Watch: Full-Length Sci-Fi Short 'Seed' Made by Tyson Wade Johnston

October 26, 2012
Source: Vimeo

Seed Tyson Wade Johnston

Give this one a chance, people! Another new sci-fi short has debuted in full online this week, and it was another we featured the trailer for previously. It's a film called Seed, directed by Tyson Wade Johnston, set on a planet named Gaia, where "an isolated mission and discovers unearthly horrors". Justin Zachary stars as the merc in this. While I know the reaction to the original short trailer when first posted it was very negative, I think this final product is pretty damn good. The visual effects are improved, it is a bit long, but tells an interesting story with some sleek, minimal, impressive sci-fi visuals. Try to enjoy what it does show.

Watch the full-length short film Seed, made by Tyson Wade Johnston, in high def from Vimeo/YouTube:

Set in the year 2071, where technology has brought mankind to the brink of colonization on a planet named Gaia, one man takes on an isolated mission and discovers unearthly horrors that could bring an end to life on this planet. Seed is directed by Tyson Wade Johnston (website), of the short film Exist previously, an an "emerging creative film industry talent based in Los Angeles, CA." This was first teased back in July, but is now released in full online for viewing. For more updates, visit their Facebook. "Seed was a passion project we shot on a minimal budget. Inspired by 60's & 70's science fiction." Your thoughts?

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Saw this on vimeo. Reminded me of 'Triangle' set in space.

JamesSp_83 on Oct 26, 2012


It looks cool but takes too long to get going. Nice work though.

Andreas Climent on Oct 26, 2012


Unearthly horrors? Um...sorry...this was a little lacking in unearthly horrors.

Jerry Camp on Oct 26, 2012


I liked the look of it, but wasn't it just a man going mad in the desert?

Carpola on Oct 26, 2012


Pretty good. I thought the ending was lacking, but other than that I really enjoyed it.

Dan W on Oct 26, 2012


i loved the pull-back shots that got the other big planet and moon in the background....with lightning flashing - very atmospheric. i have to say the end was pretty weak though.

beevis on Oct 26, 2012


Such a disappointing ending, they couldnt of shown us whatever it was that was watching him with the budget they spent on the planet shot at the end? Come on

Cody W on Oct 26, 2012


do you really think it would be cheaper to design, sketch, model, texture, light and render an alien creature than to composite a 2d shot of space?

Henchman79 on Oct 26, 2012


You forgot "rig and animate" 🙂

CG_guy on Oct 27, 2012


Its besides the point that they could of cut that down to about 5 minutes and gave us a better ending, than 10 minutes of pointless bs that really doesnt make much sense except to the people who wrote it. The spaceship, the lightning storms etc couldve easily been cut down and something else put in to make sense of all of it.

Cody W on Oct 27, 2012


Good CG. Awful everything else. I hate this.

Zen on Oct 26, 2012


This was a very poorly-written film. Whatever it had in production value it lacked in writing or even making any sense at all.

Mark Fuentes on Oct 26, 2012


So what happens? Couldn't make it through. Fx decent but was boring as hell

ff on Oct 26, 2012


Kill Your Darlings. The short could have been cut at least 1 min, if not 2 mins, and no one would have noticed.

David Banner on Oct 26, 2012


Yeah there was sort of nice other-worldly atmosphere in it, and it partly came from the film not explaining itself at all. At the same time it was annoying that there really wasn't enough hints to tell what's happening (multiple instances of Kamp who exist in different time?), but I guess that vagueness brought out the strangeness of life on another planet. The biggest thing that bugged me was the clothing and the gear that were straight from the store shelf. The makers could've done something to them. Maybe spray with silver paint or whatever to make them look futuristic. Now it looked like an actor who was walking in some desert on Earth at 2012, and I think it made huge damage to the believability of the atmosphere. All and all, not a bad effort, and the fx were pretty nice. But in the end the story was quite boring and could've been thought out lot more before filming.

Kodekon Kon on Oct 27, 2012


It was basically one scene that lasted 13 minutes....

Oct8pus on Oct 27, 2012



Tim on Oct 27, 2012


Really? and what have you created?

Justin on Jan 14, 2014

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