Worth Watching: Sci-Fi Short 'Seed' Trailer by Tyson Wade Johnston

July 2, 2012
Source: Vimeo

Sci-Fi Indie Short Seed

These are not our rules. What better to watch on a sunny summer weekday than some indie science fiction? Our friend Jeremy recently emailed a link to this trailer for a sci-fi short called Seed, directed by Tyson Wade Johnston, who you might recall also directed the sci-fi short Exist last year (see on YouTube). Justin Zachary stars as a merc in this short set on a planet called Gaia, the rest you'll have to see for yourself. This not only looks like it has some great low budget sci-fi effects (honestly), but it seems like there's actually an eerie horror story to it, and I'm intrigued to check it out. Plus, we love featuring up-and-coming filmmakers.

Set in the year 2071, where technology has brought mankind to the brink of colonization on a planet named Gaia, one man takes on an isolated mission and discovers unearthly horrors that could bring an end to life on this planet. Seed is directed by Tyson Wade Johnston (website), of the short film Exist previously, an an "emerging creative film industry talent based in Los Angeles, CA." The trailer and site say that it's being officially released in August 2012, so be on the lookout. There's already a nice poster, plus the trailer has an official rating, apparently. For more updates, visit their Facebook page. Your thoughts?

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Hmm probably not a good idea to keep your rifle slung like that, makes it hard to use.

Dennis on Jul 2, 2012


complete crap. how did this get on here?

Sal on Jul 2, 2012


Oh come on, doesn't look that bad, give it a chance. The effects are definitely better than some Hollywood films I've seen...

Alex Billington on Jul 2, 2012


Uwe Boll doesn't count, Alex.

Guesto on Jul 2, 2012


Why on earth was this posted? There are 10 better videos trending on Vimeo right now than this.... thing. It looks like complete nonsense.. like it was made by some misguided high school kids. I don't get it.

Big Boss Bruce on Jul 2, 2012



ff on Jul 3, 2012


If that's the case, then send over some of these videos, I'd love to check them out. I'll let you know if I think they're good, and maybe I'll post a few of them. Send over any you think are also worthy of being seen/posted here.

Alex Billington on Jul 3, 2012


Thanks. But you DO realize we HAVE featured all three of these exact videos before, when they were originally released. Blinky (twice, cause it's so awesome): Ruin: The Gift (by Carl Erik Rinsch): We're on top of these before they even become popular. We always feature the best stuff the moment it hits. I thought this video lived up to to those other three and was worth mentioning, as it's just as good as they are.

Alex Billington on Jul 4, 2012


This video completely SUCKS compared to those three videos, IMO. It's not even close, man.

Big Boss Bruce on Jul 5, 2012


Man, I want so badly to love some independent sci-fi short films...but I just can't do it. The guy goes to a planet with a big spaceship...then he's abandoned, then he wanders around? Huh? That's a set-up, but even in a trailer you need to hint at some sort of complication or drama.

Greedo on Jul 2, 2012



Guesto on Jul 2, 2012


I think this could be pretty cool.

grimjob on Jul 2, 2012


Looks cool, reminds me of Blomkamp's Halo stuff

Gamehead on Jul 3, 2012


Not too shabby. People will hate on anything these days lol

HealthyPoison on Jul 3, 2012


Crap. Sorry...

dude on Jul 3, 2012


It's definitely got a Pitch Black vibe to it.

Matt Peloquin on Jul 3, 2012


Looks great. Reminds me of blomkamp's early Halo/Alive in Joburg stuff. Will be keeping my eyes out for the short.

Evan Shawn on Jul 3, 2012


Those ships are so sick.

Kevin Chase on Jul 3, 2012


everyone here knows that the sense of ambiguity is done on purpose right? it's just to whet your appettite....heck, it's a trailer for a "short" not a feature

conradthegreat on Jul 3, 2012


I think it could be not bad, just badly edited together and vague. Like another scifi film I watched recently by some guy called Ridley something. 😉

Carpola on Jul 3, 2012


Let me know when something happens. BORING!

ff on Jul 3, 2012


If this stupidity was made in 1971, it would have been called a "timeless classic" like other associated crap (Star Wars/Craft, Alien, 2001 A.S.O. etc...)

stewie325 on Jul 4, 2012


What an idiot

Geoffrey Shauger on Jul 4, 2012


The dumbest comment of the year goes tooooo stewie congratz man u get a thumbs down

Cody W on Jul 5, 2012


sorry i almost give a fuck

lol on Jul 4, 2012


Looks promising, what was failing in my opinion are the standard props and uniform. In the future a colonial marine I expect to be using state of the art clothing and something more than an M4.

Props Guy on Jul 5, 2012

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