Alamo Drafthouse Unveils Their List of the 100 Best Films of All-Time

December 13, 2013

Alamo 100 List

For a movie lover to list their 100 favorite films is a daunting task. Choosing 100 films to live with for the rest of your life and no others? Most couldn't even be certain of their favorite film. But that very task was set on the programmers at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse, the theater chain notorious for its collective passion of cinema. Those programmers, as well as Drafthouse CEO and founder Tim League, put their individual lists of 100 films together, and from that list, the "Alamo 100" was born. That's 100 films, listed in no particular order, that League and his crew of programmers feel are essentials, the best in motion pictures.

"In preparing my own list, I imagined that I was on a desert island (a really improbably desert island equipped with a TV, DVD player and electricity) and could only have 100 movies to rewatch for the rest of my life," says League. "There are plenty of lists out there that rank based on popularity or cinematic importance. We wanted the Alamo 100 list to get to the heart of why we really love movies."

And the eclectic mix of the Alamo 100 shows how diverse the art can be. League and his programming team - RJ LaForce, Greg MacLennan, Sarah Pitre, Tommy Swenson, and Joe Ziemba - selected from the wide range of genres and eras. Titles that would appear on any Top 100 Films list appear here, as well, classics like Coppola's The Godfather I + II, Scorsese's Raging Bull, Some Like It Hot and Star Wars: A New Hope. The Empire Strikes Back also makes an appearance, as do The Dark Knight and Step Up 2: The Streets, since we're talking sequels. Yes, Step Up 2: The Streets. Here's a list of films via

Alamo 100

That's the beauty of the Alamo 100, though. There's something on this list for every movie fan. Girlie Night rom-coms like 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless and Mean Girls fit right in with titles more suited for the Terror Tuesday crowd, with horror classics like Alien, Evil Dead 2, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

"We're incredibly proud of the fact that our passions encompass 1960s French films and modern day rom coms, Kubrick masterpieces and epic action flicks, obscure trash-horror and feel-go0d classics," says Pitre. "There is simply no classification that can contain our devotion to the silver screen."

Here's a quick video introducing and discussing the Alamo 100 list and the screening series, via SlashFilm.

You can look through the entire Alamo 100 list as well as the lists each programmer made up on a special website the Drafthouse has created honoring the list. Likewise, the Alamo 100 will be kicking the new year off with screenings of seven of the titles from the list at Alamo Drafthouse theaters across the country: Brazil, City Lights, The Goonies, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Raging Bull, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Sixteen Candles. For tickets, check out the Alamo Drafthouse website. Who's already seen all 100?

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great list. although i would've thrown in more scorsese films (i,e, goodfellas, casino, departed, hugo, gangs of new york, taxi driver)

Alex Williams on Dec 13, 2013


Haha, Alien is better than Aliens! For a few dollars more is better than A Fistful of Dollars! Like that Meangirls is on the list, one of the best screenplays ever written.

PARANAM on Dec 13, 2013


No Inception? List is crap

Guest on Dec 13, 2013


I guess the little Nolan fan is a tiny bit butthurt.

Pablo on Dec 13, 2013


I guess not everyone is a moron like you and accepts this idiotic list

PinkTaco on Dec 13, 2013


Motion carried!

conradthegreat on Dec 13, 2013


The people who downvoted you are complete morons

PinkTaco on Dec 13, 2013


Big Trouble in Little China almost makes up for the EGREGIOUS omissions

Dingo on Dec 13, 2013


The Great Escape. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. The Sting. Jaws. Annie Hall.

javamon on Dec 13, 2013


Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Sandlot, Boogie Nights, Eyes Wide Shut (I know they've already got 3 Kubrick titles). But, seriously with UHF, Step Up 2 and You've Got Mail?

conradthegreat on Dec 13, 2013


List is idiotic. Inception should have been on's better than at least half of the movies.

PinkTaco on Dec 13, 2013


Some random people I don't care about wrote a list of films they like in no particular order. Cool.

Nielsen700 on Dec 13, 2013

13 might get downvoted by morons

PinkTaco on Dec 13, 2013



Jarrod300 on Dec 13, 2013

15'll get downvoted by morons

PinkTaco on Dec 13, 2013


No Aliens? No Die Hard? Pft!

El_MUERkO on Dec 14, 2013


Inception is a glaring omission. Anyone who thinks crap like Uncle Buck is better than Inception is literally too stupid to insult.

PinkTaco on Dec 13, 2013


The Goonies? really? wasn't even good when It first came out! It's a classic example of overt sentimentality of a by-gone era in film making. (still doesn't make the plot, structure or storyline any better)

lattimore on Dec 13, 2013


hard on for Wes Anderson

conradthegreat on Dec 13, 2013


Where is High Noon? Reds? The Right Stuff? Sorry, this list is mediocre at best.

Brian on Dec 13, 2013


Chillax people. it's a FAVORITES list. They're not saying these are the best films of all time or anything (at least I hope). It's personal.

DavideCoppola on Dec 14, 2013


worst list I've ever seen in my life

S freud on Dec 14, 2013


The definition of "favorite" is woefully lost on most people in these comments. If you feel the need to lash out at someone over the list, aim for Jeremy Kirk for calling this article Alamo's 100 Best Films, when Alamo themselves make it abundantly clear it is their favorite films, guilty pleasures and trashy cult-classics included.

Wafffles on Dec 14, 2013


Well put sir!! the editorial craftsmanship here here is about as schlocky as FOX News!!!

lattimore on Dec 15, 2013


Folks this list is designed for a desert island so I assume some of these movies like UHF for example would be meant to be burned in a fire to keep warm.

Mike on Dec 14, 2013


That's so cool! This really is a great example of the love for film because they don't just include the "good" movies, they include movies that aren't so good.

RobotProphet on Dec 16, 2013


You should really read the programmers individual picks. We all had our own taste. This is the way the math shook out. We weren't trying to tell you your favorites, just share ours.

Greg MacLennan on Dec 16, 2013

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