A24 Drops a Rather Serious James Franco 'Consider This Sh*t' Video

December 2, 2013
Source: HuffPo

James Franco - Consider This Shit

"Some kids, they wanna grow up and be president. Some kids wanna be a doctor… I just wanted to be bad." Hah, yes - more Alien please! A24 is continuing their push for James Franco for Best Supporting Actor in Spring Breakers, and they've released a quick video on YouTube highlighting his performance and many of the quotes praising it. Back in October we ran a post with the headline: A24 Really IS Pushing James Franco for a Spring Breakers Oscar featuring some print ads, and I've been reminding people they really are serious about this. Will all of this honest, serious campaigning make a difference? Will he actually get a nomination? I'm not entirely sure, but I don't mind supporting their push to get one! Good luck, A24.

Here's the new "Consider This Sh*t!" For Your Consideration promo, first debuted by Huffington Post:

Four college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation find themselves bailed out by a drug and arms dealer who wants them to do some dirty work. We've been reporting that James Franco would get a push for Best Supporting Actor ever since the film premiered at the Toronto Film Fest back in late 2012. After earning a modest $14 million at the box office in March this year, A24 has been pushing the film to audiences in interesting ways. In October they released the first For Your Consideration ads in print, which we covered here. And they're going to keep pushing it these last few weeks of the awards season, when crucial voting is taking place. In the meantime, Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers is now available on DVD/Blu-ray if you wish to own a copy of it. "This is my fuckin' dream, y'all!"

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I thought it was great when he was sucking guns like it was a dick. Oscar worthy. God I hated this movie.

YoungWerther on Dec 2, 2013


That "movie" has nothing about it that was award worthy. I put movie in quotes because I am not sure 45 minutes of footage replayed 3 times over qualifies as a movie.

Brian Sleider on Dec 2, 2013


The movie was crap but Franco in it was great. It isn't his fault Korine can't craft a story and thinks editing on crack is a good idea.

Norbert Korzus on Dec 4, 2013



DavideCoppola on Dec 2, 2013


It would be so great if he was nominated!

Nielsen700 on Dec 2, 2013


The biggest reason why I love Spring Breakers is because I love Harmony Korine’s work to begin with. He’s a rare and unique filmmaker that a lot of people really don’t like. Anyways, I love the Korine’s directing of SB and how he directed his actors. He would let them do their own thing while shooting and having them do whatever they wanted to do that they thought their character would do. A brilliant direction choice Korine made was in the last scene between Franco and Gomez. Gomez literally had no idea about that scene. She was about to leave set because she was done shooting all her character’s scene, but then Korine pulled her over and told she has one more scene and just to go with it. So, the emotions in that scene with her and Franco are all her real emotions. I think she said something about being frightened by Franco while shooting that scene. I’m in love with Korine’s existential vision he has for all his films. I love all of Korine’s motifs I could point out while watching. Ex: dolls, character’s singing, different formats of video, framing characters in interview esque. I’ve made a bigger list when I first watched the film, but that’s all I can remember right now. Benoit Debie’s cinematography work for SB is perfect for SB. The use of vibrant colors through out really sets the tone and world these girls are getting into. It could be pretty at times or those colors can be sending you into a trap because you’re in awe with all these colors and lifestyles, which really bring the girls to negative points in their lives. So many people I’ve talked to hate the script because of how repetitive it is, but I think it works because the acts people do on spring break every year are repetitive. SPOILERS, another thing people complain about is how “unrealistic” the ending is. Sure, it might be a tad bit unrealistic, but I always viewed it as these two girls who make out in the end had this violence in them from the beginning and that really drives them to make it through. Another reason is that I see this spring break trip of theirs like a video game. The whole time they say how magical it is or how they feel like they can do anything and in videos games, you really can do whatever you like. I think every actor gives excellent performances and I’m pleasantly surprised how the performances of the four main girls turned out. I think a lot has to do with Korine’s direction and really pushing the actresses acting talents to the fullest. James Franco is perfect, that is all. haha. I’ve watched Spring Breakers 5 times this year already. I love it.

BryceH6 on Dec 2, 2013


I love Franco in this film, but if this gets considered and not Harrison Fords performance in 42, I might shoot someone.

Why? on Dec 2, 2013


I hated the film and I still think Franco should get a nomination.

Norbert Korzus on Dec 4, 2013

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