Watch: A Haunting Trailer for Demonic Horror Film 'The Possession'

May 16, 2012
Source: Yahoo

The Possession

What's that? You haven't had enough of demon possession of children in horror films? Well, then you're in luck! The trailer for Ole Bornedal's new film The Possession from producer Sam Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures production banner has arrived. Normally films like this look so generic, but there's some pretty freaky imagery and epic music that somehow has this particular demonic horror thriller grabbing my attention. The presence of Jeffrey Dean Morgan certainly helps, but I think there's a bit of the same tone that made Drag Me to Hell so captivating and satisfying. Judge for yourself by watching the trailer below!

Here's the first official trailer for Ole Bornedal's The Possession, originally via Yahoo:

Ole Bornedal directs The Possession based on a Los Angeles Times article called "Jinx in a Box" with writers Juliet Snowden and Stiles White (Boogeyman and Knowing) adapting the story. Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Stephanie Brenek (Kyra Sedgwick) see little cause for alarm when their daughter Em becomes oddly obsessed with an antique wooden box she purchased at a yard sale. But as Em's behavior becomes increasingly erratic, the couple fears the presence of a malevolent force in their midst and soon learn a dislocated spirit is inhabiting their daughter. Lionsgate is sending The Possession to theaters August 31st.

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at least its not another "found footage" movie. 

Daniel 'Ranger Danger' Felts on May 16, 2012


It's only a notch down. I thought the false "based on a true story" era was over? Meh.

Reznik on May 17, 2012


the only horror movies people seem to make anymore are possession movies..... what the shit man

Larral on May 16, 2012


Creeped me out. A hand coming up someone's throat will do that.

Dalton Weaver on May 16, 2012


sam raimi very rarley disapoints in horrors totallt loved in hell

Mickeybo on May 16, 2012


There's a fiddler on the roof!

Jimmy Love on May 16, 2012


Wow, that creeped me the fuck out. LOL. 

Daniel Vu Tran on May 16, 2012


amazing trailer hope the movie turns out the same

DoomCanoe on May 16, 2012


Based on

Brett on May 16, 2012


Actually looked pretty damn good. That throat shot at the end is fucked. Looking forward to this. PS. They always seem to be 'Based on a true story'.

grimjob on May 16, 2012


A young girl possessed by a demon... How incredibly original... Now let me see... There was once a film released in 1973... Based on a supposedly true story called "The Ex... (finish writing the title if you know the answer)

maytheforce on May 17, 2012


Looks good, but still these trailers show too much, I think it spoils the movies a little, for example; the hand in the gril's mouth won't be a creepy surprise...

Oliver J L on May 17, 2012


Averyone think horror is for teenagers but I think David lynch works are horror either, Michael hanke too and many other big directors. Question is why no one cat put his foot in shoe of wiliam fridkin and "Exorcist" why Emily rose,last exorcism,rite,devil inside and ... Possession movies are week? I say because screen writer of exorcist 1973 when write script piss in own pants! Yeah! Screen writer must scare to the bone, his hair must stand up, occasionally he must don't write because of fear, he must sense the real fear not write ordinary and perfenuctry script. I think after exorcist and omen possession genre became dead. I'm sick of this kind of movies : no scary plot / no classic directing like fridkin / no good actors like max Woon sydo or Linda Blair / no music like exorcist / no real fear just boo moments / no enough gore / no balance between dialog and action / no shocking special effect like exorcist / no spending time / no budget / and no no no no no ATMOSPHERE. In possession movies I wait for this film and sound cool but certainly we would not see another masterpiece, just another expandable horror movie I'm so sad

Ehsan Davodi on May 17, 2012


I'm totally agree with you!!! The Atmosphere you have in The Exorcist 1973, it's simply amazing together with the music, like Deep Red directed by Dario argento, a pure amazing thriller! I like Sam Raimi, but someone must have courage and try to write an Old school plot Possession movie.

Claudio (Italy) on Jul 18, 2012


"based on true story" my ass

Bux on May 17, 2012


Looks so good I shut off the trailer midway...can't wait.

norm on May 17, 2012


That was reeeeeeally good trailer. Hopefully the movie lives up to it, with Raimi and horror together, I have no doubts it'll be awesome. Plus, Matisyahu is in it lol!

Danimal on May 17, 2012


Looks good.

Nielsen700 on May 17, 2012


the trailer makes this film look excellent - and raimi always delivers.......but, it's also lionsgate; so, i'll keep my fingers crossed on this one. i'll be seeing it, for sure.

beevis on May 17, 2012


Looks good! But alot of these possession films look great on the trailer, but cant seem to deliver, I hope this one can!!

Cjwarrior27 on May 17, 2012


hmm. looks like it is based on true accounts. Apparently someone bought a Jewish winebox, and after experiencing supernatural activities in his home, he decided to sell if off at Ebay.

Alfred on May 17, 2012


The only reason I watched this trailer was cause some guy said there was a fiddler on the roof. 

Rain Spider on May 17, 2012


"Drag Me to Hell", "captivating" & "satisfying"......

Agent Kid Society on May 17, 2012


 looks pretty good to me.

mephisto on May 19, 2012


so close to exiting out once it opened with PG-13. glad i watched the rest. looks creepy as funk

RupertForeskin on May 19, 2012


"Based on a true story"  Really? What part was true?  "Ummm... this girl did actually buy a box at a garage sale once that had no seams." Did it posses some kid with demons and junk? "Nah, all that stuff we made up."

Daniel on May 21, 2012


Anyone know the music used in the trailer? or is it part of the movie's score?

Nicholas Robinson on May 25, 2012


I am very certain it is the cover of Rammstein "Engel" by Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

Notalent on May 26, 2012


thnx man,

Nicholas Robinson on May 29, 2012

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