Watch: Henry Cavill & Bruce Willis in 'The Cold Light of Day' Trailer

January 30, 2012
Source: Yahoo

The Cold Light of Day Trailer

"I'm not leaving this country without my family!" Summit Entertainment & Intrepid Pictures have finally debuted an official trailer via Yahoo for Mabrouk El Mechri's The Cold Light of Day, a new action-thriller set in Spain starring Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver. This is the new film from the director of JCVD, that Van Damme film, and it looks quite awesome, I really have to say. The action gets impressive as it continues on through the trailer, and I love how Cavill looks like he truly evolves into a crazy, badass character. You've got to check out this trailer, it does look damn good! "Who are you people?!"

Watch the official trailer Mabrouk El Mechri's The Cold Light of Day, originally from Yahoo:

Will goes to Spain for a vacation with his family but his world turns upside down when the family is kidnapped by agents hell-bent on recovering a mysterious briefcase and suddenly finds himself on the run.

The Cold Light of Day is directed by French filmmaker Mabrouk El Mechri, of Virgil and JCVD, that film about Jean-Claude Van Damme, previously. The screenplay was written by Scott Wiper (A Better Way to Die, The Condemned) & producer John Petro. Summit is releasing The Cold Light of Day in theaters starting on April 6th this spring. For more info, visit the film's Facebook page. Doesn't that look great?

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very good american accent  should do well for supes but when will bruce willis actually act he only plays bruce willis lol

Anonymous on Jan 30, 2012


It is an act.  It's just the same act he always plays.  Watch Moonlighting.  That's the only time I've seen him do something different than the John McClaine type.  And he's actually pretty funny.

JL on Jan 30, 2012


Moonlighting rocked.

Ocp on Jan 30, 2012


as far as willis goes - i agree. george clooney is the same way - every movie he does, his character is exactly the same as the last movie he did.

Anonymous on Jan 30, 2012


From Dusk Till Dawn--O Brother, Where Art Though?--Solaris. I just named 3 movies where his character is completely different than the other. We should make this a game really. Problem is, Clooney doesn't do character acting (playing unusual characters). He plays it pretty straight up. He's subtle, but effective and believable.  Anyone else want to play "Who Can Name A Clooney Film Where He Played A Different Character?" The prize is your beevis' enemy for life. Beevis can be cool, but not in a Clooney debate. Just sayin'. On to topic: Does anyone know they're messing with the son of Krypton? This film must be the lead in to The Man of Steel. At some point I'm betting he flies those dudes to jail and finds his dad with his X-ray vision.

Quanah on Jan 30, 2012


He sort of did a character study in The Men Who Stare at Goats.

JL on Jan 30, 2012



Quanah on Jan 31, 2012


agree - it's the ONE film i was going to bring up (that he actually brought some originality to his character) in my above comment but didn't want to waste any more space.

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2012


no, no, and NO. i disagree with your assessment of those portrayals.......and i'm not going to hate on anyone for thinking differently. i just happen to like actors with more range than you. and, this doesn't mean i don't like any of his films - i liked "up in the air"  a lot.   btw - if this was a game - you'd lose. lol ON TOPIC - i like the cast in this and the story looks as though it will have some cool twists.

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2012


And don't forget Burn After Reading.  That was also out of the norm for him.

JL on Jan 31, 2012


Check him out on the premiere of Inside the Actors Studio tonight and you'll see that he has many different characters that he's played during his career.  The most recent contrasts that come to mind are The Descendents vs The American.

peloquin on Jan 31, 2012


you certainly are entitled to your opinion. i think how he portrays each different character in those 2 movies is VERY similar - NOT different. hey - i'm not  telling people to like or not like clooney.  it's just, in general, i usually don't like his movies; andm i think his range (as an actor) is limited.

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2012


Hey, it's that cute chick from Bunny and the Bull!

JL on Jan 30, 2012


the acting seem good, but the story is kinda weak.

Truong18 on Jan 30, 2012


i disagree - from the trailer, it looks like there are a lot twists in the story.

Anonymous on Jan 30, 2012


Interesting to see the future superman in action. I can see why they picked him. He can be innocent and badass at the sametime but then again I am judging from a trailer I haven't seen any of his films but I think he will do good.

Anonymous on Jan 30, 2012


Ef, I love Bruce Willis. I'll be seeing this at some point. 

Traveler on Jan 30, 2012


seen this movie a hundo times. noone trusts anyone, then there is some backstabbing, and the family lives and bruce willis owns it.

Alex Lee Williams on Jan 30, 2012


Sounds good to me.

grimjob on Jan 30, 2012


Seemed like, when cavill says "you're CIA... yada yada", Bruce Willis' character gets shot. Maybe thats just what they want us to think, but it would make sense (Cavill can't become the hero if daddy is holdin his hand through the whole thing) big spoiler though

Richie G on Jan 30, 2012


looks boring

Dom on Jan 30, 2012


Same old one-handed shooting and every bullet hitting around a running person's feet. (Seriously, how do you expect to kill someone if you're shooting at their feet?) I thought we had progressed in movie action.

Blurb on Jan 30, 2012


Cavill`s gonna be the biggest thing since The wheel

Loser on Jan 30, 2012


hell yes john McClaine as a CIA agent and superman's dad? yeah i'll be seeing this one

Croniccris on Jan 31, 2012


That looks like a waste of time

Gossip Girl on Jan 31, 2012


The 300 remix, Sigourney Weaver, located in Europe –– Vantage Point trailer anyone? Excited.

Felix Naumann on Jan 31, 2012


Looks like some short quality moments with Sigourney Weaver.

Robert L. Tuva on Jan 31, 2012


Absolutely nothing original here. How many times do we need to see someone jump across an alley on roof tops, a passenger get sniped mid conversation, a big family secret revealed and about 7 other cliches?  Yaaawn....

JJ King on Jan 31, 2012


Alex, I had a lot of respect for you when you stood up for Die Hard With a Vengeance. But now I see that you just blow your load over every movie ever made.

Blurb on Jan 31, 2012


Loved it.. Action pack. Love Bruce and Henry and S.W she was awesome woman power I like.good luck to all. Lol

Kaycoville on Jan 31, 2012


Loved JCVD, will give this a chance first offering I see.

Johnny Neat on Jan 31, 2012


WOWOW.. like no way, Weaver as CIA agent type... OMG NO WAY... sigh... Hmm... is she going to offer to have the younger man live with her in the end of the movie AGAIN... sigh

Oh Not Again... on Jan 31, 2012


Was that Jack Bauer's voice on the phone?

The Reel Foto on Jan 31, 2012


It looks like a friggin b-movie right? I know this guy's superman and all but lets call it like it is.

Ryan on Feb 21, 2012

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