong with I Am Legend... fast, running hoards of rubber looking zombies - that aint scary just silly and fake! When will they learn.. its what ruined I Am Legend for me and I bet it'll do the same thing here. Its like they cant rely on the actors to bring the worry and intense fear so they go with shit vfx.

dom on Nov 6, 2012


exact same opinions. CGI is looks really bad. Man, I was waiting for this so long. Not anymore. Very disappointed 🙁

Calibretto on Nov 6, 2012


In the book, I Am Legend, people turned into vampires...not zombies

Richie Cunningham on Nov 7, 2012


In Brooks' fiction, fresh zombies move quickly and old zombies are increasingly shambly. And the story is a collection of first hand eyewitness accounts taken verbatim from the survivors themselves. A lot of the descriptions in the book sound like the kinds of things you get from survivors of natural disasters. Sometimes we remember events with more lively details because of the panic they induce at the time. The emotional trauma can warp your memory. Here's hoping those scenes are just depictions of these personal recollections in all their embellished glory.

JL on Nov 6, 2012


If I recall correctly this movie got quite poor responses from test groups, right? And a completely reshot ending? I think we're starting to see why. I want a zombie movie, not a tidal wave movie.

Wafffles on Nov 6, 2012


Just terrible. Since when do Zombies roll into a giant tidal wave ball like they are a katamari? Nothing about that is slightly realistic!

Derrick Shanks on Nov 6, 2012


since zombies are not pain thresh-held people they are not going to stop or slow down in favor of not hurting the one in front of them, now take that concept and apply it to a mass horde that can run......

Jericho on Nov 6, 2012


True, but the sheer numbers of the Zombies that would be piled on top of each other in that rolling wave would crush the body's of the zombies. They do not feel pain but they cant move if all the bones are shattered, and the ligaments are severed. If they somehow could move after the wave crushed them, they would not be fast moving anymore, negating the rolling wave.

Derrick Shanks on Nov 6, 2012


that would involve just a small number repeatedly rolling, since this is a city wide horde i don't see how your comment would apply......

Jericho on Nov 6, 2012


You would lose zombies every time the wave pushed forward, they would not all be just stuck into a ball. The body's would still have to move and after you got past a downhill section the perpetual motion would not sustain the wave for a very long time. The body's behind the wave create a debris field of body's that the others have to run over. The may have a unlimited pain threshold but the still have to use there limbs, and running over hundreds of dead crawling thrashing body's would not be a simply task even for a zombie.

Derrick Shanks on Nov 6, 2012


Talk about

Cody W on Nov 6, 2012


Cant help it, just friendly debate. I am one of those hard core zombie people so I tend to get into the discussions with vigor.

Derrick Shanks on Nov 7, 2012


hahahah this comment made me laugh...please explain a "realistic" zombie scenario?

Hank on Nov 6, 2012


Basic human physiology. How the body could move if the pain threshold of the human was negated, and a virus that has deteriorated the human brain to the base functions of feeding and rage.

Derrick Shanks on Nov 6, 2012


seems as though you're basing this all off of every other zombie movie you've seen

Hank on Nov 6, 2012


Nope, Just the real life make up of a human and what a virus could possibly do to a humans body and mind. I have a lot more faith in a virus infected zombie than a rising from the grave zombie. It is a more plausible situation.

Derrick Shanks on Nov 7, 2012


You need to rephrase that. I believe you mean you find it more probable that a zombie apocalypse might come about from a virus outbreak than actual dead rising from the grave. Having faith in such a thing puts the phrase "religious nut" on a whole new level.

nitpicking on Nov 7, 2012


Something doesn't necessarily need to be real in real life to be portrayed as real in a movie. Got that?

Rodrigo Font on Nov 6, 2012


No. Just no.

Wara on Nov 6, 2012


Someone should duct tape the commentator's mouth shut.

Reagan Fabry on Nov 6, 2012


Like all of ET's presenters/reporters.

castingcouch on Nov 7, 2012


Very strange movement going on there. From what people were saying about the book this doesn't seem to match up. It reminded me a bit of Priest. Giant zombie balls For The Weird!

Carpola on Nov 6, 2012


Total departure from the book 🙁

Brad White on Nov 6, 2012


Huh? WTF is this?! =(

David Banner on Nov 6, 2012


I think it looks fantastic.Who cares about some book. I just want to be entertained. on Nov 6, 2012


Agreed , every1's making asumptions on a teaser and honestly it looks cool so far. Can't make every1 happy :/

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 6, 2012


Who cares about some book? I don't know, perhaps those who actually read it, and would like a decent adaptation.

grimjob on Nov 6, 2012


Who reads anymore, I am still waiting for the Hollywood adaption of Farenheit with people burning kindles and ipads/s This is not the book at all, I personally will not see it for that reason because I believe my imagination created a better visual picture than this cash grab on zombies movie.

Steven Morgan on Nov 6, 2012


Gotta agree with you on that one.

grimjob on Nov 6, 2012


Hollywood is just adapting whatever they choose without any consultation with the Author which is criminal. Ready Player One has me hyped because the Author is also the movie screenplay writer which is how it should be. The author should always be able to play a part in their work. If you don't read than go look at the light show,but know you are missing out on a whole nother imagination world that you can create.

Steven Morgan on Nov 7, 2012


This is not what the book was about. 🙁

Tomb Svalborg on Nov 6, 2012


The book was lame. Good idea, poor execution. The preview for the preview looks more exciting than the entire novel.

pablo_rajczyk on Nov 6, 2012


Huh? It looks like The Running Of The Zombies. Why are they moving in a mass cloud?

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Nov 6, 2012


brad pitt FOR ME is the one of the best actors picking rols for movies... he always pick something interesting.... i trust on his decision...

Nicolas Dalli Bortolot on Nov 6, 2012


Kind of reminds me of the "I Am Legend" adaptation (the CG does anyway)

SLee on Nov 6, 2012


Boooo running zombies...

nightgoat72 on Nov 6, 2012


epic fail

redskulllives on Nov 6, 2012


I am offended... Its I Am Legend all over again! -_-

LosZombies on Nov 6, 2012


I second that.

grimjob on Nov 6, 2012


Disappointed so far. Great book.

jdog on Nov 6, 2012


Wow. That teaser was simply awful. If it didn't have the name "World War Z" attached to it I would have never identified it as relating to the book in any way. I was excited when I first heard the book was being adapted but I think a mini-series would be much better suited.

NamelessTed on Nov 6, 2012


I don't mind the movie at all, i hope it lives up to the hype of the book.

Ahmed Hozayen on Nov 6, 2012


I didn't even bother watching it. I 100% agree about using ET as your platform to get the word out. If I made a film, I'd deny them access to it.

mandawg on Nov 6, 2012


I have no faith in this adaption. What I have seen so far hasn't changed that. So instead of Pitt's character interviewing survivors of the ZA, he runs around a la Mission Impossible to save his daughter and family from rolling zombie hordes? WUT THE FUCK

solarshock on Nov 6, 2012


The zombies are definitely different then the book describes. I was hoping for a more faithful take on the book, but this does not look like it. Maybe it will be better then it looks when it comes out but this needs more polishing.

Xenomorph31 on Nov 6, 2012


Wow that looks like shit. Hopes, they are dashed. Oh, and only tangentially related: "Zone One" by Colson Whitehead was a very enjoyable read. Maybe that can get opted next and turned to rubbish.

borninatrailer on Nov 6, 2012


From this preview alone I am quite disappointed. It looks like they just shambled past the (amazing) book. I sincerely hope this tastes better than it looks because right now, it's enough to make Romero's zombies go back to their coffins just so they can turn in their graves. PS: I racked my brrrraaaaains and tried to fit as many puns in this comment as I could. How did I do?

Lucas Silva on Nov 6, 2012


Its I am Legend all over again, but this time with lots of guns,

Dhiram on Nov 7, 2012


Bad trailer. That's a shame, I was looking forward to this one. So now I'm just gonna sit tight till someone decides to make Zone One by Colson Whitehead... that was an superb zombie novel.

Cautious Train on Nov 7, 2012


Wow! Now i am very pumped!! WWZ doesntnlook like it will disappoint, lets hope it keeps with the book! Teaser trailer tommorrow can't wait

T1103 on Nov 7, 2012


Getting a bit tired of people trying to show off their intellect by telling movie X is not true to the book. Who cares? If I'd care about books I would be browsing now wouldn't I?

Nash on Nov 7, 2012


Nothing can compare to AMC's "The Walking Dead" so what's the point?

maytheforce on Nov 7, 2012


Quantum of Solace was an awful film and maybe you could blame the lack of credible story and decent writing on the writers. However the flaws in the actual filming, shakey cam, dodgy CG etc I lay at the feet of the director. And now we have ridiculous running zombies that you'll never really be able to make out because the camera will be bouncing around like an epileptic and the soundtrack (in an attempt to further emulate Danny Boyle's 28 Days later) will be loud and intrusive every time they attack to further remove you from the scene. The zombies will end up being as silly as those ridiculous creations in I am Legend. I've got faith in the writer JMJ but the choice of director just sucks.

Payne by name on Nov 8, 2012


I'm boycotting this movie. Just had to destroy one of the best books ever made. Way disappointed in Pitt even tho fight club is one of my fav films he just had to rape an awesome book. Way to go Hollywood

cpl patchz on Jan 1, 2013

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