Watch: Freaky & Gruesome Red Band Trailer for 'The ABCs of Death'

November 15, 2012
Source: Yahoo

ABCs of Death

An intense red band teaser and a delightfully creepy poster for the horror anthology The ABCs of Death have already debuted, but now the film's VOD and theatrical release is finally coming in 2013, and a new red band trailer shows us just how bloody and twisted fun this will be. The film features 26 different shorts for each letter in the alphabet from directors like Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun), Xavier Gens (Frontiers), Ti West (House of the Devil) and more, not to mention the contest winning claymation short T is for Toilet from Lee Hardcastle. There's something for every kind of horror fan in this thing. Watch below!

Here's the new red band trailer for The ABCs of Death originally from Yahoo:

From the directors of House of the Devil, Hobo With a Shotgun, A Serbian Film, You're Next & many more comes the genre film event of 2012. The ABCs of Death is an ambitious anthology film featuring segments directed by over two dozen of the world's leading talents in contemporary genre film. Inspired by children's educational books, The ABCs of Death is comprised of 26 individual chapters, each helmed by a different director assigned a letter of the alphabet. The directors were given free reign to choose a word to represent a form of death based on their letter. The film hits VOD January 31st and limited theaters March 8th, 2013.

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So glad that anthology horror is back, I thought it was dead for good.

Matt Peloquin on Nov 15, 2012


that was pretty fucked up. the people that came up with the ideas for these movies must be really sick in their minds.

truong18 on Nov 15, 2012


or just creative and can also separate fiction from reality. such a lazy way to insult someone. I guess the writers of Silence of the Lambs must harbor secret serial killer tendencies too.

Leo Fleming on Nov 15, 2012



Jim on Nov 15, 2012


Who doesn't? :-))))))

Carpola on Nov 15, 2012


I know I do 😀

LosZombies on Nov 15, 2012


Are you seriously going to compare an intelligent, well-acted, classic like Silence of the Lambs with the garbage I just watched on my computer screen? This film seems to be all about the gratification of morbid curiosity and nothing else. I don't care if you can or can't separate fiction from reality. We all have a little morbid curiosity in us, but that doesn't excuse rampant stupidity (which is what this collection of shorts seems to offer.) It isn't creative to imagine death in all of the multitude of ways it can happen. Everybody imagines their own or someone else's gruesome death at some point or another. The word creativity suggest building something. Death is not creativity, it's destruction. And it isn't artful no matter how you depict it. The Silence of the Lambs wasn't a gore-a-thon. It was a psychological horror/thriller with a plot and subtext. The death and graphic imagery in it was necessary to sell the reality of what it depicted. You couldn't have Jame Gumb just sewing dresses and dancing around in them, and you couldn't have him electrocuting people while wearing a furry costume. It could only be done the way it was because that's the reality of the decrepitude of the serial killer mind. Nowadays, we have this crap churned out year after year because people can't get enough of watching other people get ripped to pieces. Gore-a-thon plain and simple, and a cash grab, too.

JL on Nov 15, 2012


You're comparing how well the films are written/directed/produced. Of course The Silence of the Lambs is a classic, and this obviously doesn't reach that brilliance (although it's goals and genre are so different that its like comparing The Godfather to Looney Tunes). I'm not sticking up for this film because I don't really have much interest in it either, and looks rather boring. I would actually agree with what you say, but I'm not comparing the qualities of the film in my comparison so you misunderstand my point. I'm arguing the inane assumption that to write a film such as this means that "you must be just as sick as the characters" which is a horribly backwards idea. Therefore, I pointed to a film like Silence of the Lambs, which is hailed for its brilliance, and pointed out why it would be just as dumb to say that about that film. Writing about ultra-violence does not make you a sicko. You're right, this takes a much more in your face, gonzo experience, and Silence of the Lambs is subtle and disturbing. But that's a comparison of writing quality. Silence of the Lambs doesn't have to shove it in your face, but unsettles you more successfully, while this looks more juvenile. Again, a comparison of the quality, which I was not making. But on the level of what truong said, they are comparable in that they portray sickening and violent crimes, therefore I pointed out the ludicrous idea that you would have to be sick to write something like this. Nope, just lazy. (Although I would argue this going the route of Braindead or Evil Dead II, where its juvenile nature or ludicrous nature is played up, and part of the humor) People like truong make me angry, because they are mostly just dull and unimaginative, because they have to go the immature route of insulting the writer personally if they do not like or agree with their work. Nothing is more lazy than saying, "Man, this writer must be mentally ill." People like truong are just the same as the "video nasties" people in the 80's. They think any art they don't agree with is dangerous and should be censored.

Leo Fleming on Nov 15, 2012


Kinda boring.

Manuel on Nov 15, 2012


Did I just see a kitten about to get stomped on by some bitch with high heels!? No way, will I see any animals get tortured and killed! This is fucked up!!!! Thanks for showing this and disturb the fuck out of me!

The Truth on Nov 15, 2012


human beings getting chainsawed is a-ok though

Leo Fleming on Nov 15, 2012


Right! Some humans are assholes! But animals? They can't speak for themselves!

The Truth on Nov 15, 2012


Animals are jerks too, not even some, ALL animals. Ever see a cat playing with something it caught? If a person did that it'd be sadistic. Two big dogs attacked my Scottish Terrier and Jack russel, killing one and the other needed life saving surgery... for no reason Happens in the wild too; animals kill the offspring of their rivals (not eating it, just leaving it there) I have no idea why I'm so passionate about this, but animals are JERKS!

Richie G on Nov 15, 2012


you're an idiot

Oct8pus on Nov 17, 2012


you miss the point.

beevis on Nov 15, 2012


No I didn't miss the point! It isn't necessary to "kill" a kitten! I know it's special fx with the chainsaw gore, but there's some crazy people who could get ideas with animals. I mean, why they have that?

The Truth on Nov 15, 2012


They're not really killing kittens. People get these sick ideas and act on them. This film plays on people's fears who are terrified by things like that. You're supposed to be disturbed. And even if that was a valid argument, are the ideas of people killing others in unique ways somehow less disturbing because it's not an animal?

Ethan Anderton on Nov 15, 2012


chill out dude your're over reacting. Its just a movie, they cant harm animals. Plus, TONS of animals get "killed" in film. Whether is Roy Schneider blowing up a shark or Will Smith choking out his dog, nobody goes and makes a big deal over it. RELAX.

LosZombies on Nov 15, 2012


the truth - I AGREE WITH YOU. my response is to leo. what the hell are you attacking me for?

beevis on Nov 15, 2012


Nah, I get it. I don't enjoy the sight of animals suffering either. Just thinks it's funny the people who only respond to that image in particular, especially in the midst of a trailer packed with humans dying in various horrible ways. We get pretty desensitized to human death, but kill an animal in a fictional movie and suddenly people are calling for the director's head. Beevis, you liked Cloud Atlas, did you not? Nobody bitched about Hugo Weaving's character shooting a dog point blank. Horrible acts like that define a character, and people understand it in that film, but not this? Maybe that's the point of it in this as well; to get us to hate this evil character Yes, they can be overdone or tasteless, but just like any other gorefest where they do the same to humans.

Leo Fleming on Nov 15, 2012


i don't know if i'll see this or not - but having a dog in a fight with a man and the scene you describe is in VERY poor taste.

beevis on Nov 15, 2012


No one is condoning or supporting animal torture or cruelty or even the same treatment for humans. The idea of horror is to make people feel uncomfortable and scared through terrifying imagery, horrifying thoughts, and mostly unspeakable things that we'll never endure in our lives. That's why the genre isn't meant for everyone. Some people just don't need that release of adrenaline or fear.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 15, 2012


It's called a's make believe

Oct8pus on Nov 17, 2012


there are some twisted fucked up mind to make this kind a movie, only in America I guess freedom of speech you write any kind a story or script to make a movie.

naz on Nov 15, 2012


it's not exclusive to america - did you watch "a serbian film"? NOT american and definitely over-the-top f#cked up.

beevis on Nov 15, 2012


Only in America? ha. You act like this is a documentary. There are sick films all over the place. Watch Tetsuo the iron man and tell me only in America. And yeah, this freedom of speech that allowed you to state your opinion here is such a drag...

Leo Fleming on Nov 15, 2012



Oct8pus on Nov 17, 2012


What is the rating for this movie? R, NC-17, X; or will it be shown Unrated?

David Banner on Nov 15, 2012


Ah WTF, screening this weekend at Oslo Fright Fest, Age Limit: 15..... I was kinda hoping for a really gory flick. The 2 highest rating in Norway are 15 and 18, so this might be a bit tame.

David Banner on Nov 16, 2012


If carrying a concealed handgun makes a person violent...what does profiting from fake snuff films make you?

Jim on Nov 15, 2012


right. Can't unwatch that I guess

Richie G on Nov 15, 2012


been following this movie for awhile, been very excited for it and watched a lot of the submission. Glad to see "'T' is for 'toilet'" included in the final film (the claymation one).

Jacob Denton on Nov 15, 2012


If you want see most Heinous movie take look at Guinea Pigs Series not this one. Im not fan of killing animal movie like killing scene of turtle in Cannibal Holocaust but believe without that scene movie missed something. Cant fool myself and told i dont eat chicken meat every day. I think if killing animal scenes had some solid purpose (shock us) then doesn't matter but i prefer more that would be special effect or some cinematic tricks too. Serbian Film was hard for me but totally acceptable and understandable, Human Centipede's too. definitely i will see this too

Ehsan Davodi on Nov 16, 2012


This looks aweful anyone that really want to see this film has no brain cells and has no respect for the classic horror films. The producers of this film should be ashamed.

Cdawgger on Nov 16, 2012


Well I know at least one of the letters the claymation one is from youtube. I saw it about a year ago.

Jeaux Thibodeaux on Nov 24, 2012

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