Watch: Official Trailer for '4:44 Last Day on Earth' with Willem Dafoe

February 22, 2012
Source: IMDb

4:44 Last Day on Earth Trailer

"At 4:44AM tomorrow morning, there will be no survivors. The world will end." IFC Films has debuted an official trailer on IMDb (found via TheMovieBox) for Abel Ferrara's 4:44 Last Day on Earth, essentially Ferrara's crazy Southern take on the last days before the end of the world. Willem Dafoe stars with Paz de la Huerta as two of the characters in this near-apocalyptic film described literally as "a look at what would happen if everyone knew the world was ending." I'm not really sure I'm into this take on that histeria, but I do love savage Dafoe and I do want to see what craziness it tries to address. Give this a shot anyway.

Watch the first official trailer for Abel Ferrara's 4:44 Last Day on Earth, from YouTube via IMDb:

A look at what would happen if everyone knew the world was ending. The ensemble cast includes Dafoe, Paz de la Huerta, Natasha Lyonne, Shanyn Leigh, Paul Hipp, Thomas Michael Sullivan and Anthony Perullo.

4:44 Last Day on Earth is both written and directed by Bronx-born auteur Abel Ferrara, of numeorus films including Fear City, Cat Chaser, King of New York, Bad Lieutenant, Body Snatchers, Dangerous Game, The Blackout, Chelsea on the Rocks and Mulberry St. most recently. It was made independently and premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year. IFC Films is distributing, and has 4:44 Last Day on Earth set for a limited release on March 23rd, well before the supposed apocalypse is supposed to hit. Thoughts?

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Looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, I am way more interested in the concept than the film. I'd also enjoy a television show about that topic much more than a movie, especially one with a very special main character, like Dafoe's one seems, cannot support a full analysis of the concept. But anyway, looks cool. Will see it.

reeft on Feb 22, 2012


 The movie looks a lot like the film "Last Night" (1998)

matt on Feb 22, 2012


Seems decent enough, I guess. May need a second trailer to persuade me more.

Adrian Mckinnie on Feb 22, 2012


While we've been inundated with End of the World films for the last several months(year?), this looks like a pretty good standout. Doesn't look quite as, pardon the play on word, Melodramatic as Melancholia(which I greatly enjoyed). And generally anything with Willem DaFoe in it is a win, in my opinion. I look forward to seeing more of this in the coming couple months. 

Scotty97 on Feb 22, 2012


Remember when Hurricane Katrina happened? It wasn't the end of the world but it was a similar idea. Well during that horrendous part of American history grown men had sex with babies. Imagine if it really was the end of the world? Well it would be worse than that. The worlds been ending since time began, who cares.

Crapola on Feb 22, 2012


 I have always considered myself well-informed, but WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

tommyturner on Feb 22, 2012


When dudes started raping babies in the aftermath of the floods. It was on tv, I think it was Fox News.

Crapola on Feb 22, 2012


I think there was an interview with a woman who said 'They raping babies, they raping babies'. I'm just saying, human beings are messed up, I mostly think if the world was coming to an end, it would boil down to sex or violence or possibly a bit of both.

Crapola on Feb 22, 2012


so true

Crapola on Feb 23, 2012


Except that they didn't.

FOXNewsLOL on Feb 27, 2012


The original Bad Lieutenant was like getting punched in the stomach, will check this out.

Loser on Feb 23, 2012


What the? That looks super depressing. I'm going to bring a bottle of wine into the bathtub and think about all the reasons why I shouldn't see this movie. I'm not saying it doesn't look interesting, but Holy...

Quanah on Feb 23, 2012


A lot of youtube footage there - hate it when filmmakers do that. 

Me on Feb 23, 2012


Anybody know the song(s) used in this trailer? Sounds like there might be two different tunes, but I could be wrong.

Delvis Crasho on Feb 23, 2012


I'm so fucking there.

Johnny Neat on Feb 23, 2012


P.s. Does anyone know what the world will end from?

Johnny Neat on Feb 23, 2012


It's Aids I think

Crapola on Feb 23, 2012


One shot of the sky. I'm assuming a meteor strike. Really, how else can you get an exact time. Is that US Eastern by the way?

ccoltmanm on Feb 23, 2012


Looks stupid. Where is the "hysteria" coming from? Shows him standing around and having sex three times. Is that what the end of world is about? Sex?

Blurb on Feb 23, 2012


It's 2012 folks! End of the world as far as the Mayan's were concerned. Course,  their world ended alot sooner than that.... Bummer... Fuck'it they also say, " In the afterlife you don't have to find work!" 🙂

Gigerbrick on Feb 23, 2012


4:44... And what time zone would that be?

Max Renn on Feb 24, 2012


"For a few seconds, this place was armageddon... THERE WAS A FIRE FIGHT!"

K1ng on Feb 24, 2012

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