WB Says 'The Hangover Part III' Will Be Last Entry in the Franchise

March 22, 2012
Source: Deadline

Hangover Part III

When The Hangover Part II brought in a quarter of a billion dollars at the box office, we figured it was only a matter of time before director Todd Phillips got the gang back together for a third entry into the comedy series. That time has come, and Warner Bros. has made the inevitable announcement today (via Deadline) that Phillips is reuniting with his Wolfpack of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis for The Hangover Part III, with production beginning in September 2012 this year, and a newly scheduled release date of May 24th, 2013. Plus, Phillips confirmed that Part III will be the final film in the franchise.

Phillips called the upcoming Part III "a fitting conclusion to our three-part opera of mayhem, despair and bad decisions," but I have a bad feeling this series is going to keep going past a third one. It won't be the first time a series has progressed past a natural end point - just look at the Saw franchise or the Final Destination series for examples, and the danger of this happening will only intensify if they could make even more at the box office than the second outing. Personally, I found The Hangover Part II to be essentially a less effective remake of the original movie. And while the first film was mostly harmless fun, there are things that happen in the sequel that should scar these characters for life. There's no word on the plot or setting of The Hangover Part III yet, but we can assume the same antics are in store for Stu, Phil, and Alan.

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It better not just be the same film again.

David Carlin on Mar 22, 2012


Meh, I'll stick with the first one. Second one was an extreme disappointment.

Xerxexx on Mar 22, 2012


unless they wake up in a prison as international dice......

Jericho on Mar 22, 2012


Yes! Can't wait. I like both films pretty much the same so this shouldn't disappoint

Adam lubicz on Mar 22, 2012


I still need to watch the second one. Whoops!

Quanah on Mar 22, 2012


Just watch the first one again and you're done.

Max Renn on Mar 24, 2012


adam luicz your a tool the second  movie was so bad dont fool yourself 

123456789 on Mar 22, 2012


The last one in the thrarical run franchise. Somehow I feel like there will be direct to DVD spinoffs coughAmericanPiecough

Anthony Lopez on Mar 22, 2012


I was thinking the same thing, minus the squeeze of cheese humor

Conrad Williams on Mar 22, 2012


Ugh... that's immediately what came to mind too.

Solo_Calrissian on Mar 23, 2012


As long as Craig Mazin don't write it.

Jezebel on Mar 22, 2012



peloquin on Mar 23, 2012



Dfuze931 on Mar 23, 2012


 your 1,000% correct. If Craig Mazin writes it I'll be so pissed off

Adam Lubicz on Mar 23, 2012



peloquin on Mar 23, 2012



Jezebel on Mar 23, 2012


In my opinion both films wern't very good. About half of part 1 was funny. Which is actually a lot. And part 2.. I would say about 20% of the film was funny.

Filmfan2483784 on Mar 22, 2012


I remember an article that was posted on first showing a while back that the story of part 3 was that Alan gets sent to a mental institution and the wolfpack has to get him out.  

RyanqV on Mar 22, 2012


Yeah, I remember that, too. It was either Phillips or Zach that said it I think. 

Scotty97 on Mar 23, 2012


Like were supposed to believe that.  Just like a studio to loose ideas in the very start of a project and end up with zero creativity at its end. And all they can do is lie just to get people in the theatre.  I'm sure like american (pie) reunion, they will conjure up a b.s. reason to make another just to make money in the future...all because they can. 

Marqwest on Mar 22, 2012


Ive heard something about Alan being in a mental institution this time around...

LosZombies on Mar 22, 2012


Due Date 2: Due Harder!

Akirakorn on Mar 23, 2012


I think one of them will die in the last one surely. It was funny enough but I think it needs an end now.

Crapola on Mar 23, 2012


The last in the series... in theory anyway. I liked both previous movies. However now that Vegas and Bangkok have been done, the only plotline I think could work for the 3rd one involves the London 2012 Olympics and a cameo with Usain Bolt.

Droopy on Mar 23, 2012


The Hangover III: Tokyo Drift.

Manuel on Mar 23, 2012


The Hangover III: The Search for Alan

Duane on Mar 23, 2012


The Hangover III: Revenge of the Rufi

LosZombies on Mar 23, 2012


The Hangover III: LOST IN SPACE!!!!!!!!

Jericho on Mar 25, 2012


"Last entry" YES!!!

Davide Coppola on Mar 23, 2012


They should do it Halloween III style and make it be completely unrelated to the first two.

DaveLister_JMC on Mar 23, 2012


Great idea, but then the studio ruins it w/ a cameo by Brad Copper at the end and it creates a frenzy for another two movies with the original cast.

Solo_Calrissian on Mar 23, 2012


As long as it's better then the 2nd movie I'll be happy. Also I think it should be set in England because the UK is the worst place for binge drinking and I can just imagine all the mayhem the Wolfpack would cause somewhere around London and Soho.

Carl on Mar 23, 2012


 thats a really good idea

Adam Lubicz on Mar 23, 2012


Thanks. 🙂

Carl on Mar 23, 2012


When exactly did saw pass it's natural end Mr Phillips??? If you say 3, I would point out Hoffman's involvement. I still think 7 was rushed and not thought through at all. However this is about the Hangover and not Saw. So yeah, Hopefully it will see Alan get married in London 😀

Jon Chamberlain on Mar 23, 2012


I bet this version they'll be in the middle east. Dubai or some other bum fucked part of the world. Hope they get taken by terrorists and Alan saves the day.

Jezebel on Mar 23, 2012


They should put the next one in Rio!

jah p on Mar 23, 2012


Part II wasn't bad enough so clearly this needs a Part III. Anything to keep riding that cash cow.

quazimotto on Mar 24, 2012

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