Watch: Summit Unleashes a Ridiculous 'Step Up Revolution' Trailer

March 29, 2012
Source: Clevver

Step Up Revolution Trailer

"It's time for protest art!" Another one? Indeed. This time Summit has taken over and instead of calling it Step Up 4 3D x10, it's just called Step Up Revolution, directed by Scott Speer, of "The LXD" previously. The trailer has just premiered online via ClevverTV and it's two-and-a-half minutes packed full of dancing ridiculousness, from floating cars to painted museum art come-to-life to office building dance offs to giant trash robots to dancing policemen. Yea, it's exciting. The obviously beautiful-looking cast this time includes Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman, Stephen Boss, Chadd Smith and Megan Boone. Have fun!

Watch the first official trailer for Scott Speer's Step Up Revolution, in high def on YouTube:

"It's more than a step, it's a revolution!" Emily (Kathryn McCormick) arrives in Miami with aspirations to become a professional dancer. She soon sparks with Sean, the leader of a dance crew whose neighborhood is threatened by Emily's father's new development plans. For more updates, visit their Facebook or Twitter.

Step Up Revolution is the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Scott Speer, who worked on Jon M. Chu's "The LXD" and directed The LXD 2: Secrets of the Ra, and produced The Beat as well. The screenplay was written by newcomer Jenny Mayer. Produced by Offspring and Summit Entertainment, Step Up 4, or Step Up Revolution, is being released in 3D in theaters on July 27th this summer. Looks pretty crazy, eh?

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Holy dog shit taco batman!

Poop on Mar 29, 2012


Dance is an art. I can respect that they continue to make these to bring more attention to it. As shitty as they are, I still enjoy watching some good dance offs. Madd Chadd is the man.

bat0u on Mar 29, 2012


ahha ah ah hha hah ah hahaha. This is why Michael Jackson should have died 30 years earlier. That synchronised dancing moonwalking asshole.

Crapola on Mar 30, 2012


Oh noes! Lets stop the bad guy with DAAAANCE! It looks like a grittier/hardcore/jersey shore version of Glee. I liked the first Step up though.

Dave on Mar 30, 2012


More like "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo". Still looks dope tho...

Kelvin Washington on Mar 30, 2012


Dance Battoooole!  FIGHT!!!!  

Wylles on Mar 30, 2012


who actually watches these?  I'm serious.  I really curious...

zombato on Mar 30, 2012


lots of girls and fans of dance. The stories don't matter in these films but as a fan of dance some of the stuff they've pulled off is really great. This actually seems like the weakest of the bunch so far, going for spectacle rather than talent.  

DaftBot on Mar 30, 2012


So basically it's porn. Shitty "story" being held together by one sex scene (dance sequence) after another, each punctuated by a money shot? Nice.

Aj Meadows on Mar 30, 2012


lol what? by that logic 95%of Hollywood is 'porn'.  Replace chase scene, fight scene, battle scene, dialogue scene with sex scene and look at that! the most universal metaphor ever!

Waffles on Mar 30, 2012


I'd say no... not at all really. Very rarely does a porn film with a story actually about the sex. The story is an excuse to showcase a sex scene. These films incorporate dance into the story... they're about dancers and dancing is their life...  In the previous titles Dance was the goal. Here it seems to be dancing is a tool to get something done more than just winning a dance competition of some kind. Now it's about saving the community. Which is terrible.

DaftBot on Mar 30, 2012


^^^I do. Not for the storyline or even the acting. This is a flick to showcase DANCING! They're not asking for an Oscar here. This is just displaying their talent for the big screen. Don't like it, don't watch it.

Kelvin Washington on Mar 30, 2012


So basically they're taking the waning popularity of the "flash mob" and combining it with the "booo to the 1%" mentality of Occupy Wallstreet but placing it all in Miami... Ok ummm wow. I've never been a fan of the stories in these films but wow. Also the dancing here seems to be rather weak when compared to the last film. I know they're trying to save some of the bets moments for the actual film, but the whole car stunt and the guy on bouncing stilts and all that... Well let's just say it doesn't compare to even the tiniest bit of the first battle in Step Up 3D... especially the robot part.

DaftBot on Mar 30, 2012


The youth is so radical. Give me a break.

M.K. Nielsen on Mar 30, 2012


Imagine a group that ethnically mixed stopping traffic and dancing on cars. They'd be getting shot straight away in Florida.

Crapola on Apr 2, 2012


who got this on their desk nodded furiously and yelled GREENLIGHT THIS. Him. we need to get him fired. in a dance fueled protest. 

Albertquerque on Mar 30, 2012


this movie will only be good because moose it in it, movie doesnt look as good as the last one

Tanavp203 on Mar 30, 2012


It's so bad they needed to add the "Click Like!" tag, god awful..

K1ng on Mar 30, 2012



JayC on Mar 30, 2012


i thought it looked pretty cool, especially the art museum and suits dancing scenes

Susana on Mar 31, 2012


Has anyone else noticed that this has the same plot as Hey Arnold the movie?

Scott of the Antarctic on Mar 31, 2012


The dance moves with jumping car is awesome.

Authur on May 31, 2012


are they're any sex scenes in the movie?

Fudgenmo on Jul 12, 2012


So, it's a movie about dancing. Why do they even need a plot to hang it on?

eJean1981 on Jul 12, 2012

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