Watch: Newish 60-Second Trailer for Josh Trank's 'Chronicle' Arrives

January 4, 2012
Source: IGN

Chronicle New Trailer

"There's nothing stopping us." One of my most anticipated movies coming up the first half of this year is Josh Trank & Max Landis' Chronicle, the found-footage superpowers film that gained everyone's attention with a rather kick ass first teaser trailer. The new trailer comes from IGN (via STYD) and is indeed only 60-seconds, as it seems like just a tease of the same footage (with a little bit more) to remind everyone of the film, since there's a preview event going on tomorrow (that I'm invited to). I think they're hiding a lot from it, but it still looks awesome, and I'll definitely keep you guys updated. In the meantime, here's a reminder.

Watch the new 60-second trailer for Josh Trank & Max Landis' Chronicle, originally via IGN:

Three high school student friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives begin to spin out of control and their bonds tested as they embrace their darker sides.

Chronicle is directed by first-time feature filmmaker Josh Trank, of a few episodes of "The Kill Point" TV series. The project was conceived by Trank and Max Landis, son of filmmaker John Landis, both credited for the story, but only Max for the screenplay. 20th Century Fox produced and is releasing Chronicle in theaters everywhere on February 3rd, 2012 early next year. What are you capable of? Watch the first trailer here.

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pj13. =(

Panda on Jan 4, 2012


But looks fucking Awesome!!!!

Panda on Jan 4, 2012


So I'm pretty sure this is what happens when 'bros' get superpowers. "Yo bra! Imma lift this car" "Cool bra! That's tight! Imma telekinetic this sucka right here cause he ain't us yo!" Pretty sure that's the premise.

LW on Jan 4, 2012


teddy bear says stay in school

Imthinking.tyler on Jan 4, 2012


same trailer but cut shorter lol o_O

Daniel Vu Tran on Jan 5, 2012


Movie looks like It could have potential but does anyone else think that the posters for this have been horrible?  I understand the posters from seeing the trailer but I can imagine people being confused if they were to view them at a glance.

Anthony Lopez on Jan 5, 2012


I agree completely...terrible photoshop job

Danimal on Jan 5, 2012


This will be the cloverfield of 2012...that's a good thing.

msuhu on Jan 5, 2012



esophus on Jan 5, 2012


Has nothing to do with Akira... at ALL! This is about kids who gain superpowers from some mysterious thing that crashes to Earth, and use those superpowers for bad as they start to improve. Three kids get this, not one of them who has been the chosen one for years. Making a simple Akira comparison like that is like comparing this to Clueless just because it's about kids in high school. Come on!

Alex Billington on Jan 5, 2012


Not fair. Simply stating "Akira?" is lame yes, but there is a comparison in the 'one kid with powers goes bad' in both films. Yes I know the story in Akira is 10x more complex but with this coming out well before Akira will ever see the light of day comparisons will be inevitable. A better comparison for this would be The Covenant

Anonymous on Jan 5, 2012


I'll watch it.

Crapola on Jan 5, 2012


Alex, You and Peter Sciretta should do a video blog together after the advanced screening of CHRONICLE. Like to hear your reactions.

Corpse Bride on Jan 5, 2012


One word: "Misfits."

DAVIDPD on Jan 5, 2012


this looks like so much fun and that ending scene looks epic, i cant wait.

Zade on Jan 5, 2012


The script is amazing. You guys are in for a treat.

Dan Gaud on Jan 5, 2012


Looks like an American remake of AKIRA - without the Japs.

Hggfd on Jan 5, 2012


sorry i know this is the wrong place to post this but i need help. i'm trying to remember the name of a movie you guys talked about from a few years ago. it was french i believe with this hott female detective and it had a trailer to it as well. the character was a mix i guess between indiana jones and lara croft. all i remember was her fighting a dragon looking thing and a museum scene. please if any of you remember the name please let me know.

Kenshin2811 on Jan 5, 2012


Adèle Blanc-Sec

Dan Gaud on Jan 5, 2012


thanks Dan

Kenshin2811 on Jan 5, 2012


Sorry, I'm not jumping on the bandwagon with you all. This looks crap. And I am sick and tired of found footage films, it was interesting when Blair Witch did it, it was again ok when the first paranormal activity did it. But its getting to the point that its just getting extreemly annnoying. The conversation between the people who made this film..  "What's totally in right now?" "Well superhero movies are at there prime, and there's this one show in the UK called 'Misfits' about teenagers who aquire powers, but it's done in a laid back, funny way." "Alright, what else?" "hmm we want to make it scary aswell, what's TOTALLY IN RIGHT NOW?" "Rec, Apollo 18 paranormal etc do this found footage thing that's getting attention" "CHA CHING!!" "CHA CHING!!"

David Carlin on Jan 6, 2012


this is DITTO copy of THE COVENANT... same scene with "girls wearing what colour panties" stuff... COME ON

Sarah on Jan 18, 2012

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