You Can't Hear Elizbaeth Olsen Scream on Poster for 'Silent House'

February 3, 2012
Source: IMP Awards

Silent House

The first trailer for the forthcoming remake of Silent House starring Elizabeth Olsen touted the idea of a real-time horror flick, and the poster is keeping that claim afloat. However, in the film that is supposedly one single take through an entire house of horrors, there's bound to be some trickery afoot. However, I'm pleased to see that the first poster for the film doesn't use a standard image of an ominous haunted house, but rather focuses on Sundance starlet Olsen clearly scared out of her wits by something. The question is whether or not the film actually works as well as the original Uruguayan film on which this remake is based.

Here's the poster for Chris Kentis and Laura Lau's Silent House via IMP Awards:

Silent House Teaser Poster

Trapped inside her family's haunted lakeside retreat, a young woman (Olsen) descends into madness…

Silent House, the US remake, was co-directed by American filmmakers Chris Kentis & Laura Lau, of the horror films Open Water and Grind previously. It's based on Gustavo Hernández's 2010 Uruguayan film La casa muda. Produced by Elle Driver & Tazora Films, this premiered at the Sundance Film Festival as a late entry last year. Open Road Films is releasing Silent House in limited theaters starting March 9 this winter.

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Xerxexx on Feb 3, 2012


Interest piqued.

DAVIDPD on Feb 3, 2012


it might be ok, i guess. however - am i the only one who wants to know why hollywood is remaking foreign films so quickly? i would rather see them wait a while on the remakes and look for more new ideas.

Anonymous on Feb 3, 2012


Aside from LOL (not that the movie should matter), what else was a remake from foreign places lately?

GregDinskisk on Feb 3, 2012


not intending any  offense, but - if i have to list them, you must not follow film much. just for you, i'll throw a couple out off the top of my head - "girl with the dragon tatoo"; let me in" ; and " death at a funeral". by the way - what do you mean "aside from LOL"? did i say something funny?

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2012


I meant LOL is a Miley Cyrus movie that's coming out... remake of a French movie that was horrible. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was not a remake, but rather another adaption. I hadn't seen the other two, Death at a Funeral because it looked horrible, and I just missed Let Me In, but I heard that it was good... I didn't really think though, when I made that reply, though. Mind just blanked on foreign remakes.

GregDinskisk on Feb 4, 2012


adaptation vs. remake? i think you're splitting hairs there. "let me in" was well done; but, my point still is valid. thanks for the replies - i like the discussion!

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2012


You forgot [REC].

Jasonmd2020 on Feb 6, 2012


thanks - but i only threw a couple out to make my point to the person above. you're right, though....that's another good example.

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


I personally don't think this should be remade at all!! It is the best horror film I've seen in a very long time and will now most likely be ruined in the remake. if your average movie watching american cannot be bothered to read subtitles then that is their loss! Anyway if a remake is to be done (of any film) they should at least try and get the original director involved.

Tetsuo on Feb 3, 2012


Dude, you are awesome! Ive posted this same status on so many articles on involving foreign remakes. Americans make me so mad because they are ignorant and dumb! The original directors don't get the credit they deserve for making the original films! Thanks tetsuo, just made my day bro

Adcoria on Feb 4, 2012


i don't think this has to do with the movie-watching has to do with the greedy hollywood execs who don't want to do the work to come up with their own ideas - they just want to make money on someone elses idea. btw - i'm american and i don't mind a matter of fact, i have quite a few subtitled films in my library.

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


I'm not American and I hate watching subtitled movies.

Max Renn on Feb 6, 2012


I am American, and I don't mind subtitles at all. Some of us still know how to read.

Jasonmd2020 on Feb 6, 2012

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