Watch: Official Trailer for 'Bully' Doc As Petition Heads to the MPAA

March 6, 2012
Source: Apple

Bully Documentary Official Trailer

If you haven't heard, the documentary Bully has been in the news quite a bit, battling an R-rating from the MPAA (for "some language"), as it should be PG-13, so that kids all over can see it and be educated by it as well. We have yet to feature the trailer, but Apple released the high def version of Lee Hirsch's Bully, and it comes at a perfect time as a petition with over 200,000 signatures is about to be hand delivered (26K pages) to the MPAA. The Wrap reports that Katy Butler, a 17-year-old girl from Michigan, is coming to LA to present her petition on Wednesday. Let's hope it makes a difference, as this looks like an extraordinary film.

Watch the official theatrical trailer for Lee Hirsch's The Bully Project, in high def from Apple:

Directed by Sundance and Emmy-award winning filmmaker Lee Hirsch ("NextWorld"), The Bully Project, now just known as Bully, follows five kids and families over the course of a school year. With an intimate glimpse into homes, classrooms, cafeterias and principals offices, the film offers insight into the often cruel world of the lives of bullied children. As teachers, administrators, kids and parents struggle to find answers, Bully examines the dire consequences of bullying through the testimony of strong and courageous youth. Through the power of their stories, the film aims to be a catalyst for change in the way we deal with bullying as parents, teachers, children and society as a whole. For release info and more, visit their official website.

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Personally, and feel free to disagree, I think if you were the sort've normal kid, bullying is worse.  Why? Because when you're bullied as a normal kid, you simply pass it down to the kid weaker then you are.  That weaker kid? No one to pass it down it.  The spread sort of just stops at him or her and stays there throughout the rest of their school years.  Meanwhile, the normal kid in this case climbs above it and over time the bully in him either disappears and is forgotten or activates their asshole-gene for the rest of their life.  Also, bullying that spreads into the "regular" students turns them into a mob and the true source/bully sort of goes missing when it's "trip to the principal" time.    So I guess what I'm saying is there's a chain-reaction that happens sometimes that we may not be aware of and the true bullies can disappear like ghosts.   

Winston Lew on Mar 6, 2012


Maybe they should do a documentary on the US, World Bank and IMF bullying policies first. Then it will trickle down. The whole system is built on bullying, that's how you become a world power.

Guest on Mar 6, 2012


That has really nothing to do with this all.

Xerxexx on Mar 6, 2012


Looks like someone is pumped for SUPER TUESDAY! Get on your elephant hat!

Jay on Mar 6, 2012


Fuck the MPAA. Kids need to see stuff like this.

M.K. Nielsen on Mar 6, 2012


There should be no issue with the rating of this. Rate it "E" for everyone, there should be no concern with the box office numbers the film makes, its has to be more than money and politics and I really wanna believe that the film makers and producers went into this with the intention of making a film that indeed makes a difference.

Xerxexx on Mar 6, 2012


Hear, hear!  

Ron on Mar 6, 2012


Bullying is pretty much how society runs. There used to be a guy round my way that was a kind of bully, he was much older than me and my friends, I remember one day he got me to help him with his paper round, from speaking with him, I worked out he was very lonely. I actually got on okay with him. Later he went to jail for attempted murder and now he is in jail, he's killed two people in prison and will never get out. Remember not so long ago, being a bully was something that was rewarded, it sort of still is. A good fantasy film about Bullying is 'Dead Mans Shoes', possibly, my favourite film ever, why is it a fantasy? Because in real life the bullies thrive and are respected, they definitely never get folded up in suitcases by ex-special forces soldiers with a screw loose.

Crapola on Mar 6, 2012


Kids today are so soft. I was bullied in Jr. High (97-99) and I stood up for myself. I made changes and even became friends with some of my tormenters. Parents today just dont know how to talk/raise their kids and expect government or school administration to do it for them... Im not unsympathetic to those who are bullied but life is hard and if you cant preserver some stupid kids then what hope is their for you when you experience bullying in the real world by other adults who are defiantly more ruthless.

happy camper on Mar 6, 2012


 Well when the entire school is constantly pushing someone around then it no longer matters if you are tough as nails or a softy McSoftsalot. Constant abuse leads to two eventual outcomes...Suicide or Mass Shooting. Boys are violent girls are vile. Boys physically abuse, Girls mentally assassinate. Bullies of all sizes need to be delt with swiftly.

Xerxexx on Mar 6, 2012


Dear happy camper, this attitude is such a load of fucking bullshit. Not only do you manage to fit in the 'back in my day' cliche, you go for the 'parents these days' as well! It's great to see that you don't actually have any relevant or original points to make, and just take a leaf out of the playbook of every retarded fox news presenter. Kudos, douchebag. 

Lebowski on Mar 6, 2012


 He's right. If kids weren't such pussies, and stood up for themselves, they wouldn't get picked on. Just once is all it takes. I think most of it stems from these kids being raised by their mothers. No way can a woman teach a kid to properly take up for themselves. It's not the kids fault, really.. I guess they can't help it. My dad didn't take shit off anybody when he was in school (he's 65 now), neither did I (I'm 41), and neither does my son (17). Know what we all have in common? Steady parental guidence from our fathers...

Bl00dwerK on Mar 7, 2012


 1 against a school of 800+ it doesn't matter if you were raised by a Father that said "Stand up and don't take any shit" When an entire school is bullying you and constantly putting you down you eventually choose one of two options. I was never bullied in school due to being raised the same way you were, but bullying was never as bad as it is now. 

Xerxexx on Mar 7, 2012


This is exactly what I was talking about before.  If your the normal kid who gets bullied, there's really not too much lasting effect on you.  However, like it or not, unbeknownst to you, the bully is passed on to the next weaker link.  Then, from that weaker link to a even weaker link.  Once the "bullying spread" finds a target it won't pass down from... then that's where the trouble begins. And this is in regards to any school in any era.

Winston Lew on Mar 7, 2012


Well guess what, Bloodwork, you are an old man, and wherever you went to school is totally different to what kids experience these days. Shit, i finished high school in 2001, and even then it was different. With the internet, with phones, this shit is never ending, and if you think anything you experienced at school is similar you are wrong.  That being said, I totally agree that steady parental guidance is necessary. However, it's not that simple these days. Single parents or people who have to work a lot (ie everyone) can have trouble keeping up with their kids, especially when so much of this stuff is conducted online. 

Lebowski on Mar 7, 2012


Just bleep out enough of the bad language.I realize this is a documentary and there is swearing in real life,but i agree this is a movie that children of all ages will need to see. 

Ian White on Mar 6, 2012


Honestly, the film being great or not, important or not, or meaningful or not, has nothing to do with the rating. So it interferes with mass field trips to the movie theater, does Harvey care because he's losing the battle with bullies or because hes losing money?  Look, it got its rating because of cursing. I've heard a million times that language isn't that bad, this is not the point. The point is the film is not being treated unfairly by its rating, language on the level im guessing is in the film always constitutes this rating. In fact, giving this film more lenience just for having a message would actually be unfair.  

Al on Mar 6, 2012


Check out this great blog piece about the subject at filmcycle dot wordpress dot com

Raymond Woods on Mar 7, 2012


Something inside says "don't bother to post"; but this is worth a try: From what I have read I can clearly see that some of you posters are bullies (former bullies  -and reformed bullies). I am a woman, mid 40's who was bullied for many years in school. I was different -- geeky (we used to call it smart), beautiful and had an active imagination. If I had not been bullied and feared going to school I would have excelled in everything I did at the time. What my tormenters did not know was that I was being abused at home (which is true of many "different" kids) and I had no outlet for my emotions and no way to socially adapt. Children feel things on an internal level and they all knew something was wrong at my core. To make a long story short I finally left my home at seventeen and went to college (getting early acceptance) and blossomed with the help of therapy and kind friends and a family of choice. I am an IT Director and web developer for a fairly big company, too. I am often called a genius. My husband calls me gorgeous. I have a little girl just like me. It will be over my dead body that anyone ever bullies her in any way ever. I will defend her to my own detriment. Because she matters. And so do all of you (because you teach me)-- and your opinions; and your right to have them. Namaste.

Judi on Mar 7, 2012


Our students were allowed to watch a crime documentary about black men in the prison system (low income, minority school) because they got enough parent OK's before hand.  It was hard R and they learned a lot from it.  This is no different.  Screw the MPAA, yes, but there are ways around the bullshit too.

McWetty on Mar 7, 2012


It is sickeningly amazing how stubbornly blind administrators and helicopter parents can be when it comes to this shit. I wish this movie existed when I was going through this shit. 

Revspecv on Mar 7, 2012


Its sad that bullying is so perverse.  I was taught and I taught my son that the way you deal with a bully is to fight back! You're outnumbered or he is bigger than you, pick up a brick, stick or whatever you can get your hands on and smash the one with the biggest mouth, or the ring leader.  Bullies are cowards and when you stand up to one the bullying will stop!!

Seldomseen635 on Mar 13, 2012


seldomseen is right, I was bullied in school, it hurt like hell to be picked on because I was smaller and not as athletic, but I turned the hose on these guys, grafted the bully's heads onto gay porn star bodies and posted them, watched some of these a'holes and if they spoke to a random girl, got a picture of it and sent it to their girlfriend. Reeking havoc in their lives distracted them and the bullying stopped from that particular guy and if another one picked on me or touched me. The fun began all over again. It was easy to find out if they got a new car or where they lived. I just wanted to be left alone and instead of standing up to them, I have a low threshold for pain, just gave it back to them in creative and humiliating ways. So instead of crying in the corner wondering why are they are picking on me, I used my hurt creatively.  

Algar on Mar 14, 2012

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