Watch: Olivia Wilde & Eric Bana in First Trailer for 'Deadfall' Thriller

August 10, 2012
Source: Hulu


Director Stefan Ruzowitzkymade quite a splash in the US when his film The Counterfeiters got a lot of buzz around awards season back in 2007. Now the filmmaker is back with a Hollywood film in the form of Deadfall starring Olivia Wilde and Eric Bana as a brother and sister on the run from a casino robbery gone terribly wrong. When a car accident leaves their wheel man and a state trooper dead, they split up and make a run for the Canadian border in the worst of circumstances a near whiteout blizzard. But it looks like Bana gets pissed when Wilde decides to shack up with a local and all hell breaks loose. Watch right below!

Here's the first trailer for Stefan Ruzowitzky's Deadfall, exclusively from Hulu:

Siblings Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde) are on the run from a casino heist gone wrong. While Addison heads cross-country, creating mayhem in his wake, Liza is picked up by ex-boxer Jay (Charlie Hunnam), en-route for a Thanksgiving homecoming with his parents, June (Sissy Spacek) and retired sheriff Chet (Kris Kristofferson). But a terse and thrilling showdown is in store that pushes the bonds of family to the limit. Stefan Ruzowitzky (The Counterfeiters) directs the film arriving December 7th. Good?

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Big mistake making them siblings (unless it's an incestuous relationship). I would guess that a few steamy sex scenes between Bana and Wilde would draw legions of young folk to the theaters. Hopefully this has a lot of twists and turns you don't see coming. Bana's character seems like he is a pure psychopath from the trailer, but I'm guessing that there's more to him than that. Is this getting a wide release on December 7th? What I read elsewhere suggests that it is limited release. I can't imagine it would do much business coming out a week before The Hobbit and Les Mis.

racquetman on Aug 10, 2012


I think I might go to see Olivia Wilde get felt up by Jax.. I mean Charlie Hunnam...

Dominic Simpson on Aug 15, 2012


This story seems familiar to me, have I seen it before/read it? And the trailer drops out suddenly at the 1min 45sec mark

David Banner on Aug 10, 2012


Your first sentence is funny to me. You could say those words after 99 out of 100 movies released these days. The trailer drop out was annoying and stupid, but you could hit "continue" or something like that to see the rest of it.

racquetman on Aug 10, 2012


Booooooooo boring overdone stupid looking movie. It's like Transsiberian meets Killer Joe. Don't care to see it

poo on Aug 10, 2012


This comment just made me bust out laughing.

Kwaz on Aug 10, 2012


Hulu trailers always disappoint. Mainly because I can't watch them

Carpola on Aug 10, 2012


olivia wilde must be a great performer on the casting couch -because she's a HORRIBLE actress.

beevis on Aug 10, 2012


I think it has less to do with the casting couch and more to do with her ridiculous hotness.

Cody W on Aug 10, 2012


i think the 2 go hand in hand as to how she gets parts in movies.

beevis on Aug 10, 2012


PLEASE ... don't support this movie and any that the studios do to damage our prized theatrical experience... Not know what I am talking about??? Magnolia is releasing this movie On Demand (VOD) November 1st and THEN to the theatres December 7th. If we allow the studios to do this, by supporting this type of distribution model, we will kill off the movie theatres slowly, but surely. Many of the smaller theatre groups are just trying to make ends meet with the major costs of Digital Cinema equipment. Our studio friends have tested this model a couple times and the theatre owners have stated that they will not support pictures that break the current model protecting our theatre going experience... but now it is time for us movie goers to also make it known that the best place to watch a movie(the day it is released) is in a movie theatre... Sorry for the Rant, but was floored with I saw that VOD date on Magnolia's site for Deadfall

PopcornLover on Aug 10, 2012


I'm sorry but I have to disagree. VOD, in my opinion, is the way to watch movies that you won't see with anyone else, or wouldn't take the time to go because you don't see it as worthwhile. Most of the time, I'll watch movies that look just average, but since it's on my laptop, and I could get it in mere seconds for 7 bucks or so, I'll do it. Now you say thats a bad thing? Giving money to the people that make movies in order for them to make more is a bad thing? How the hell could that every be bad?

rjcroft on Aug 11, 2012


Thank you for the response.. and I have to agree with you for the most part, VOD is awesome in its CURRENT model of 9-12 1/2 weeks after the theatrical release... BUT the point is that no MAJOR studio should release a prime release to VOD BEFORE its theatrical release... I use Hulu, Vudu, etc... and am well used to paying $3-$7 for a picture depending on quality and service being used. However, if you wanted this "1st Run" VOD service, you are looking at "Pay Per View" pricing of $20-$35 USD. I cringe at the thought of any one having their first introduction to Bane in TDKR on a small laptop screen or their mediocre home theatre setup. Cause lord knows that would not affect your local cinema owner in trying to ofer you the best experience possible. How the hell could that ever be bad?

PopcornLover on Aug 11, 2012

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