Whoa: Did Feige Just Hint We Could See a 'World War Hulk' Movie?

September 21, 2012
Source: MTV

World War Hulk

Marvel definitely likes to tease. Its been an interesting last few weeks, between the Guardians of the Galaxy news and Thanos chatter recently, but there's more! And this time it involves everyone's favorite big green guy - Hulk! Following up with more quotes from, likely, the same interview with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, MTV (via Collider), who also provided the most recent Thanos updates, published another piece mentioning future possibilities of Marvel movies. Maybe World War Hulk, even Planet Hulk, as well as talk about what's beyond Avengers 2. This is getting very exciting, but this stuff is still a long ways out.

Hulk's big screen presence has been a bit rocky, but he made quite a hell of a comeback in The Avengers this summer. Mark Ruffalo played Bruce Banner and seemed to have his likeness in Hulk form, so they might be preparing him for a lot of movies to come. MTV asked Feige specifically about the possibility of one day seeing a live-action Planet Hulk movie. His response is, not surprisingly, kind of ambiguously optimistic, but that means we can spin it into hype and maybe it'll actually happen - right? Here's what Feige told them:

"I don't think there's a lot that we couldn't do someday, as the cinematic universe continues to grow and expand and get as big as the comic book universe," Marvel's Kevin Feige told me when I asked him if we'd ever see a movie based on "Planet Hulk," the Greg Pak-written epic that sees the Jade Giant as a rebel leader on an alien planet, "Gladiator" style.

"'Planet Hulk' is a cool story," he added. "'World War Hulk' is a cool story."

So, maybe? But Feige is not done talking Hulk yet. He also admits that, "I think there's pitfalls of continuity-overload, and mythology getting so dense that it almost collapses in on itself. It happens every few decades or so in the comics. Apart from that, I'd say everything is on the table." That's good to hear. He continues: "Do I think Hulk can carry a movie and be as entertaining as he was in Avengers? I do believe that. I do believe he absolutely could. We certainly are not even going to attempt that until Avengers 2… So there's a lot of time to think about it." Indeed, since Whedon's Avengers 2 is still a long ways off (in 2015).

No matter what, we still have a while, and most of this is pure speculation or just unfounded hype anyway beyond those quotes. However, I would love to see them make a World War Hulk or Planet Hulk movie. For those that aren't familiar, the story is that the Illuminati (another team of superheroes) banish Hulk from Earth and trick him to go into space, sending him exiled to planet Sakaar, where he eventually becomes the king there and rounds up a group of alien friends who return to Earth with him to seek revenge. With the right budget, effects, director, and everything else (maybe two/three movies?), this could be awesome to see realized as live-action. But really, it's a long ways out. We have to see what Thanos has up his sleeves first.

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Holy crap, that'd be amazing. World War Hulk would be much crazier.

Nick Sears on Sep 21, 2012


First thought about the cast... there would be 30 people playing superheros, all of which get their ass handed to them by Hulk. Makes me laugh.

Nick Sears on Sep 21, 2012


If the next Hulk films starts with 15 minutes of insanity, where the Hulk has lost it and the only way to stop him is for Tony to send him into space, followed up by 90-100 minutes of Gladiator style action like the comic presents, only for the next Avengers film to be World War Hulk, it'd be one of the best movie series ever. Seriously, I want this to happen so bad.

Kento on Sep 21, 2012


Cody W on Sep 22, 2012


That could be an additional reason why Marvel is testing the waters with "Guardians of the Galaxy". If they successfully establish the cosmic Marvel world, and audiences embrace that, then they absolutely could do a "Planet Hulk". Then the post-credit teaser would be Stark's ship exploding which would lead directly into an "Avengers" movie based on "World War Hulk". It's actually kind of brilliant, setting up a new Hulk centric "Phase". It all depends on whether of not audiences respond to "Guardians of the Galaxy".

DRM on Sep 21, 2012


For Another Hulk Movie Preciseness in choosing DIRECTOR is main point. HULK NEVER DIES.

Ehsan Davodi on Sep 21, 2012


It could be amazing. But until its confirmed, it's all just words.

DAVIDPD on Sep 21, 2012


I'm just waiting for the Hulk / Thanos fight.

knicksin6 on Sep 22, 2012


The calculus of it all is so daunting. Ang Lee's Hulk= Too Heady. Norton's Hulk = Unconvincing. Avenger's Hulk = Perfect! "Okay ... but we're done with the Hulk." (Fans scream in rage, bombarding themselves w/ Gamma Radiation) "Okay... maybe a TV SHow? Overseen by Del Toro?" (Fans simmer slightly) "I'm doing too many things ... but I'm still doing the Hulk, too!" - Del Toro. (Fans become angry again) "Maybe World War Hulk" (Incredulity sets in w/ the Incredible Hulk fan set.) There's no way they'll make that. Don't make us angry. You wouldn't like us when we're angry ... =) (Of course it'd be awesome! But ... the mere idea is just ... Uncredible!)

Djoser9000 on Sep 22, 2012


So Hulk goes bad?

redskulllives on Sep 23, 2012


dreams coming true a planet hulk world war hulk movie? if done right they could be amazing. planet hulk would need to be 2 parts though. world war hulk can be done in 1.

DS on Sep 23, 2012


I love hulk, loved both films. loved his return in the avengers...and i will wait for him to get his own movie again....however long it takes! count me in!

kash on Sep 23, 2012


Planet hulk saga was total badass. The beatdown of the silver surfer was epic.

mooreworthy on Sep 23, 2012


There's an animated "Planet Hulk" film, though they replaced the silver surfer with some thor mutant thing... I dunno. Anyway, they'd be a long way off from a "World War Hulk" film. Maybe if they had a Hulk-centric phase; in the next Hulk movie, develop Hulk into a more intelligent, distinctly separate character, psychologically, from Banner (like the comics). Then have him as the villain in Thor 3 or Captain 3 THEN... maybe. Probably not though. In fairness if they asked Feige if Hulk was gonna dawn a pink tutu and challenge Stephan Hawking to a breakdancing competition, he would have said the same thing

Richie G on Sep 24, 2012


Why don't we take Gladiator and put a Hulk in it?

TOONFED on Sep 24, 2012

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