WB Teasing Two Trailers for Snyder's 'Man of Steel' This Weekend

July 20, 2012
Source: SlashFilm

Zack Snyder's Superman

Here's something exciting for Superman fans. While any other news related to the movies this weekend has been overshadowed by the tragic shooting, there's a story definitely worth hearing about the new Superman trailers playing this weekend. We've expected Warner Bros to finally debut a trailer for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel playing with The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, and while they definitely have, early reports coming in are that there's an alternate version. In fact, there may be two unique, different teaser trailers for Man of Steel playing out there, with slight variations and our first look at any Superman footage.

The news comes from our friends at SlashFilm, who noticed varying reports of trailer footage showing up on Superman Homepage. Apparently there's one trailer that has a Jor-El voiceover, another has a Jonathan Kent voiceover. At first they were thought to be separate for different countries, but multiple versions are being reported as showing around the US as well. "One features a voice over by Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) the other, Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and it seems like the placement is totally random." Other than that, I think the trailers have the exact same footage, but I'm not entirely sure as I haven't see any of them myself.

"You're not just anyone. One day you're gonna have to make a choice. You have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be. Whoever that man is, good character or bad, it's going to change the world."

That's the quote that Jonathan Kent states in one of the trailers. This all sounds similar to the footage we saw at Comic-Con in Warner Bros' big Hall H panel (watch our video blog here), but cut down into smaller pieces as teaser trailers. It's very interesting that they're running two slightly different trailers for Man of Steel, definitely adds to the mystique of it, especially when the difference involves Jor-El and Kal-El, played by Henry Cavill. I'm very interested to hear how these trailers play and the reactions to the footage anyway, even though we have to wait until the trailers arrive online for a full breakdown & discussion. We'll update this if we learn more info about the different Man of Steel trailers. For now, catch them in theaters.

Update! You can now see both of the trailers online, as they were debuted officially. The first one definitely does feature a Pa Kent voiceover, while the other is for Jor-El. You can watch both of them online here.

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Seriously disappointed that they aren't showing the Comic-Con trailer.

axalon on Jul 20, 2012


because that was for the people who made an effort to get to sand diego and attend the panel. not that i did. i dont have nearly enough money to make the trip. but the people attending do deserve more. I am extremely excited and waiting for more.

Anon on Jul 21, 2012


But they showed a trailer at SDCC, not a six minute sizzle reel.

axalon on Jul 21, 2012



Anon on Jul 21, 2012


Yeah it was just a shorter version of it.

Buzzfunk on Jul 20, 2012


So uhh ... 2nd superman reboot? .. yeah .. we saw how horrible that turned out for spiderman and batman, ugh ... another disaster ... great.

Zanpher on Jul 20, 2012


What are you talking about?! Christopher Nolans Batman is by far the best comic book adaptation yet, and the new superman will not disappoint, David S. Goyer, Zack Snyder AND Christopher Nolan are attached to it. The new superman will outshine the 2006 "reboot", not to mention, its going to be a lot darker and grittier than the previous superman films.

kyledasmus on Jul 20, 2012


Yeah, but what are you talking about? Goyer and Nolan are certainly reliable, but Zack Synder has directed a total of zero films which come close to what they have produced in the past. If you go by Synder's filmography, then Superman is probably going to be a three hour long game cutscene, with some poorly choreographed and produced fight scenes and laughable dialog. It probably won't be a love story to man love like 300 was, so it won't even be unintentionally funny like that movie was. Dude is basically a hack.

Lebowski on Jul 20, 2012


if you have actually seen teaser or comic con footage you would take back everything you just said the film so far has jaw dropping terrence malick like cinematography the dialouge sounds great on top of the acting already looking top notch the footage also has a subtlety to it all not Snyder visual style at all not heavy cgi real locations and sets and a grounded batman begins approach and it feels very emotional an dramatic no one would of expected this be a snyder film based off the footage so far

Nelson Ortiz on Jul 21, 2012


yeah well thats just your opinion man

Anon on Jul 21, 2012


Just to be clear, the 2006 Superman movie wasn't a reboot, it was a sequel to Superman II. That's one of the reason's it failed. It wasn't an origin story, it was just another sequel with completely different actors in it. Nolan and Snyder's reboot is being filmed like there's never been a Superman film before. No Reeve's Superman, no John Williams fanfare. It will stand alone. I've seen the comic-con trailer and the pre-Dark Knight Rises teaser, and it looks more beautifully shot and epic than any of the previous incarnations.

Sully on Jul 20, 2012


best comic adaption? Wait ... have you read the comics?

Zanpher on Jul 21, 2012


If by horrible disaster you mean wildly popular and highly profitable.....then yes. I understand it's hip to be non mainstream and negative but trolling to be the odd man out is pretty lame.

McWilly on Jul 20, 2012


That is why nobody trolled ...

Zanpher on Jul 21, 2012


Superman has not been rebooted, ever. His first appearance on the silver screen was in Donner's 1978 film. Every Superman film since then has been part of the same continuity -- part of the Donnerverse, if you will. (Yes, *including* Superman Returns). Imagine the situation from a fan's perspective: Superman was the original superhero, yet somehow he has faded away from our collective consciousness, losing his former stature. Wouldn't you want Supes' story to finally be at the forefront of hollywood's priorities? Wouldn't you want his story told with the best that modern cinema can offer? Of course!

Bender_Esquire on Jul 20, 2012


Yes. And thank God Donner isn't attached to this one.

Kevin on Jul 21, 2012


i thank you for writing that good sir!

Anon on Jul 21, 2012


Wait .... Superman Returns is basically Superman 3 rebooted ...

Zanpher on Jul 21, 2012


your comment is bad and you should feel bad

Anon on Jul 21, 2012


Thanks for failing at trolling. better luck next time!

Zanpher on Jul 21, 2012


Thanks for failing at life, kill yourself, better luck next time!

Anon on Jul 22, 2012


Attended midnight showing on Cape Cod. Man of Steel teaser was the last trailer. Felt like about a minute. Ended with footage of Superman rocketing upwards. Included lots of the laundry on clothesline footage and Russel Crowe's voice over. Was basically a truncated version of what was shown at San Diego.

Justin Cresswell on Jul 20, 2012


Anyone know when these will be posted online? I want another look at it. The trailer was beautiful.

germss on Jul 20, 2012


Voila! Both of them are online and viewable in high def right here:

Alex Billington on Jul 24, 2012


Oh man, that teaser trailer before the dark knight rises just gave me chills. It looks beyond epic already.

mark c on Jul 20, 2012


Agree, Can't wait!

sula on Jul 20, 2012


I heard Jor-El in IMAX and Pa Kent in regular. Yes I saw it twice.

nicotoroboto on Jul 20, 2012


There was no 'Man of Steel' trailer when I saw TDKR at midnight. I feel screwed.

Justin Erickson on Jul 20, 2012


Same here in Indy.

mrjzn on Jul 20, 2012


i just watched it yesterday 630 showing. not man of steel trailer.... wtf....

dyna on Jul 21, 2012


same in NC

Kyle Marks on Jul 20, 2012


"He will give the people an ideal to strive for, they will raise behind you, they will stumble, they will fall, but in time they will join you in the sun, in time you will help them accomplish wonders." (Jor-El's voice over on the teaser) #inspirational

duke xv on Jul 20, 2012


"You will give the people an ideal to strive for, they will raise behind you, they will stumble, they will fall, but in time they will join you in the sun, in time you will help them accomplish wonders." (Jor-El voice over in teaser trailer) #inspirational

duke xv on Jul 20, 2012


you posted twice... awkward but still inspirational lol

julz on Jul 20, 2012


I just wish they've had showed the full trailer from comic-con, not just the 1 minute trailer, if it was finished already why not.

qeeqwe on Jul 21, 2012


Saw the Jor-El trailer, and the whole thing looked absolutely stunning! Ya Snyder had a miss or two, but c'mon, 300? Dawn of the Dead? Watchmen?? I thought those flicks were incredible. Despite the naysayers, Snyder has my full endorsement. 😀

LosZombies on Jul 21, 2012


I have seen them, both the comicon and the teaser, and they are amazing...

Nuno Lopes on Jul 21, 2012


My theater had the Kent one. So there are two...

Curt Garnsay on Jul 21, 2012


OMG!!!! I saw the Teaser and it was VERY Emotional!! Depending where you are and if you get the same Teaser, the Music used within the Teaser was the Original Score from "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship" at the Exact moment where Gandalf lets go at the edge of The Bridge of Kazzadum! E P I C ! ! Trailer!!

Aussie Critic on Jul 21, 2012


Oh yeah, when I saw the Dark Knight Rises on Friday I forgot I was one of the first ones to see the Superman trailer. I'm not that much of a fan of Superman, but I was impressed.

Stormtroop97 on Jul 22, 2012

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