Watch: More John McClane in New 'A Good Day to Die Hard' Trailer

October 25, 2012
Source: Apple

A Good Day to Die Hard

"Dad, just try not to make an even bigger mess of things." It looks like we can confirm that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is definitely back in a small role for A Good Day to Die Hard as she opens up this new trailer that is completely different from the first teaser trailer released a little while back, but still makes good use of Ode to Joy. This is still mostly a teaser trailer as there's just a bunch of snips of action with no discernible plot yet. It looks like this one might not be as grounded as the original Die Hard, but there's the promise of some good stuff. There's some great father-son banter between Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney, which might rival the fun Willis had with Sam Jackson in Die Hard with a Vengeance. Watch!

Here's the second trailer for John Moore's A Good Day to Die Hard, in high def from Apple:

A Good Day to Die Hard is the fifth installment in the long running Die Hard franchise following Bruce Willis as Detective John McClane. John Moore (Max Payne, Behind Enemy Lines) directs the sequel written by Skip Woods (The A-Team, X-Men Origins: Wolverine). This time McClane finds himself in Russia where nothing is as it seems and he must team up with his estranged son (Jai Courtney) in order to stay alive in Moscow and keep the world safe for democracy. Cole Hauser, Sebastian Koch, Yulia Snigir and more star in the film which will hit theaters for an explosive Valentine's Day on February 14th, 2013. Excited now?

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Meh...first one is the best one.

Xerxexx on Oct 25, 2012


They just keep coming...

Carpola on Oct 26, 2012


High Quality good dumb fun.

cinemabandit on Oct 25, 2012


Wow, thats a good damn trailer !!! Only 1.35 and to the point

Tester on Oct 25, 2012


The very fact that it was written by the same guy who did X-men origins: wolverine means that it will be garbage. Sorry, not interested anymore.

ion677 on Oct 25, 2012


Ive said this before I will say it again, " John Moore (Max Payne, Behind Enemy Lines) directs the sequel" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Cody W on Oct 25, 2012


it's not John Moore though,...

sedna on Oct 25, 2012



Cody W on Oct 25, 2012


it IS John Moore, though.......scroll up and read the last paragraph of the article. or google it.

Rusty Shackelford on Oct 28, 2012


And begin the whining!

Jimmy Love on Oct 25, 2012


This looks like GARBAGE! Pass.

SpielbergForRetirement on Oct 25, 2012


A hot and dynamic action by talented director :John Moore.he has a great visual

Bob on Oct 26, 2012


I love Die Hard so much. I want this to be fucking awesome! But after that last one, I just can't muster up any excitement, only skepticism. Damn your eyes Live Free or Die Hard!!!

grimjob on Oct 26, 2012


Oh for crap's sake! What a bunch of elitist! It looks like freakin awesome fun so just enjoy it.

LightningB on Oct 26, 2012


Right after that woman unzipped her outfit instead of saying DIE HARD it should've said GET HARD LOL That could actually make a funny spoof title.

Yug on Oct 27, 2012


Yaaaaaaaawn!!!!! Let's just make another sequel or remake a film that doesn't need a remake. Another Die Hard? We don't need another one!

Brandon on Oct 28, 2012


Someone has to bury John McClane and wake up to the realization that geriatric action stars were ONLY OK in RED. Now, this is getting SO OLD we have the SON of McCLANE??? WTF??? Are we going to start to see them take over this dead franchise? C'mon HOLLYWOOD - time for some NEW IDEAS....

dwp4you on Oct 29, 2012


Love Willis, hate never ending sequels but it don't look bad. Stupid fun, I feel like its part of the Pokemon theme song, the original one, gotta watch em all. I'd be a bit upset if I skipped this and another came out that looked really good,long shot I know. I never saw any die hards in theaters so I won't start now

Barbara Ruiz on Oct 30, 2012

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