Watch: First Thrilling 'Cloud Atlas' TV Spot Debuts with Our Quote

September 21, 2012
Source: Facebook

Cloud Atlas TV Spot

"A massive cinematic accomplishment!" Warner Bros has debuted their first TV spot for the Wachowskis' & Tom Tykwer's Cloud Atlas, one of my favorite movies of the year, and I am lucky enough to be quoted in it. I saw the movie at its TIFF world premiere and wrote a very glowing review of it, which is where the quote comes from. This film is a very hard sell, especially in a 30-second TV spot, but they do a good job trying to show the many different souls and actors over time, especially Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, but there's much more to it. I'm obviously partial to this film and spot, but I still recommend it, because it is amazing!

Here's the first TV spot for the Wachowskis & Tom Tykwer's Cloud Atlas, in high def from Facebook:

Cloud Atlas is the ambitious adaptation of David Mitchell's novel, co-written/directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski (Bound, The Matrix, Speed Racer) and Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run, The International), that features six century-spanning storylines, all using the same actors playing characters across time and space. The film explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future. Warner Bros has Cloud Atlas set for release on October 26th next month.

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Great job Alex! I can't wait to see this movie, it looks amazing!

Michael Lee on Sep 21, 2012


"This video is not public. Log into Facebook to see if you have permission to view." ^is that a joke? Or is it a kind of premonition of how close to Sonmi-451's world we already are? I'm coggin' the Zuckcorp ain't lettn som'us to see d'TVspot disney.

L X on Sep 21, 2012


Sorry about that! It's updated with YouTube, that should work now. Facebook was where it debuted, hard to tell if it would work for everyone, but hopefully this should be good. Enjoy!

Alex Billington on Sep 21, 2012


Congratulations AB and all of First Showing's crew!

DAVIDPD on Sep 21, 2012



guest on Sep 21, 2012


Big Bang

Ehsan Davodi on Sep 21, 2012


Firstshowin's movin on up! To the east side! To a deluxe apartment in the sky! they're Movin on up! To the east side! They finally got a piece of the pie!

DoomCanoe on Sep 21, 2012


Coincidentally enough, I am literally movin' on up to the East side soon! I'm moving to NYC in the next few months. 🙂

Alex Billington on Sep 22, 2012


Probably because it's the only good review they've gotten. Seriously, the reviews on this have been (unfortunately).... harsh.

Alex on Sep 21, 2012


Mmm I wouldn't exactly say it's the only good review they've gotten... Ebert (although he hasn't posted his review) said he enjoyed it. Brad at RopeofSilicon liked it. On RT it has a 70-something percent (although I do realize that RT scores mean nothing). It's not the only good review it has gotten.

Greg dinskisk on Sep 22, 2012


Nah, the movie is divisive, the reviews are mixed from those who either love it (like me) or don't. Like Greg says above, I've seen plenty of positive reviews, including Drew (quoted) and Devin and Brad from RopeofSilicon and many more. And those who do love it, are giving it a massive amount of praise.

Alex Billington on Sep 22, 2012


Quoted on TV. Awesome!

Isildur_of_Numenor on Sep 22, 2012


Yes! Definitely congratulations guys! I'm very happy for you 😀

Davide Coppola on Sep 22, 2012


Thats awesome Alex, congrats dude !! The guest above is a fuktard, ignore

Tester on Sep 22, 2012


It would be impossible to match the masterpiece of the 5min+ trailer. But the movie itself will become the masterpiece it truly deserves.

Hans Spillman on Sep 22, 2012


I still think this movie will bomb terribly.

Brian Sleider on Sep 22, 2012


The graphics and designs look like a Final Fantasy video game, I'm digging this movie more and more!

Fidel Reyes on Sep 22, 2012


Alex Billington, your reviews should be in Rotten Tomatoes! I hope your reviews will be all in there!

Roland on Sep 22, 2012


Have been following fs.net from 4 years and happy to see the quote. You guys have come a far way. Congratulations.

Prudhvi on Sep 22, 2012


You will be considered lucky if this movie is a hit. Otherwise, congrats, you just championed a turkey 🙂

rennmaxbeta on Sep 23, 2012


Thanks! Ha, I'm honestly happy to support it no matter how it does at the box office. I loved the movie, and I think it is a cinematic accomplishment, just happy to champion the film no matter what.

Alex Billington on Sep 23, 2012


you convinced me with your passioate, allbeit semi-crazy review a few weeks back. the fact they're acknowledging my favourite site is a bonus congrats!

Richie G on Sep 24, 2012


Congrats on being Quoted Alex! Looking forward to seeing this!

Lars Feely on Sep 24, 2012


Great work Alex and the FS crew you guys are a powerhouse of movie info. This is so well deserved! Here's to your continued success! Jeffrey http://www.mediocrityisthenewgenius.com

Mediocrity Is The New Genius on Sep 24, 2012


We experienced part of the filming in Mallorca (at Sa Calobra), and when Halle Berry broke her ankle during the filming. I reckon Sa Calobra will become a sort of icon after this movie becomes a blockbuster...

Sa Cabana Vella Mallorca on Oct 8, 2012

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