'Yippee Ki-Yay' This First 'Good Day to Die Hard' Teaser Poster Sucks

October 25, 2012

A Good Day to Die Hard

"Yippee Ki-Yay Mother F—" They have butchered this line so much since it was first used in the original, classic 1988 Die Hard. Its been regurgitated, tamed down, mutilated and now re-imagined as a tag line on this atrocious teaser poster. But there's no other way to sell a new Die Hard movie without the big, beat-up, broken face of John McClane, played by Bruce Willis. has unveiled the first teaser poster for A Good Day to Die Hard, following the explosive but still kinda badass teaser trailer from a few weeks ago, and it's not that impressive. Just a big face and an eye-rolling-inducing mutilation of the original "Yippee Ki-Yay" line. Oh well. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it, too. At least the movie itself looks great!

A Good Day to Die Hard Teaser Poster

If you haven't seen the first teaser trailer for John Moore's A Good Day to Die Hard, you must watch here.

A Good Day to Die Hard is the fifth installment in the long running Die Hard franchise following Bruce Willis as Detective John McClane. John Moore (Max Payne, Behind Enemy Lines) directs the sequel written by Skip Woods (The A-Team, X-Men Origins: Wolverine). This time McClane finds himself in Russia where nothing is as it seems and he must team up with his estranged son (Jai Courtney) in order to stay alive in Moscow and keep the world safe for democracy. Cole Hauser, Sebastian Koch, Yulia Snigir and more star in the film which will hit theaters for an explosive Valentine's Day on February 14th, 2013. Your thoughts?

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Lame. But then again, I have a feeling this film will be.

Mithun Divakaran on Oct 25, 2012


The movie DOESN'T look great. And this poster is photoshop-lazy. But the tagline is sort of cool, even though I think moving McClane out of USA will turn out to be a mistake.

Ryderup on Oct 25, 2012


Who approved this shit?

Nielsen700 on Oct 25, 2012


Thats hilarious! My phone is so slow I managed to read the first paragraph before the image popped up. To be honest, I laughed and I'm gonna tell my friends about it. Thats a success in my books

Richie G on Oct 25, 2012


Clearly none of the commentors here are Die Hard fans. The 5th film looks awesome!

Monkey Boy on Oct 25, 2012


I'm a Die Hard fan. The 4th was ridiculous. I want to like this, but the last one left such a bad taste in my mouth, I can't trust this one. I'll see it the theater, fingers crossed, but I have almost no faith. Did you actually like the 4th?

grimjob on Oct 26, 2012


Hell yes! Obviously not as much as 1 or 3 but it was miles better than 2.

Monkey Boy on Oct 28, 2012


2 is definitely weaker than 1 and 3, but I gotta take it over 4. At least it had William Sadler, he's always great. But its cool, to each his own.

grimjob on Oct 28, 2012


I'm a fan of John McClane but this poster (despite the intention) sucks. Just white text and overlay. Come on!

TOONFED on Oct 25, 2012


It's almost 2013, can we drop the 'stacked text on face' look?

Nick Sears on Oct 25, 2012


... it's a funny poster. And about the text on top of people's face, well, Die Hard 2 and Die Hard with a Vengeance did that too, so it's still Die Hard 🙂

Yahzee on Oct 25, 2012


No argument this time Alex

Tester on Oct 25, 2012


I'm too busy at the moment. Could someone with Photoshop and free time please edit this to "YIPPIE KI-YAY MISTER FALCON" for me? (and post a link) Thank you.

Akirakorn on Oct 25, 2012


WTB a Bruce Willis that cares.....

David Banner on Oct 25, 2012



castingcouch on Oct 25, 2012


max payne...

dcock on Oct 26, 2012


Wow. Just awful.

grimjob on Oct 26, 2012


Seen the movie yesterday it was awesome!!!!

lene on Feb 15, 2013

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