Watch: Funny Or Die's 'Bane After Batman' Video with Chris Kattan

August 7, 2012
Source: Funny Or Die

Bane After Batman

What ever happened to Bane? What would his life be like after going face-to-face (twice!) with Batman in Gotham City? One of the latest amusing Funny Or Die exclusive sketch videos is this creation, Bane After Batman, directed by Funny Or Die regular PatB. It's another one of those comedic spoof videos tackling Bane and his voice and his mannerisms, but this is what it would be like after his attack on Gotham City. Kind of like those Darth Vader in Real Life photos/videos as well. It's not the best they've made, but it's funny, and a great follow-up to Dark Knight Rises, especially if you've seen it six times by now. Check it out!

Ever since The Dark Knight Rises ended, Bane has had to go back to the real world. Yes, that is actually former "SNL" star Chris Kattan as Bane. And it may be the funniest thing he's done in a decade (or more). He does a good job trying to replicate the wispy, operatic voice of Bane in TDKR, but it almost sounds more muffled and ridiculous, like it was the original take from the prologue. Though it does make me wonder - what did happen to Bane in TDKR? He just gets shot and thrown aside, then we never see him again. Did he make it out? Is he wandering Gotham's streets? Or is he in Arkham scheming up new plans with the Joker?

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He certainly hits Bane's cadence pretty well. '' Nice one.

Nick Sears on Aug 7, 2012


The question you posed at the end of your post : "What did happen to Bane?" is one of the biggest problems with the movie. You're following this villain for TWO AND A HALF HOURS and then he's *SPOILERS* shot and we never see him again. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

Spencer Lindenman on Aug 7, 2012


What happened to Bane? He was shot with a fucking cannon on the batpod and quite obviously died.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Aug 7, 2012


But Nolan likes ambiguity! We don't see him die or anything, plus he's BANE he's huge, he can take anything. I don't know if he dies... so much as just gets the wind beaten out of him completely, by the Batpod cannon.

Alex Billington on Aug 7, 2012


In a film that had a fair share of ambiguity and misdirection, are you so sure about that? You notice that 2" thick armor plating he was wearing the whole movie. Pretty sure he bent but didn't break, decent bet he survived...but arguably not by much.

RidgeRacer4 on Aug 7, 2012


you notice that 2" thick canon on the front of batmans motorcycle which we've seen blow up cars right?

Alex Hughes on Aug 7, 2012


Understood, but like Alex said below, this isn't just anyone wearing the armor, it's Bane...this guy punches through effen stone columns. Views on this film (it is Nolan after all) are going to be subjective and lead to the exact kinds of comments on this page. All in good fun, and right or wrong, the simple fact that Funny or Die created this video means there's one more person in the "Bane lives" camp;P

RidgeRacer4 on Aug 7, 2012


Or they just made it because it's funny.

Don on Aug 7, 2012


since it was not a rated R film Nolan was unable to show us the aftermath of being shot by the batpod's cannons.

redskulllives on Aug 7, 2012


Maybe I just imagined it, but I could swear there was just the fraction of a second where it looked as if at least half of his face, if not his whole head, got disintegrated. It was way too fast and I've only seen the movie once so far, but to me it was pretty much clear that he died right there. Sure, he wore metal plates for protection, but unless he strapped manhole covers to his chest I don't think there was any way he could have survived this. And, like I said, I'm not even sure he got shot in the chest. I had no problem with the way they handled that. Not everything needs to be shown and/or explained.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 7, 2012


The voice is spot on! 🙂

D6 on Aug 7, 2012


true but hardly understood a word but was fun to watch lol

A5J4DX on Aug 9, 2012


Hey, he played the character just like in the movie...couldn't understand half of what Bane said in the movie either.

Rick Savage on Aug 18, 2012


not funny in any way

poo on Aug 7, 2012



redskulllives on Aug 7, 2012


lol - Kattan. Quite a bit shorter than Tom Hardy. N1 though. Miss him on SNL.

avconsumer2 on Aug 7, 2012


bwahahaha...I lost it at the hat collection bit "...only 5 hats so far" Aces!

RidgeRacer4 on Aug 7, 2012


Loved how he had to get it just right.

mooreworthy on Aug 7, 2012


SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER I think the reason we don't see Bane dying is because we didn't really see Joker dying, it was Nolan's way of making the 2 movies coherent. I just saw it last night, absolutely loved it, more than TDK, dare I say it. bane was such an amazing villain. The weak link of the movie was definitely Talia, with her reveal eventually undermaining Bane's greatness. I was surprised by the sheer amout of violance he caused, physical and psichologically, we had snaped necks, point blank shooting, hell, even hanged men (mostly off camera in what I consider to be a wonderfull directing decision by Nolan). And I dont't know if the fact I watched it with subtitles helped, but he has the most iconic voice since Vader's, I cannot stop remembering his lines. The problem with most people is that they placed TDK higher than they should have, thus feeling let down with this one. (I was one of the people who critizised the way the movie was idolatrized like it was on top10 movies of all time. I still consider TDK to be an amazing film) I like to think that that last shot was Alfred coping with what happened. I am not one to nitpick, so I have no problems with most of the flaws most people point out (who cares how he got from the pit to gotham? Thats not the point at all, just enjoy the ride). Sorry for talking about it on this post, but I missed the sound off and needed to discuss this with someone.

Paquete_PT on Aug 7, 2012


No one cares.

Don on Aug 7, 2012


Wow, way to be a douchebag...

Chris Groves on Aug 8, 2012

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