Watch This: Adventure Rides Again in Full 'The Lone Ranger' Trailer

December 11, 2012
Source: Apple

The Lone Ranger

"Justice is what I seek, Kimosabe." The teaser trailer helped us forget any worries we might have about Disney's The Lone Ranger after some troubled budget and production problems, and now a full length trailer continues to be impressive with Armie Hammer as the titular hero. Plus, Johnny Depp has some good lines that seem to spark the hero side of our main character and also hint at the origins of the simple black mask that he wears. Here's hoping Gore Verbinski delivers a Western adventure that is worthy of the iconic character that started in radio, and it works as well as the first Pirates of the Caribbean film. Watch!

Here's the second trailer for Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger, originally via Apple:

"There come a time, Kimosabe… When good men must wear mask…" Never take off the mask. Any better?

The Lone Ranger is directed by Pirates of the Caribbean franchise helmer Gore Verbinski and written by Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio and Justin Haythe. Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Armie Hammer), a man of the law, into a legend of justice—taking the audience on a runaway train of epic surprises and humorous friction as the two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption. Lone Ranger arrives July 3rd, 2013.

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From the team that brought you Pirates of the Caribbean comes... possibly much of the same thing!

W. on Dec 11, 2012


Hopefully they were only referencing the first Pirates movie. I refuse to acknowledge the existence of 2 and 3....D: I just did! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH *Head asplodes*

Chris Amaya on Dec 11, 2012


2 and 3 were still miles ahead of 4.

Chris Groves on Dec 11, 2012


2 was a trailer for 3, 3 was a trailer for 4, and, I think 4 was a trailer for the themepark...

Carpola on Dec 11, 2012


2 and 3 went into production together, 4 was made completely after the fact with a different director and everything.

Chris Groves on Dec 12, 2012


Could have fooled me.

Carpola on Dec 12, 2012


i like the bits of humor between hammer and depp. the first trailer didn't do much for me but i liked this one. it may end up be pretty good.

beevis on Dec 11, 2012



David Banner on Dec 13, 2012


I wonder how long Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter have been sleeping together.

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Dec 11, 2012


I imagine it's all Tim Burton gets them to do when they are not working on films together. C'mon Johnny, have sex with my wife again.

Carpola on Dec 11, 2012


Verbinski....what are you doing??? Don't waste your talent on Disney fairy-tales and make that bloody Bioshock movie

David Darida on Dec 11, 2012


Still not seeing anything that really impresses me. It just feels bland and generic. That long shot of the train crash was fairly cool...but everything else struck me as 'meh'...Pacific Rim is still the #1 must-see film of July 2013.

Chris Groves on Dec 11, 2012


Wow Johnny Depp is so unconvincing as an indian. I also think this looks like its aimed at really young audiences minus the trippy shit with the horse in a tree. Hmm not sure.

dom on Dec 11, 2012


It's funny because I heard somewhere that his great-grandmother was a Cherokee Indian.

Matt Peloquin on Dec 11, 2012


looks like pirate of the caribbean , If u guys wanna see a badass western, go see DJANGO UNCHAINED...

vince on Dec 11, 2012


This is strange, sitting here trying to think what The Lone Ranger is, or was, I can't remember; I know this trailer is not it, but the movie might be fun. Gunna dig on the interwebs and see what I can find of The Lone Ranger, tv-series?

David Banner on Dec 11, 2012


I always thought the Lone Ranger should be taken with the same approach as Nolan's Batman: Extraordinary man in an ordinary world. Now that we've seen the trailer, I'm not sure if that was accomplished.

PBGray on Dec 11, 2012



Carpola on Dec 11, 2012


Where's the next Plinkett review?!.. Oh, sorry, wrong site. 😉

Manuel on Dec 11, 2012



Abel on Dec 11, 2012


This looks terrible !! Long time Depp fan, but this was a terrible casting choice

Tester on Dec 11, 2012


I think if you want to cast a good actor to portray an indian, they should go with Raoul Trujillo like they did in "cowboys & aliens"...same guy from "apacalypto".

JBrotsis on Dec 11, 2012


is there a word to convey a stronger feeling of Meh?

Brian Sleider on Dec 11, 2012


"Bah! Meh"

Cody W on Dec 12, 2012


I think this could be a lot of fun. But I still want Armie Hammer as Batman.

Kento on Dec 11, 2012


Looks fun.I'm in 🙂

mugzee on Dec 11, 2012


I didn't want to be interested in this, but dammit, my love of westerns has prevailed. I have low expectations, so I think I'll actually enjoy it.

grimjob on Dec 11, 2012


I LOVE Johnny Depp (at least, I did? Huh.), but he makes the whole thing look hokey. I didn't think his lines were great; maybe if he didn't have any? 😐 I'm not convinced.

fem!anon on Dec 11, 2012


This feels like a cross between Pirates of the Caribbean and Corpse Bride set in the Old West.

dandassow on Dec 11, 2012


Not sure I can fully appreciate a Caucasian actor playing a Native American role and not feel like it's stepping on sensitive territory...that & it looks fairly bland but the last Verbinsky/Depp Western Rango was really good so I'll try it.

Daren on Dec 11, 2012


I don't know what to make of this. It doesn't really tell me what this movie is going to be about apart from some more clowning around by Depp and CG effects.

castingcouch on Dec 12, 2012

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