Watch: Jeremy Renner is a Terrible Avenger on 'Saturday Night Live'

November 19, 2012
Source: Hulu

The Avengers on SNL

Now that The Avengers has hit theaters and made it all the way to Blu-Ray and DVD shelves, the hype around the superhero ensemble has dulled down a bit. Of course, Iron Man 3 is the first installment in Phase Two of Marvel's cinematic universe and the first trailer for the sequel certainly riled fans up a bit. Now it's time to poke fun at The Avengers thanks to "Saturday Night Live," complete with Jeremy Renner (who served as host this past weekend) reprising his role as Hawkeye. However, this version of Hawkeye seems to be a little more inept than the film's character. The sketch is amusing, but very awkward.

Here's the "Saturday Night Live" sketch making of Hawkeye in The Avengers, via Hulu:

That's Jason Sudeikis as Iron Man, Taran Killam as Captain America (he actually fits the bill pretty well), Bill Hader as Thor, Kate McKinnon as Black Widow and Bobby Moynihan as Hulk. Honestly, I wish this sketch was a little bit better and Renner was more skilled at live sketch comedy, but he's mostly a serious actor. In fact, the entire episode of from this past weekend was more than a little awkward to endure. If you want to check out more of the sketches featuring Jeremy Renner on "Saturday Night Live," head over to Screen Rant for my recap and highlights of the late night sketch comedy show. Funny stuff?

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It was quite akward. Unfortunately Kate McKinnon nailed Scarlett Jo dead on....

scorsesefan on Nov 19, 2012


I'd watch this but... Hulu; what can you do?

Isildur_of_Numenor on Nov 19, 2012


Why does Hawkeye have sunglasses on?

Magill Foote on Nov 19, 2012


So you can't see his eyes as he reads that awful dialogue they scripted for him off the cue-card.

Thexn on Nov 19, 2012


exactly. Piss Poor Dialogue. SNL go away. You're done. You suck beyond suck.

ashley on Jan 14, 2013


Yeah, awkward describes this skit perfectly... I get what they were aiming for, but none of it played out right.

Brandon Carey on Nov 19, 2012


I don't understand how SNL is still on the air. I don't know anyone who watches it.

Matt Peloquin on Nov 19, 2012


That's a laugh track that's playing right? People can't seriously think this was hilarious.....Right?

Chris Amaya on Nov 19, 2012


That was painful to watch. I appreciate that they actually seemed to try and get the wardrobe and looks down, but I think Pinocchio as a puppet is a less wooden actor than these folks were.

Thexn on Nov 19, 2012


Holy Hell. Don't post shit like this.

Chazzy on Nov 19, 2012


Dear firstshowing...unless you consider yourselves an exclusively 'MERICAN website, you shouldn't post HULU videos...they are just as bad as yahoo videos...but WORSE!

kash on Nov 19, 2012


You have a great deal of readers /watchers in Canada where we do not get Hulu's feed. Alex please consider this.

Chris McDermid on Nov 19, 2012


And UK!

Guy who comments on things on Nov 20, 2012


Yeah, this fucking sucks. You suck Alex.....unless you fix this. Then you will stop sucking.....until the next probelm comes along

TheRagingCajun on Nov 20, 2012


That is why the great IT Lord invented the proxy. Quit your bitching.

Esperoni on Nov 20, 2012


STFU and quit bitching about our bitching....and share the damn proxy!

kash on Nov 20, 2012


Look, we care about our international readers, but Saturday Night Live is only legally available on Hulu or NBC, both of which restrict their videos to the United States. It's not our fault. We can't post YouTube versions the same way we do for trailers. If you really want to watch the video, you can find a pirated version yourself, but we will not make one available.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 20, 2012


duly noted ethan. Hulu still sucks though. just sayin'

kash on Nov 20, 2012


*press play*... Oh, I forgot the United States is apparently the only country with Internet. Hulu sucks!

castingcouch on Nov 19, 2012


Wait..are you saying there are other countries O.o ?

O.o on Nov 19, 2012


SNL just isnt funny anymore

THEBATMAN on Nov 19, 2012



Chris on Nov 24, 2012


Beat that dead horse til it's dead, bury it and dig it up again and beat it some more. SNL should have died in the 80's. Even if it was funny I couldn't view it anyway.

Carpola on Nov 20, 2012


Don't worry Carpola. It sucked and not one second of that skit was funny. I don't think even the best comedians on the planet could have saved it with what the writers gave them. Renner Rules!!!!

ashley on Jan 14, 2013


Renner is good indeed. I always used to love seeing the rare episodes from SNL that made it onto Scottish tv as a kid, but sometimes it's good to let things go.

Carpola on Jan 14, 2013


You also have readers other side of the planet(India) and HULU sucks there also.. so please prefer youtube, thank you

Indian on Nov 20, 2012


See my response to the first comment at the top. This is not our problem.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 20, 2012


not to mention billions of people from europe which cannot watch this vid

germanscantwatchvideo on Nov 20, 2012


some would say it was ,....... dare i say it. hawkward . o i crack myself up

steve on Nov 20, 2012


SNL rly has taken a downturn this season. It's not the actors either.

avconsumer2 on Nov 20, 2012


That was terrible!!!

Christopher Spear on Nov 20, 2012


They ALL stunk

Jeann on Nov 28, 2012


maybe this is just because im a fan of renner but i think every snl is awkward. both the guest and the main actors. 9 time out of 10 it is unfunny.

Jennifer Johnson on Dec 6, 2012


Man is SNL bad. Bad bad bad.

UnNews on Dec 7, 2012


I still watch SNL a bit. It was great in the 00 and the 90. Tina fey, conan obrian, loiue CK were writers in those eras. Amy pouler, freakin Will Farell, the Mia chick who was also a writer and a great sketch comedian. Jimmy fallon. Its totally your loss if you dont watch snl 90-2010

Mathmatics on Dec 29, 2012


First off, whoever wrote the script is the one who really sucks. I'm sure Jeremy did the best he could considering. He knew the skit wasn't funny at all. No one can make SNL funny any more. The only skits that are good are the cartoons and that is it. When will Saturday Night live finally go off the air? The whole show is torture for whoever still watches it. Jeremy Renner rules!!!!!

ashley on Jan 14, 2013

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