Zack Snyder Confirms 'Man of Steel' Will Be in 3D & Heading to IMAX

November 7, 2012
Source: The Playlist

Man of Steel

Regardless of what you thought about the story or performances in The Dark Knight Rises this summer, one thing thing that all moviegoers (well, most of them) can agree on is that Christopher Nolan and Wally Pfister's visuals were absolutely stunning. So in a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures, and director Zack Snyder have confirmed today in a press release that Man of Steel, their blockbuster take on Superman that Nolan himself is producing, will also show on IMAX screens when it drops on June 14th, 2013. Also not that big of a shock: they also confirmed it will be presented in 3D.

Here's what Zack Snyder says in the official press release, courtesy of The Playlist, for discussion:

"The film is going to be a visually exciting experience in all formats: 2D, 3D and IMAX. Anticipating how audiences today embrace 3D, we designed and photographed the movie in a way that would allow 'Man of Steel' to captivate those movie goers, while respecting fans who prefer a more traditional cinematic experience. We've taken great measures to ensure the film and the story come first, and 3D is meant as an enhancement."

To me, the tone of that comment reads like Snyder isn't thrilled about the conversion process. He certainly didn't shoot the movie in 3D or with IMAX cameras, so the way he describes it seems like an afterthought, but I'm sure WB was pushing for this to be in 3D from the beginning so they could capitalize on higher ticket prices. And while Nolan was able to have full creative control on his Batman trilogy, it looks like even he didn't have enough clout to avoid 3D on this one. But hey, I'm glad that it's being offered in 2D IMAX.

I remember watching Bryan Singer's Superman Returns on an IMAX screen back in 2006, and despite that movie's flaws, it was still an incredible experience to watch Superman soar through the sky on a massive screen in true IMAX glory. Based on the early teaser trailers and what we saw at Comic-Con, it's looking like Snyder may have pulled off something spectacular with this, and the IMAX format seems to be the perfect fit for his grand, sweeping vision of Superman. Which format will you choose when seeing Man of Steel?

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Definitely imax! Looks like it'll be a great film!

Kale Beyer on Nov 7, 2012


Who said anything negative about TDR story and performances?

Geoffrey Shauger on Nov 7, 2012


Come on admit it; that movie should have been a lot better. Nolan definitely didn't want to make it and it comes across in the film. Also Rotten Tomatos didn't like it, but they removed their review after a bunch of crazy fanboys sent them death threats

Richie G on Nov 7, 2012


Based off the little teaser we saw way back when, this movie is not fit for 3D. The dimness of the glasses will ruin the experience.

germss on Nov 7, 2012


It's funny. I remember WAY back in the day at some kind of industry summit, Show-west or something like that....before the Post-Avatar 3D craze...the position of WB was 'to focus on the spread of Digital theaters, instead of worrying about increasing the number of 3D screens through content'...something along those lines. Now they are the ones forcing movies to be converted to 3D left and right because they didn't have the foresight to decide on 3D from the get-go. Del Toro sold me on the approach being taken on the Pacific Rim 3D conversion...who knows if other films will get the same benefit.

Chris Groves on Nov 7, 2012


It'd be more newsworthy nowadays if a film WASN'T getting a 3D release,

Guy who comments on things on Nov 8, 2012


Beware Marvel! DC resurrect his power day by day and when recieve to maximum capacity You Must Hail Snyder & Nolan made new era superheros with two main DC comic characters : Batman & Superman

Ehsan Davodi on Nov 8, 2012


"The Blue Boy Scout" and "The Blue Boy Scout Rises". All hail Nolan!

Manuel on Nov 8, 2012


High Dude , I Hail Too

Ehsan Davodi on Nov 8, 2012


Will pay for 2D IMAX. Will not pay for 3D in any format.

avconsumer2 on Nov 8, 2012


Sadly the fact that there aren't IMAX screens in my area has chosen for me 🙁

Davide Coppola on Nov 8, 2012


Wait, there's another SUPERMAN movie coming out??

Alan Trehern on Nov 8, 2012


I hope the high-octane, Clark Kent fishing for lobster scene gets the 3D effects it deserves...

Alan Trehern on Nov 8, 2012


Movie Names: 1. "Man of Steel" 2. "The Last Son of Krypton" 3. "The Last Son of Krypton Flies" haha

Fidel Reyes on Nov 8, 2012

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