Watch: Teaser Trailer for 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Arrives

February 13, 2012
Source: TIME

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Teaser Trailer

After nothing but photos from the set surfaced online over the past few months, we finally have our first look at footage from the adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's historical horror book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Honestly, while the action looks pretty decent, there's some slow motion shots of Honest Abe (Benjamin Walker) swinging an axe that just look a little ridiculous. Also, I'm not really sure how the last bump at the end of the trailer makes sense just yet, but then again neither does our 16th president hunting vampires, so maybe we can just let it slide. I'm still interested to see how this turns out.

The teaser trailer for Timur Bekmambetov Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, via TIME:

President Lincoln's mother is killed by a supernatural creature, fueling his passion to crush vampires and their slave-owning helpers. A cross between D.W. Griffith's Abraham Lincoln & F. W. Murnau's Nosferatu.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is directed by Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov, director of the Night/Day Watch series, Irony of Fate 2, and Wanted previously. An adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's mash-up novel of the same name, it was adapted by writers Seth Grahame-Smith & Simon Kinberg (of xXx: State of the Union, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, X-Men: The Last Stand, Jumper, This Means War). 20th Century Fox is bringing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to theaters in 3D starting June 22, 2012 this summer.

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What hurts is how great this could have been...Now it just looks like a parody of itself.

DAVIDPD on Feb 13, 2012


I'm still waiting for Dusk Watch!

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2012


Me too.

Crapola on Feb 13, 2012


I'm looking forward to this but I think a lot of the general public will just see this and say WTF!?

floppytall on Feb 13, 2012


im confused, did everyone think this movie wouldnt be a parody of itself? its called abe lincoln: vampire hunter. and the comment ethan about how abe swinging the axe looks ridiculous....did you think that abe swinging an axe wasnt gonna be ridiculous? everyone take a step back and just relax. it looks exactly how it is supposed to. riduclous. and fun. hope its just that.

Bombadeer on Feb 13, 2012


But it feels like it doesn't know that the concept is ridiculous, and the film seems to be presented too seriously, like a legitimate horror adventure, when it should be some kind of Grindhouse film.

Ethan Anderton on Feb 13, 2012


it should be some kind of grindhouse film? wtf? no. it looks just like i wanted it to, over the top with lincoln fucking vampires up. 

race bannon on Feb 13, 2012


i agree Grindhouse films are low-budget shlock (or their homage's) and this is no shlock. This is more around the typical over-the-top action like Resident Evil or Wild Wild West. Although I did think it would've taken itself a little more serious, perhaps tongue-in-cheek comedy with some social commentaries. Like Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland.

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2012


I couldnt agree more with Bomdadeer

Tester on Feb 13, 2012


I agree, this film just looks really fun. I don't know why everyone is taking it seriously.

Armeetapus16 on Feb 13, 2012


"ethan about how abe swinging the axe looks ridiculous....did you think that abe swinging an axe wasnt gonna be ridiculous?" you know abe lincoln grew up on a farm and did that as a kid right? it shouldn't be ridiculous............... but having a tree explode........... ya too much there :). but i also agree with ethat on how it takes itself way too seriously.

jmase on Feb 13, 2012


You know vampires aren't real, right, jmase?

Zeus on Feb 13, 2012


I'm sorry, how is him killing vampires not "too much"?

Teacherkid on Feb 14, 2012


I hate you. USA. For creating this kind of cinema.

Robert L. Tuva on Feb 13, 2012


 Since the USA is responsible for all bad cinema. right?

Xerxexx on Feb 13, 2012


i distinctively remember Trolls 2 was Italian...

Ender_leviticus on Feb 13, 2012


with american actors

Jericho on Feb 13, 2012


I love you. USA. For creating the kind of freedom to choose what movies I watch and which I dont

Tester on Feb 13, 2012


 Well said.

Xerxexx on Feb 13, 2012


Oh the sweet freedom to watch The Shawshank Redemption and New Moon back-to-back, and the hypocrisy to never see Brokeback Mountain or High School Musical.

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2012


I hate you. Internets. For creating this kind of critic.

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2012


This could be good. Wanted was dreadful but I think this could turn out to be pretty decent.

Reginald on Feb 13, 2012


I can't take this seriously, and I think that's why I like it! Yew!

Nick Sears on Feb 13, 2012


I think it looks fantastic.  It is in great hands with this Director.

Seth Pyrzynski on Feb 13, 2012


@Bombadeer I totally agree, c'mon it's Abraham Lincoln hunting vampires, it is not a serious drama movie, the story is plain silly and that's what makes it great. The directing, cinematography and choreography looks fine, you can't really complain about it. This movie falls into a guilty pleasure, I look forward to seeing it, I love the book so it should be fun but there are never any guarantees with movies now days.

Mynameismine on Feb 13, 2012


Uh ok, this could've made fun of itself intentionally, but then it would have been nothing like the book which it is trying to represent. This looks EPIC forget about your pre-conceptions. It looks so much more impressive than I was expecting. I'm totally seeing this.

Guy on Feb 13, 2012


I think this is gonna be the first major flop of the summer. the same as 'Cowboy and Aliens', on paper sounds like a good idea, but the execution of it left much to be desired

Nadir Ahmed on Feb 13, 2012


I don't know about that... Battleship comes out a month before this.

Zeus on Feb 13, 2012


I loved wanted and I'm sure this will live up to my expectations

shehab attia on Feb 13, 2012


Why in the hell are movies still doing AND showcasing the "jumping off two walls in a corner spin attack"??? This has been done so many times and is so retarded to being with it is hard to explain.

Kaim on Feb 13, 2012


So true.

Crapola on Feb 13, 2012


Couldn't you say the same thing about vampire movies?

Teacherkid on Feb 14, 2012


It looks daft, but why shouldn't it?

Crapola on Feb 13, 2012


Could have been cool but looks silly and boring

Loser on Feb 13, 2012


I'll see it.

Xerxexx on Feb 13, 2012


Man they butchered Johnny Cash... -_-

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2012


Bubba Ho Tep anyone? Live a little, eat some corn and enjoy the flick, looks like it'll be fun.

!5AAk on Feb 13, 2012



Adam Lubicz on Feb 13, 2012


This looks a lot better than what I was expecting. Yes, the concept is ridiculous but the book was good and dark. That last scene was random and dumb though. I'll wait to see what the reviews are before I see this. 

Traveler on Feb 13, 2012


Great trailer, I wasn't interested before... I am now. I like the serious approach, contrast between tone and subject matter or something. Feels fresh 'n could provide a laugh when ye realise the premise of the story you've gotten invested in. Awh, Benjamin Walker was supposed to be in Paradise Lost too. Ah well hopefully this will be extra awesome to make up for it. Have to admit that the list of movies Simon Kinberg wrote doesn't provide any kind of reassurance

Richie G on Feb 13, 2012


Im totally in.

ur_babys_daddy on Feb 13, 2012


yes this movie looks just ridiculous. everyone knows the Washington Monument wasn't finished until about 20 years after Lincoln died. and yet they show the full, completed monument in this trailer!! preposterous!!!!! 

Rusty Shackelford on Feb 13, 2012


Ha fuck were you really expecting historical accuracy from a project titled "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"? Because if you are, then you  are crazy and should seek psychiatric assistance immediately. 

Lebowski on Feb 13, 2012


Book was really good. Based on Abe's Wikipedia article.

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2012


I'll consider this the anti-Twilight film. Any film with vampires being demolished instead of crying about love I'll watch...Especially if Abe Lincoln is killing them.

Quanah on Feb 13, 2012


*yawn* Another unnecessary Twilight reference. It seems that people who hate Twilight are actually more obsessed with it than its die hard fans. At least, they bring it up more incessantly. Move on - it's stale.

Hanqua on Feb 13, 2012


*yawn* Another unnecessary backhanded defense of the Twilight series. It seems every time someone mentions how bad Twilight was, or how bad Transformers was, someone tries to make a cynical, asshole-ish statement to openly defend it. Take your collection of Twilight books and your Bella posters and burn them. Move on - you're stale. 

Quanah on Feb 14, 2012


I like it, hope it's awesome!

VI0LAT0R on Feb 13, 2012


These comments are ending up like a 'Romeo and Juliet' intro: "Two Houses! One supporting Abraham Lincoln fighting vampires! The other finding it impossible, ridiculous and thus not worth their time"

LW on Feb 13, 2012


i really expected this to be more low budget then it is. but in no way does it turn me off from watching.

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2012


lol at the end Abe was like "F#ck you too, Tree!!!!!!!"

Artman91 on Feb 13, 2012


Honest Abe killing vamps with an axe. Yep, that's pretty rad.  At least one Civil War battle scene. That too is awesome. This just looks like it'll be a damn enjoyable flick!

grimjob on Feb 13, 2012


The music soundtrack was awesome , its from Johnie Cash , he does a great cover of 9 inch nails "Hurt" ? single on the LP, I think its called the Man comes around, it was his last LP.

lazy t on Feb 15, 2012


"  I'm not really sure how the last bump at the end of the trailer makes sense just yet ..." Abe was known as the "railsplitter" ... "Rail Splitter" was a nickname for Abraham Lincoln; it originated in the Illinois State Republican Convention at Decatur on 9 May 1860, when Richard J. Oglesby, later governor of Illinois, and John Hanks, who had lived with the Lincolns, marched into the convention hall with two fence rails placarded, "Abraham Lincoln, The Rail Candidate for President in 1860." Lincoln had worked as a soldier, a, a surveyor, a keeper, and a rail pursuing law and politics, and the nickname capitalized on his humble beginnings. The sobriquet caught on at the national convention at Chicago, spread quickly over the North, and became a valuable campaign asset. I guess they just don't teach history in schools anymore.   what is this country turning into?

Scots Lass on Feb 15, 2012



Jtg870 on Feb 17, 2012

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