Watch: 'Total Recall' Featurette Highlights Impressive Hover Car Chase

August 1, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Total Recall Hover Car Featurette

The release of the remake of Total Recall is upon us, and while some fans of the original Paul Verhoeven film are a bit upset that we're not getting our ass to Mars with Colin Farrell, the film is still set in a pretty sleek future. Along with that future comes some cool hover cars, and great behind the scenes footage of practical hover cars on movable chassis for some of the big chase scenes. I actually wasn't aware that there was a lot of practical shooting done for these sequences, and once you see how fast these hover cars are zooming around and "beating the living bajeezus out of each other." Seriously, this is a really cool featurette.

Here's the cool hover cars featurette for Len Wiseman's Total Recall from Yahoo:

Len Wiseman (Underworld, Live Free or Die Hard), is directing this Total Recall remake from a script by James Vanderbilt, Kurt Wimmer & Mark Bomback that is said to be more true to Philip K. Dick's original short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. The new story involves nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai, with Doug Quaid (Colin Farrell) a factory worker in the latter who begins to believe he's a spy, although he doesn’t know for which side. Bryan Cranston, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel & John Cho also star in the film, arriving in theaters on August 3rd this summer. Visit the Rekall website, too. Are you in?

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PERRRNAAAA PERRNAAA PERRRNNNN PERNNNNN TUURNNNNTT TUURRRNNTTT Enough with the over the top noises that is now considered a score.

Abel Villa on Aug 1, 2012


That's the turkey dubstep man. It's explained below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7ohJ-bN4X8

Carpola on Aug 1, 2012


Thanks for putting spoilers on the front focking page of google you focks.

john on Aug 1, 2012


Um, spoilers? What spoilers?

Ethan Anderton on Aug 1, 2012


There are no spoilers in this at all... and the front page of Google, what? Not sure what you're even referring to.

Alex Billington on Aug 1, 2012


That looks pretty good. Gonna give a go. Not much hype but maybe its not that bad...

buzzfunk on Aug 1, 2012



dom on Aug 1, 2012


everytime i see yahoo videos "oh crap"....everytime. now i have to go to youtube and hope i find this.

Jake Kash on Aug 1, 2012


The acting in this version makes Arnold Schwarzenegger seem like Laurence Olivier.

rennmaxbeta on Aug 1, 2012


This scene is so much cooler now that I know they used actual cars.

Lamar on Aug 4, 2012

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