Watch: First Kick Ass Teaser Trailer for Rian Johnson's Sci-Fi 'Looper'

April 12, 2012
Source: Apple

Looper Teaser Trailer

"I'm gunna fix this!" Sony has unveiled the teaser trailer for Rian Johnson's sci-fi Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a mobster in the near future, who is sent his targets from 30 years in the future, when time travel is invented. One day his target appears and it's him, played by Bruce Willis, that's when things get crazy. We've been teasing this and hyping it up for a while (my interview with Rian) but now we finally get a glimpse of the world and the story and it looks awesome, complex, yet action-packed. Jeff Daniels is also in this, and Emily Blunt stars as the female lead. This is going to be a hell of a good time. Take a look!

Watch the first official teaser trailer for Rian Johnson's sci-fi Looper, in high def from Apple:

In the futuristic action thriller Looper, time travel will be invented – but it will be illegal and only available on the black market. When the mob wants to get rid of someone, they will send their target 30 years into the past, where a "looper" – a hired gun, like Joe – is waiting to mop up. Joe is getting rich and life is good… until the day they decide to "close the loop", sending back Joe's future self for assassination.

Looper is the third film from Rian Johnson following his breakout hit Brick and The Brothers Bloom after that. Looper focuses on a mobster named Joe, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The movie also stars Piper Perabo, Jeff Daniels and Paul Dano. Looper hits theaters everywhere starting on September 28th this fall.

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What a weird premise... Why have someone to wait to clean up? Why not send them millions of years into the past? If the victims are captured and bound in the future, why not kill them there and save the hassle? What is the benefit?

HyperJ on Apr 12, 2012


I guess so they don't have to deal with the disposal of the bodies. less evidence that a murder happened.

Richie Blitz on Apr 12, 2012


ever hear of the butterfly/domino effect? A load of humans getting sent back millions of years in the past, there are millions of things they could do that could eventually lead to the world being a completely different place, thus leading potentially to the non existence of the person/people who sent them back in the first place... basically it would be suicide.  At least this way they can be sure, its a done deal, the guy is dead and there's nothing they have to worry about, because it will happen straight away, as soon as hes sent back.

David Carlin on Apr 12, 2012


How is doing it this way a done deal? As shown in the trailer, there is ample opportunity for things to go wrong. And if you don't execute them, they can spend the next 30 years ruining *your* life. Why not execute them in the future? Now THAT is a sure thing. I'm very much looking forward to this film, but that plot device just seems weak.

HyperJ on Apr 12, 2012


As soon as you invent "time travel" you have to go back to everywhere in the past and make sure that no one else invents time travel so you have to eradicate any chance of time travel being invented by anyone else. Or they will eradicate you.

Tonyod23 on Apr 12, 2012


 I agree with you and liked both your comments. Still looks like a pretty awesome action movie, though...

Bl00dwerK on Apr 13, 2012


My guess is if they send the person back to the past, and he's there waiting for them.. He will kill them, thus destroying the PAST version of them as well and deleting anything that they have done that will effect the future.. and that's why they want these people killed because of what they have done.... The only reason there was an opportunity for something to go wrong in the trailer was because the very, very, very unlikely scenario of him having to kill HIMSELF occurred, and BAM, we have our story.

David Carlin on Apr 13, 2012


The universe splits in 2 then 4 then 16 and any possible scenario occurs. At the moment I'm living happily ever after. But that's just "here" But that's another story. It's not good for the real estate industry that's for sure.

Tonyod23 on Apr 12, 2012


Doesn't matter. If they had sent back all these people that were to be disposed of, that's how time happened. It would have been meant to be all along. If a time machine were created tomorrow and someone went back to save John F. Kennedy, it wouldn't matter, they would fail. That historical event happened the way it did. It doesn't matter if a time machine was invented tomorrow, or 1000 years from now, the past cannot be changed. Realistically a time machine will never be created. If it were, there would probably be some indication of people coming back in time by now. There is a greater chance that the world will end long before any such technology is ever invented.

Ted_mongel on Apr 21, 2012


 I saw the film at a screening, and read the screenplay, and the time machine is set to a fixed time of 30 years to the past. From 2072 back til 2042 in this case.

hanznohlo on Apr 12, 2012


Maybe they'll follow the logic found in the Ray Bradbury short story "A Sound of Thunder". That story pretty much used the premise that even the slightest alteration of the past (like stepping on a butterfly, for instance) could alter all of human history. I guess in that logic it would be much safer to just send them to the middle of some back alley or corn field and deal with the criminal in question from there. Or maybe the movie will have another idea of its own. Time will tell.

Traveler on Apr 12, 2012


My bad, I see someone already discussed this theory. 🙂

Traveler on Apr 12, 2012


Hey, you're using my name. 🙂

Traveler on Apr 12, 2012


unless, of course, he is you from the future...

son_et_lumiere on Apr 14, 2012


If that is the case someone went back in time to contact the main character to kill these people. That in itself would cause a butterfly effect..

Kaim on Apr 13, 2012


I agree, I don't get the reasoning either. Seems to make much more sense to just get it done with then and there.

Grifter730 on Apr 12, 2012


Looking and talking like Bruce Willis - cool as hell! Using "old movie" filters in filmtrailers, NOT cool as hell.

Ryderup on Apr 12, 2012


WHOAH! -Joey Lawrence

indyjack on Apr 12, 2012


This looks.... SO COOL.

David Carlin on Apr 12, 2012


Looper? More like Blooper. Pass. 

Christopher Batty on Apr 12, 2012


Bitch whine complain. Im so so glad not to be a director these days. 

Buzzfunk on Apr 12, 2012


any idiot could change the name of a movie to try to sound intelligent. you're not impressing anyone. Christopher Fatty.

Daniel Vu Tran on Apr 13, 2012


This has a really interesting premise, it's just pulling it off. JGL is awesome and so is Bruce Willis so we'll see. And this guy did do The Brothers Bloom and he did an episode of Breaking Bad, so it looks promising

Clocker910 on Apr 12, 2012


I'm really excited about this.  I love everything I've seen from Rian Johnson so far.  This trailer definitely makes it look more action-packed than I expected, I'm interested to see what feel the film as a whole has.

Jertown on Apr 12, 2012


Bruce Willis + Joseph Gordon-Levitt + Sci-Fi = I'm sorry.... I blanked out from the awesomeness. What was I saying?

Agent Kid Society on Apr 12, 2012



Ticket Master on Apr 12, 2012


Trailer didn't really grab me. Feels like a Pooper so far. 

Quanah on Apr 12, 2012



hanznohlo on Apr 12, 2012



Jericho on Apr 12, 2012


For all the hype surronding the trailer, that was extremely dissapointing.

Matt24 on Apr 12, 2012


I'm in. Was pretty awesome, imo. Gordon-Levitt and Willis as Bruce Willis! WIN!

Xerxexx on Apr 12, 2012


Whats up with JGL's eyebrows... Besides that; movie looks cool! Liking the premise.

Ron on Apr 12, 2012


a little disappointed. reminded me of Grind House

Truong18 on Apr 12, 2012


The movie seems very gimmicky.

Big Bob on Apr 12, 2012


Can't wait!

M.K. Nielsen on Apr 12, 2012


awesome. girl with shot-gun? Double awesome!

Phantomrockcity on Apr 12, 2012


The story was much more promising than what I've seen so far. A shootout between your old self and your future self isn't exactly a movie filler to me.

Peter on Apr 12, 2012


JGL's makeup just doesn't seem right. I'm not buying it. But I am looking forward to this

DanW on Apr 12, 2012


Dig it.

grimjob on Apr 12, 2012


what the fuck? no... not possible nothing is original these days this must be some sort of joke

DoomCanoe on Apr 13, 2012


Is it only me or does Joseph Gordon Hewitt look like Mark Wahlberg in that picture ?

Shige on Apr 13, 2012


I'll watch it. I remember a dude in my college used to waffle on about how I would watch the tv show Sliders at the time, which by all accounts was terrible, but he would always say that all the tech in Star Trek was possible, because he was a Trekkie and even more strange a Formula One race fan, who would turn up to college in a full flame retardant suit from time to time. I lost where I was going there. I enjoy dumb scifi as much as clever scifi.

Crapola on Apr 13, 2012


Anyone know what the music is? Film looks great

Scatdaz on Apr 13, 2012


What is up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's make-up... its so bad ! It doesn't even look like him.

Brent Little on Apr 13, 2012


 what? that's bruce willis.

Xerxexx on Apr 13, 2012


Being a physicist, I'm a tad hyper-critical of time travel films. But this looks too rad to pass up, even if the premise is kinda dumb.

McWetty on Apr 13, 2012


Is JGL wearing make-up to resemble Bruce Willis? or are they using the digital effects they used in TRON? Anyhoo, if I watched this movie, his face is going to be bothering me throughout the whole movie. lol

Mr. Foe on Apr 15, 2012


Mr. Foe: Yep.

Ben Goddard on Apr 16, 2012


If George McFly doesn't kiss Loraine at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, the results would be catastrophic and their son Marty is History!

Dr. Emmett Brown on Apr 15, 2012


I can see the future! And I see myself. Not watching this film.

Guest on Apr 17, 2012


Stephen Hawking states that if you go back in time or forward in time, you just make a new time line and do not affect the present. 

Archie Hill on May 16, 2012

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