Watch: The International 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Trailer

February 14, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Yesterday the first teaser was unleashed for the action horror adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and while it delivered what most expected, something doesn't seem right about it still. Anyway, now there's an international trailer for the film, and while it's mostly the same, there's a whole new monologue from the film that Dominic Cooper delivers to Benjamin Walker's Abraham Lincoln. In addition, we also get our first glimpse at Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mary Todd Lincoln. Again, I get the appeal of the film, but it seems to have too much of a serious tone for it to hit the right way. We'll see.

Here's the international trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter via Fox's YouTube page:

President Lincoln's mother is killed by a supernatural creature, fueling his passion to crush vampires and their slave-owning helpers. A cross between D.W. Griffith's Abraham Lincoln & F. W. Murnau's Nosferatu.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is directed by Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov, director of the Night/Day Watch series, Irony of Fate 2, and Wanted previously. An adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's mash-up novel of the same name, it was adapted by writers Seth Grahame-Smith & Simon Kinberg (of xXx: State of the Union, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, X-Men: The Last Stand, Jumper, This Means War). 20th Century Fox is bringing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to theaters in 3D starting June 22, 2012 this summer.

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Speechless... As my wife said in the background.. Theyve ran out of ideas.

coswell on Feb 14, 2012


i completely agree. the plot is just ridiculous, and i know people have been saying that but it truly is. i mean, come on. Abraham Lincoln? so he had time to be a president, abolish slavery, fight in the Civil War, and slay vampires? give me a damn break. screenwriters are running out of ideas and turning to nonsensical books that like to take an extremely well-known time in history and inject it with vampires or zombies or werewolves just to make it interesting. same thing happened with Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (which will be a movie too) and it still was unbearable to read. COME ON SCREENWRITERS! GIVE US SOMETHING NEW!

filmineeer on Feb 14, 2012


Can't tell if honest... or sarcasm =_=

LW on Feb 14, 2012


The screenwriter is the author of the book and is also the author of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. So this whole word is coming from just one guy not all of Hollywood. 

Danielwoods on Feb 14, 2012


Yes, Abraham Lincoln... fought... in the Civil War.

Roderick on Feb 14, 2012


 Aren't movies allowed to take us places that are beyond reality? You Sir, should stick to Documentaries.

Jace LeRoy on Feb 14, 2012


It would had been better if they left his name out of it. 

A Villa88 on Feb 15, 2012


meh - i pass.

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2012


Can you say, "Lame"?

big dog on Feb 14, 2012


I don't understand why you think the premise demands to be some big spoof? I actually think the serious tone is what makes it, what gives it a chance to actually be something fun to watch. It's the commitment to an idea and following through/delivering on it that might just make this badass. Yes, we already understand that the premise is ridiculous, that doesn't mean it needs to spill over into the tone of the film.

junk on Feb 14, 2012


 Ugh. I don't demand that it's a big spoof necessarily, but this is far too serious. My problem is that I've been in movie theaters on several occasions where people have seen the first poster and just laughed at it and commented on how stupid it sounds. Because the trailers seem to be presenting it as an action horror film along the lines of Van Helsing or Underworld, it seems to be taking itself way too seriously. It can be funny and aware of itself without being a ridiculous spoof, but I don't think the trailers have accomplished that for anyone who doesn't already know about the source material.

Ethan Anderton on Feb 14, 2012


Nothing wrong with your opinion, except the fact that you don't own your statement.  You're wanting this movie to be based on YOUR idea of how the movie should be made, which isn't fair, nor is it realistic.

VI0LAT0R on Feb 14, 2012


Your problem is based on how other people are reacting to it? Who cares about them! Don't care about how some kids in the theater look at a poster and care about how well the movie is going to play out while you're watching it. The book is a solid read and doesn't have a single bit of comedic tone in it anywhere and that's why it works. Why can't Abraham Lincoln be a vampire killer and be serious about it? It's not the only time Abraham Lincoln has been some kind of super natural hero either. He's was a super hero known as The Immortal in the comics Invincible and if you watch The Amazing Screw-On Head he's a character there too and that has Paul Giamatti in it. I'm glad vampire films are coming back to their bad ass roots and knocking this twilight shit out... 

DaftBot on Feb 15, 2012


My husband said the same thing - seems to serious. It feels very Underworld-ish to me. Just another Vampire slaying movie - I can't wait to hear what Trent does though. I love his sound!

Sabrina Smith on Feb 14, 2012


Trent is no longer scoring the film. Sorry.

Ben on Feb 14, 2012


That would make me sad if He's really no longer scoring it.  I remember hearing he was playing the vampire who killed Lincoln's parents.  

Tsomerville56 on Feb 15, 2012


"Lame"? Awww, you poor thing! You dont' get the cool concept of this. This is based on one of the best selling books. And I find it very interesting to see a historically famous figure become a fantasy vampire hunter and kicking ass! I can see they this is not a "low budget" film.

Jedibilly on Feb 14, 2012


I'm sold! 🙂 Looks like great fun!

Lars on Feb 14, 2012


I wish he could cut down some of the trees in my garden, it takes me a lot longer with my axe. 

Crapola on Feb 14, 2012


Only those of us who have read the book can appreciate just how unique and fun this storyline is.    This is definitely not a movie you want to judge prematurely because unless they totally screwed it up, it isn’t just another vampire movie.  This has the makings of a huge surprise blockbuster this summer.  The civil war battlefield scene alone in the preview has me thinking this.   For example, the premise of thel war has the south using the help of vampires to win the war just to keep slavery from being abolished.  That alone should tell you this is pure popcorn fiction but what’s really going to be fun is that there’ll be more than one redneck and bubba out there who will see this movie and think that it is historical fact lol!!

Hattori Hanzo on Feb 14, 2012


Thanks for the comment at least one person here has read the book and understands how great this movie could be.

Danielwoods on Feb 14, 2012


I'm fucking in.

Xerxexx on Feb 14, 2012


the book is'nt a comedy why would the movie? in a world where we get remakes and cliche action films we get soemthing unique and new and people complain

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2012


I would much rather see this than all the shitty remakes or 're-releases' of movies. At least this is something somewhat different. A president slaying vampires? I'm In.

Curtis Gabriel on Feb 14, 2012


If John Carter can be taken seriously on this site, so can Abe Lincoln.

Bombadeer on Feb 14, 2012


i'm absolutely seeing this, there is nothing that "doesn't seem right" ethan!!! the fucking movie is based on a novel called "abraham lincoln: vampire hunter"!!!! as far as i'm concerned they can make it a serious vampire killing movie, because it's fucking fiction! 

race bannon on Feb 14, 2012


If Xerxexx is in, I'm in cause I know he read the book or heard the premise from the book before this trailer came out. And the book rocks. It's Political, historical and a good horror action read!

Lazarusdarwin on Feb 14, 2012


Ha, really?

Xerxexx on Feb 14, 2012


I read the book it was not bad. Will check the movie out.

Bjallman on Feb 14, 2012


I'm in too.

Buttass on Feb 14, 2012


Looks EPIC. Going to see this for sure.

Guy on Feb 14, 2012



McWilly on Feb 14, 2012


Not bad, but the Love Bomb and the Pink Platoon trailer is the best book trailer to date. 

Delsce on Feb 14, 2012


I haven't read the book.. I don't know about movie taking itself to seriously.. what the hell does that even mean, I for one am not taking it to seriously, but not in a "hell no! I'm not going to watch it kind of way".  I'll watch it exactly like I watched "Cowboys & Aliens" (which could be the best movie to connect it to genre wise) which was nothing great, but it wasn't terrible either.

Ruben-Qiana Carpio on Feb 14, 2012


I'm sorry but please do not bring the idea that this is like Cowboys and Aliens anywhere near this. That was a terrible movie based on nothing with zero premise, charm, wit...etc... This movie is based on one of the better novels of it's kind in the past decade.  I really hope you don't tell people it's like Cowboys and Aliens cuz you'll be doing the movie a massive disservice. 

DaftBot on Feb 15, 2012


You can sleep easy ...I'm not telling anyone anything. There aren't many that even know this was a book.   hmmm..... many many isn't the word I should use.... More like a freaking ALOT of people don't know this is even a book. Those same people can probably see a connection between the unbelievably story of Aliens being around with Cowboys and Abe Lincoln slaying Vampires. I'm drawing connections at it's simplest form here... you know for the "masses"

Ruben-Qiana Carpio on Feb 15, 2012


this reminded me of Jonah Hex. 

Truong18 on Feb 14, 2012


i'm hoping it will be a fun movie to watch.  lets take creative license with history, maybe this time i won't fall asleep.

Dbamma on Feb 14, 2012


oh and why is the video private.  do i have to join some club?  or is it just me.

Dbamma on Feb 14, 2012


Why dont they just call these movies kung fu master vampire slayer.

john s on Feb 14, 2012


Shit. Why not? What else do I have to do?

Quanah on Feb 14, 2012


 Good man.

Xerxexx on Feb 14, 2012


I really hope this movie does well. It has a great production team behind it that understands the source material and can have fun with it WHILE ALSO TAKING IT SERIOUSLY. The source material is goofy at first glance but will quickly suck in any reader. I hope people give it a chance. I really do.

DaftBot on Feb 15, 2012


Did you say Mary Elizabeth Winstead?

Max Renn on Feb 15, 2012


Loved the book, trailer looks like exactly what Id expect from timur doing this sort of thing, Ill see it opening night

Brian Barajas on Feb 15, 2012



Adadwd on Feb 15, 2012


I’m definitely watching this one! The behind- the-scene video clips of this movie on my job’s site,, are sick so I’m sure that this movie will pull in a larger crowd once an extended trailer is released.

Samantha on Feb 24, 2012

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