Watch: Olivia Munn in Broken Lizard's 'Babymakers' Official Trailer

June 1, 2012
Source: Apple


Late last year a promo trailer surfaced for the new comedy from Broken Lizard called Babymakers from troupe member and director Jay Chandrasekhar, but the video was quickly taken down. Now the official trailer has arrived with Olivia Munn ("Perfect Couples")and Paul Schneider ("Parks & Recreation") playing Audrey and Tommy, a couple unable to conceive a child with Tommy shooting blanks in the bedroom. So obviously, the best plan of attack is to have Tommy's friends rob a sperm bank where he made a deposit years ago in order to make things right. Does hilarity ensue? See for yourself by watching below.

Here's the first trailer for Jay Chandrasekhar Babymakers in HD from Apple:

The Babymakers is directed by Broken Lizard filmmaker Jay Chandrasekhar, who directed the films Puddle Cruiser, Super Troopers, Club Dread, The Dukes of Hazzard and Beerfest previously. The screenplay was co-written by Peter Gaulke (of "SNL" work) & Gerry Swallow (both of Say It Isn't So, Black Knight, Ice Age: The Meltdown previously). Millennium Entertainment sends the film to theaters on August 3rd. Anyone?

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Double baco sperm burger. It's for a COP.

Chris Amaya on Jun 1, 2012


Can't stand Olivia Munn. She's so annoying.

Dresden King on Jun 1, 2012


ditto, i personally liked her more when she was on Attack of the Show..

Jericho on Jun 1, 2012


you must never have seen sarah lane on AofS - if you did, you wouldn't have liked OM at all.

beevis on Jun 1, 2012


that's exactly the case, Direct TV removed G4 on Olivia's last day....

Jericho on Jun 1, 2012


Sarah Lane, was so awesome. Real geek, Real hot, and Real funny. Even Alison Haislip was better. I miss THE SCREEN SAVERS. OG-O-O-O-G.

DAVIDPD on Jun 1, 2012


absolutely! sarah has brains, beauty and is funny too.

beevis on Jun 1, 2012


 Yeah,she's so hot it's annoying.

bangbang on Jun 1, 2012


uh, no.......i don't find her attractive - but, even if you do, she's annoying for other reasons -she's not funny, she's as intelligent as a turnip, no talent as an actress......

beevis on Jun 1, 2012


me neither! i don't understand her appeal at all! but yeah, i did like her better on atos.  oh paul schneider, why? mark brendanowicz? more like mark brendanoquits. parks and rec, anyone?

fem!anon on Jun 1, 2012


Super annoying. Its because a) shes not funny b) shes not a good actress Plain and simple. Hot? sure. But who cares really? 

Buzzfunk on Jun 1, 2012


 hey, give the girl a chance.

geeksqueak on Jun 1, 2012


THANKYOU!......i couldn't agree more......not to mention, she's an idiot, as well.

beevis on Jun 1, 2012


Hmmm. I love Broken Lizard, but this looks like it might be kind of generic and formulaic. Needs a red band trailer. Good to see these guys back though. At least the few that were shown.

grimjob on Jun 1, 2012


This looks like it has potential. It seems like all Broken Lizard movies sneak up on me and I end up watching them a million times. I'll see it.

hercules on Jun 1, 2012


Finally a Paul Schneider movie! 

larsbrother on Jun 1, 2012



noob on Jun 1, 2012


Heard this was hilarious! Can't wait to see it!

Jeffery on Jun 1, 2012


nice to see these guys back on track.

Hungdaddy on Jun 1, 2012


looks hilarious.... like super troopers meets ocean 11 [the good one]. plus... you can't go wrong with Paul Schneider.

geeksqueak on Jun 1, 2012


great concept. and who doesn't love the classic group of fuck-ups on a mission? two tickets please.

Lou on Jun 1, 2012


I like em and will be watching. 

Crapola on Jun 1, 2012


I wish Broken Lizard gave a real comedian a chance on this one, Olivia Munn is not that hot, is not a good actress, and is a total fraud when it comes to her "geeky" persona. I will see this for the Broken Lizard comedy, maybe Miss Munn will surprise me.

DAVIDPD on Jun 1, 2012


no way - other  than PS,  i hate the cast and the trailer doesn't impress me at all.

beevis on Jun 1, 2012


Broken Lizard movies are extremely hit or miss for me. They either really make me laugh or have me fear that my IQ might drop by 10 points for every minute watched. As for Olivia Munn, I was never really a fan of hers and don't think she brings anything special to the table. I didn't care much for her on AotS nor do I now. Then again, I tend to find most AotS girls pretty annoying. It seems they're being picked depending on screechiness of their voices.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 1, 2012



Ehsan Davodi on Jun 1, 2012


Nerds really hate Olivia Munn, don't they? I'd hit that shit like a caveman...

Bl00dwerK on Jun 1, 2012


Suuuuper into Paul Schneider back on the big screen, this time in a leading role! I will definitely go see this movie! 

Swami Face on Jun 1, 2012


I think we're missing the most important thing here. Avon Barksdale is in this movie!!!!

Anthony Bertalotto on Jun 1, 2012


HA! barksdale is in it?

Havehope on Jun 3, 2012


Olivia Munn is annoying as hell!

Nielsen700 on Jun 2, 2012


Olivia Munn is just another celebrity attention whore. Broken Lizard movies are as unfunny as a Dane Cook stand-up. Next!

Pringles on Jun 2, 2012


On the bright side, it's not Leslie Mann.

Max Renn on Jun 3, 2012


I fucking hate Olivia Munn.

Nem on Jun 4, 2012


The jokes feel like they are missing punch lines.

BobbyBrown on Jun 4, 2012


I mean, she's hot, let's face it. She's going to be funny. It'll be like the glory days of AoTS

Johnny on Jun 5, 2012


It's been too long since a decent release from Broken Lizard. Beerfest was hilarious. This looks pretty funny. The red band trailer was better. 

JudgeHolden on Jun 5, 2012


uh, super troopers was hilarious, and the slammin salmon was pretty funny. i have medium high hopes.

pants on Jul 5, 2012

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