Whoa! NBA All-Star LeBron James Wants to Do 'Space Jam' Sequel?

August 27, 2012
Source: Twitter

Space Jam / LeBron James

It's been 16 years since Michael Jordan teamed up with the Looney Tunes to take down a team of aliens who had stolen the talent from some of the NBA's most prominent players in the live-action animation hybrid Space Jam, but the official website is still up and running, and it seems there might be some desire from one influential fan to get a sequel off the ground. NBA All-Star basketball player LeBron James recently posted on Twitter (via The Film Stage) that he was a big fan of the original film and would love to do a sequel. So could the Miami Heat player be gearing up for what could be the best sequel of the decade?

Sadly, Warner Bros. isn't officially in development of a sequel, but with James' expressed interest out in the public eye, maybe we can get the studio on board. The first film is a childhood staple of mine so much that I even bought the flick on Blu-Ray. Though I'm not a big sports fan now, I was huge into basketball in grade school, collecting basketball cards, knowing entire team rosters (I still know dozens of mid-90s basketball players long since retired), so Space Jam was the perfect movie for me. Nowadays, a sequel would be pretty fun. A new generation of basketball stars could step up, and as long as Bill Murray comes back, I think we have the makings of another classic on our hands here. What do you think?

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I loved both Space Jam and Looney Tunes Back In Action, but I would kinda want to see another Space Jam happen, if anything Michael Jordan needs to come back for a role or cameo and Bill Murray too. But I kinda thought a sequel would have been more suited with Shaq in the lead role not Lebron....

JerseyBoy on Aug 27, 2012


Don't forget Wayne Knight he needs to come back on this one too

JerseyBoy on Aug 27, 2012


F*** NO!

Dan W on Aug 27, 2012


I'd like to see the box office numbers in Cleveland...

BloodwerK on Aug 27, 2012



mgray on Aug 27, 2012


Amazing the lack of originality and need to replicate MJ career.... Damn this copycat......

Chomp81 on Aug 27, 2012


Terrible idea!!!

MKultra on Aug 27, 2012


Soon after this he's going to want to take over from MJ with the Hanes commercials.

BinaryChaos on Aug 27, 2012


Only if every character involved needs to crack some variation of "Michael would have done it better", and it ending with someone praising LeBron with "good game, good effort"

Timm McIntosh on Aug 27, 2012


LeBron in a Space Jam movie? F**k that. This guy hasn't earned it. He'll never be loved like MJ and he needs to stop pretending he's the second coming of MJ. Face it Lebron, you could never beat Jordan in his Prime.

Rain Spider on Aug 27, 2012


Ugh. Just go. Away. And take this shitty idea with you.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 27, 2012


NEVER! Having an ego maniac like lebron ruin one of my favorite childhood movies would make me puke. This should not even be an idea.

flbball23 on Aug 27, 2012


As long as D12Howard isn't in it I'm down!!!

Hbomb! on Aug 27, 2012


Feels like a cash grab. I like the first, but never thought I would like a sequel. It's really a maybe...

Quanah on Aug 27, 2012


"I need help reacting to something"- Abed, Community season 3

mooreworthy on Aug 27, 2012


what is wrong with you people? a fan just asked the dude if he liked space jam and he said yeah he wishes he could do a sequel. how does that translate to him being an egomaniac and/or a copycat? Relax Lebron haters, Relax

The Truth on Aug 27, 2012


What a dumb idea.

rennmaxbeta on Aug 27, 2012


did no one watch the gary oldman actors against athletes acting video What part of "STAY THE F+@# OUT OF MOVIES!" didn't get through to them.

Patrick Clemens on Aug 27, 2012


fuck him. the nfl gave us terry crews.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Sep 2, 2012


"best sequel of the decade?" WHAAAAAT?

Davide Coppola on Aug 27, 2012


Jordan is a legend Lebron is a shit know the difference

Gantulga Mercury on Aug 28, 2012


KD over lebron

Thundermagic on Aug 31, 2012

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