Alternate 'Amazing Spider-Man' Suits + Sequel Trailer December 5th

November 25, 2013
Source: Film Paint

The Amazing Spider-Man

We already know that a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will arrive in theaters with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on December 13th, but the first trailer for the comic book sequel will hit the web (no pun intended) before that. Sony Pictures has announced that the first trailer will arrive on December 5th, a full week before it debuts on the big screen. Be sure to come back to see that trailer when it's available. In addition, some cool alternate designs for Spidey's suit from the first film have made their way online. A couple of them are clearly too sci-fi to work, but one has a feature that fans would love to see.

Here are the alternate The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit designs from Film Paint (via JoBlo):

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

As you can see in the images, a couple of the suits made some serious aesthetic changes to Spidey's eyes, but we think the final suit did it right, and the sequel gives him some buggier ones. But the coolest suit is the one that actually uses the webbing under the armpits, a staple of some of the designs in the comic books. In the end, the new suit wasn't much different, though it did have the texture of a basketball. These other designs look like a futuristic Spider-Man from space. We're not sure if all the designs are metallic because that's how they originally wanted the suit to appear, or if that's just how the computer renderings look.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is directed by Marc Webb and written by Jeff Pinker, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finds, life is busy between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can't come quickly enough. Peter hasn't forgotten the promise he made to Gwen's father to protect her by staying away, but that's a promise he just can't keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past. Sony will release Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters next summer on May 2nd, 2014. Excited?

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Those costumes are all ridiculous....too Japanese looking, not Spidey enough. Maybe they'll use them for the feature length remake of Supaidaman

TheOct8pus on Nov 25, 2013


The second suit is BAD ASS the others kind of suck!!!

Professor_Bedlam on Nov 25, 2013


Thinking the same

me on Nov 25, 2013


I like all of these better than the suit in the sequel. I want to see new and creative designs in Webb's movies not three steps back to the classic suit they changed it to.

regeekery podcast on Dec 2, 2013


Not bad actually. I wish Carnage would make an apperance.

Xerxexx on Nov 25, 2013


With the announcement on how they're going to expand the Spidey universe, this might actually happen.

Nicolo De Bari on Dec 19, 2013


1st and 3rd suit are sweet

redskulllives on Nov 25, 2013


They're all pretty cool but i think 1 and 3 are cooler looking.

Such heroic nonsense on Nov 25, 2013


no no no web-pits...yes

harrisonsl on Nov 25, 2013


Why would spider man have webs in his armpits? He isn't a flying squirrel... Note: I have been made aware the original comic books had this as a component of his suit, so I get why it's here. But still, this seems like a safety hazard.

Jacob Moe on Nov 25, 2013


.............He had it in the comics.

derpa on Nov 25, 2013


fair enough, not a comic book guy myself. I retract my statement.

Jacob Moe on Nov 25, 2013


I would think he'd use it to glide as in when he "web-slinging" and releases. He'll probably "glide" for a second or 2 before using the web shooters. Maybe something like that?

Nicolo De Bari on Dec 19, 2013


Actually I kinda hope he has those functionally useless web thingies... maybe they can have him get snagged on a fence or something and comment afterwards what a bad idea it was to make his suit less streamlined.

Jacob Moe on Nov 25, 2013


Those suits are so much cooler than the one they decided to go with. It's too bad most fan bases are bitchy and complain whenever they make changes, because we'd actually get to see those costumes on the big screen.

James Thompson on Nov 25, 2013


Are you dumb? people love the classic spidey suit.

Eduardo on Nov 25, 2013


There is always a chance that any fan of a certain medium would complain if changes were made to a story / series of stories that they have followed for years. Its not just restricted to comic books.

Trembledust on Jan 15, 2014


Last one is a squirrel suit! Kewl!

DAVIDPD on Nov 25, 2013


Made by people who never open a Spider-man comicbook ever!

toonfed on Nov 25, 2013


Gonna have to agree with you on that one.

Nicolo De Bari on Dec 19, 2013


I disagree. They obviously took ideas from a-lot of the past spiderman costumes throughout the decades from the comics. Spidey 2099, Iron Spider, Scarlet Spider etc. They kinda just ummm made them a bit too flashy for the time period the movie is suppose to be based on. They still look pretty cool but for a later movie IMO.

Trembledust on Jan 15, 2014


How cool are these?

potvin on Nov 25, 2013


Not very

Dingo on Nov 25, 2013


Nah... looks like Spider-Man themed Iron Man suits. However if the last one is edited a bit, I can see it as a 2099 version suit.

Ryan Deadpooln on Nov 25, 2013


Grimdark Spidey suits.

cobrazombie on Nov 26, 2013


3rd one with or without the webbings under arms 😛 and 2nd !! 1st one ?? HELL NO ! Those eyes remind me of dragon flies !! 😛

Febin P Sunny on Nov 26, 2013


Looks like Schumacher is directing. These are the 'Batman & Robin' batnips versions.

Facepalmer on Nov 26, 2013


The third one isn't too bad but the second looks more like an armour designed by Tony Stark

Robert on Nov 26, 2013


That actually happens in the marvel universe, (Iron Spider)

Webby901 on Nov 27, 2013


Yeah I know, it also appears in the Ultimate Spider man cartoon a few times too. 😛

Robert on Nov 27, 2013


Looks a hell of a lot like Spiderman 2099 to me...

haggardfalcone on Nov 29, 2013


Dude, the second one's eyes look like the snapped a pair of Oakley sunglasses in half and set them in the eye areas. Not a fan of that at all.

Nicolo De Bari on Dec 19, 2013


wow, i see it now. easter egg anyone?

Richard Vaughan Apt on Nov 27, 2013


I think they should mix the 1st & 3rd ones together.

mlauzon on Nov 28, 2013


I think these are both well done, but at the same time wrong.. A kid making these in his bedroom? Come on Hollywood, stop Iron manning things.

Chadhulhu on Nov 29, 2013


teenage genius+3D printer=spiderman costume

Jeff Walker on Dec 11, 2013


i think the suits would be awesome if he joined the avengers but not when hes by himself no way could he make those suits by himself

Greg Miller on Nov 30, 2013


Why couldnt he just use a 3D printer to make his costumes that would end this tired debate over Peter making his own costume.. never mind the fact plenty of normal people make their own amazing cosplay outfits, but a poor teenage "Genius" cant do something as menial as sew or operate a sewing machine.

Jeff Walker on Dec 11, 2013


The costumes we have see are definitely not simply sewn together fabric. If they were the suspension of disbelief wouldn't be there for so many like myself. But I REALLLY like the idea of a 3D printed suit. it would add a layer of realism and also set the movie aside as being unique with it's portrayal of a superhero suit.

Nunegro on Jan 1, 2014


i not fond of the third one, the second is really nice but it looks a lot like MOS's, and the first one is fabulous! when will tv jump the margins and start really getting into superheroes?!

Guest on Dec 2, 2013


when creating special effects becomes cheaper to.

Trembledust on Jan 15, 2014


i'm not fond of the third one, the second is really nice but it looks a lot like MOS's, and the first one is fabulous! when will tv jump the margins and start really getting into superheroes?!

GWAAN Dubvader on Dec 2, 2013


well if they didn't want to use the suit from TASM again (I wish they had) then one of these should have been the new suit for TASM2.

regeekery podcast on Dec 2, 2013


I dont like any of these. Just way too overdone and too hollywood. A little more traditonal would have been cool

FletchGuy on Dec 4, 2013


why have they taken this new guy in the amazing spiderman 2. the best suited actor for the spiderman movies was toby mcguire who acted real with real webbs coming out of his hands unlike this dumb guy who makes a tiny machine through which the webbs spin. the new suit is also rubbish. the old 1z til d dark spidey movie wer realistic. 🙁 sad...dont wanna watch this sequel.

raaj rane on Dec 4, 2013


The original comics Peter Parker made the web shooters. It isn't until like 400 issues later (don't remember exactly) that he can create the webs himself. And Amazing Spider-Man is based on a mix of Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man, another which he creates the web shooters. While yes Tobey looked better as Peter Parker, he was an annoying actor for the role. He always sounds like he was whining, and then there was that god awful dancing in Spider-Man 3. Andrew Garfield actually plays the witty, smart-alec Spider-Man that the comics made.

spideyfan on Dec 4, 2013


The Amazing Spiderman with Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield is a much more intelligent approach to Spider-Man and much more like the comics ... What Raimi did to the Goblin in Spider-man 1-3 was unforgivable.

eternalozzie on Dec 11, 2013


I am happy with the webbing part, they are not bad, bu I wish they would do the original which was black and red.

Joseph Chaisson on Dec 6, 2013


I was hoping the new movies would do black and red to set it apart from the raimi movies, but my hopes were dashed

K.A.L on Dec 7, 2013


Whoa. Those suits look pretty badass. You know what's very strange? In real life, these costumes cost MILLIONS of dollars of make. And yet Peter Parker is supposed to be broke. How does he do it?

tman418 on Dec 6, 2013


You answered your own question. Yes, in REAL LIFE it may be worth millions. But this is a movie. Use your imagination to figure out why its not worth millions on screen.

BKBorn1 on Dec 10, 2013


Maybe if Peter had Lucius Fox to help him but totally wrong universe.

Nicolo De Bari on Dec 19, 2013


I agree. It is the comics. Could of indicated that Peter developed a material that was cheap to make that was duarble and flexible. I mean the man did create the stronger then steel web fluid solution and created the web shooters. Not THAT far fetched that he would be able to create a costume with some newly designed fabrics that won't break your pockets. Just cause something looks expensive doesn't mean it is. You could also indicate that he acquired some of the more advanced material from battling enemies. Found them in their labs, hideouts, watever and use them as his own.

Trembledust on Jan 15, 2014


I thought the same thing. My friend said "Peter parker has a lot of talents" and I said the same thing as you. He doesn't have thousands (or millions) of dollars to spend on fabrics and shtuff. I also asked her how he'd get all of the materials and she said, "A fabric store...." and I'm not entirely sure if regular local fabric stores are going to have such expensive material.

Madyocre on Dec 10, 2013


Just because it looks expensive does not mean it is

Carlos Benzan on Mar 20, 2014


The third one looks sick!!

Ricardo D'Angelo on Dec 7, 2013


all better than either suit from the films

etherspin on Dec 7, 2013


Honestly, The First Two look alittle too advanced but the third is actually sick like Ricardo stated..seems fitting..

Cloud 117 on Dec 7, 2013


sick? what?

DeathAxe on Dec 9, 2013



Nawaf Albardooli on Dec 8, 2013


The only one that I find as a passable costume for Spider-Man is the 3rd one. However, I would only want to see that design if they did a Spider-Man 2099 crossover movie. I wonder who has the movie rights to the 2099 universe? Does Sony own Spider-Man 2099 or does Disney?

Kyle Rayner on Dec 9, 2013


Sony owns all Spider Man character movie rights. ..including 2099 and any other versions

KAL EL 716 on Dec 10, 2013


its as if the design for superman did this lol

Mathew Lisett on Dec 9, 2013


I'd say more the costume designers for Cap America.

Trembledust on Jan 15, 2014


Spiderman: Man of Steel

Joe-El on Dec 9, 2013


Spider-Man of Steel!

Mel Man on Dec 9, 2013


These are the suits that Christopher Nolan would have gone with if he was directing/producing the film. EPIC!

Bruce Kent on Dec 10, 2013


I could see these for Spider-Man 2099, but the suit they chose was pretty great. Nice blend between Raimi suit and the comics.

MariosMoustache on Dec 10, 2013


The third one looks like the suit from the Spiderman Unlimited TV series haha

Koolaid on Dec 10, 2013


other than the webbed-arms, these are too future-ish. For spiderman unlimited or 2099 sure, maybe even the Iron Spider from civil war, but for amazing? Nah- im glad they went with the suit they did. looks great!

mastermike890 on Dec 10, 2013


If Disney is smart enough to try and buy this from Sony and they succeed (Dan Loeb wants Sony to sell off its film division) and put Spiderman in the final Avengers movie, I could definitely see them going with the first one, courtesy of Stark Industries.

Aaron Alghawi on Dec 13, 2013


I really wish they would stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

Andrew Arnold on Dec 14, 2013


Why stop at the wheel when you can have the wheeel, or weel, or wiel, or whiel, or flattened circle, or round tubular apparatus, etc.

Gary on May 25, 2014


Hmmm... :/

Guest on Dec 15, 2013



Guest on Dec 15, 2013


I'd like to see a major superhero movie where the hero wears something that looks like a real person could afford it. Peter's supposed to be a kid in high school being raised by a financially struggling aunt who just lost her husband. Spider-Man's uniform should look like pieced-together tatters. (It'd make the movie feel more real to me, at least.)

Austyn on Dec 15, 2013


Not really, Peter Parker - I believe you're forgetting - is technically brilliant. For some reason, his utter brilliance is always down played, forgotten, never explored, and always overlooked by writers. It's one of the reasons I have a definite problem with The Superior Spider Man story arc. To have Peter outsmart so many heavies, time and time again - it doesn't make any sense to have him lose out to Doc Oc in such a ludicrous sort of a way. The writing is "so-so" but again it's sort of undermining the early established brilliance of Parker. Maybe he's been too much of the goodie goodie under dog in the early incarnation of the character - that's what made him Parker, that's what made him a super hero, and that's what made him unique.

John Drew on Dec 31, 2013


Yes , technically brilliant , but still poor as dirt. For him to have suits that so obviously look better than he can afford can take people out of a movie, ruining the suspension of disbelief.

Nunegro on Jan 1, 2014


Dangit, Nunegro, I wanted to say that!!! One point for the Rami series: The suit he wore when he was wrestling. That thing looked realistic. It's what I'd be runnin' around in if I suddenly had super powers.

Austyn on Jan 1, 2014


I agree. I'd love to see a movie based on the game Infamous.

Jason Cunningham on Feb 8, 2014


It kinda resembles the SpiderMan costume from Spiderman 2099 from the costume material looks like Superman's costume from Man of Steel just keep Spidey Basic but I wish they could have added the webbing by the under arms like in the comics

Robert on Dec 15, 2013


They could put these in the game i like the third one alot its pretty cool

Emigdio Miguel Campos on Dec 15, 2013


Way too armoured. Looks like something Tony Stark would design.

Nick Piers on Dec 16, 2013


yea. like there was some inspiration from the Iron Spider suit. Which btw isn't a bad suit in the least but too soon to show it.

Trembledust on Jan 15, 2014


I like the 3rd one because i looks like the original one from the comics and some of the TV shows

Cody James Yerden on Dec 16, 2013



Nicolo De Bari on Dec 19, 2013


What was wrong with the costume from the first one? I liked it. These are pretty cool though

Anonymous24 on Dec 29, 2013


In the comics Spider -Man after being beaten by Electro designs a rubber suit to insulate himself from Electro's shocks and finally manages to lay a glove on Electro.This could be that rubber suit.

THEFORREAL on Dec 31, 2013


Using the eyes from the 3rd on the 1st one would do wonders. They're still neat though...

Jason Cunningham on Feb 8, 2014


I think they all look too goofy and sci-fi...Where does Peter Parker get the money for such nonsense? They look like some carbon nano-tube construction out of an x-box game set 200 years from now. Superman's newest suit with that chainmail texture was bad enough...

mph23 on Feb 22, 2014


the 2 main thing sI dislike, and this goes for all 3 sets, the eyes, they are too big. And the Abs, they should be brought in more. Not so large, no ones abs look like that...other wise I like all 3 of the armor like designs...

Robert Siemon on Feb 23, 2014


i really liked all 3 but i had a Spider Man figure that looked like the second suit with the eyes from the first and the webbing wing from the third after the Secret Wars.

Jorge H. Rivera on Feb 25, 2014


Really liked the last one with the web wings from under the arms and the blue spider on the chest.

Jerry Collins on Mar 14, 2014


If that 3rd concept was in black and white, it would resemble the black suit. Especially, that spider logo...

David Gouki Roy on Mar 15, 2014



Delsin Rowe on Mar 16, 2014


Looks a lot like Ultraman.

EWSER-X on Mar 31, 2014


The first one's general design with the second one's logo and the webbing from the third one.

cobalt_blue on Apr 7, 2014


Spider-Man 2 suit was perfect. Could have used that suit in the reboot.

BKG Ent on Apr 15, 2014


I like the suit designs, but takes too much away from the traditional Spidey suit fans love so much and lastly, those new suits look to be made with some highly advanced materials that a young Peter Parker wouldn't have access to. Sure, he's brilliant and built the web spinners from Oscorp tech, but unless he works at Oscorp and unrestricted access to a lot of their R&D type stuff he wouldn't be able to construct a suit like that. It looks more like armor than a flexible suit which he would require for agility and speed. Still pretty cool designs though

Anthony Millsaps on Apr 16, 2014


These actually look pretty cool, in my opinion...

FlobotingIt on Apr 16, 2014


The second one was awesome. Though these (or similar) would never work because they are too armor-heavy. But very cool though. To bad The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn't that good. I loved Electro but so much in the movie was to cheesy. Oh and by the way. Spoiler now! They follow "The night Gwen Stacy died".

ChelFCsea on Apr 24, 2014


nice designs, hope they dont use any of them in any movies, as i said , they are nice but none of them capture the escence of the character, maybe in a spinoff about spidey and recent robocop lovechild....i think the suit for the new movie is the best until now!!!

Alvaro Feliu on Apr 26, 2014


Because when I was just out of high school I had access to armor.

petewrigley on Apr 26, 2014


I've always had a thing for the Iron Spider suit. The noir Spider suit has its' charms as well. Andrew Garfield's suit just has something too CGI about it

fsafdaf on Apr 28, 2014


i like the suit in the first photo with the smaller spider on the chest and also like the suit to have more red over the black (or dark blue) and i too like the eyes and armpit webbing on the last suit as well and hope they don't give the suit look like its made of metal.. just make it more similar to the cloth material that superman wore after all don't these superheros wear their tights under their regular clothes? 😉

NiagaraTim on May 2, 2014


If spiderman asked Iron man to build him a suit it would look like one of these!

Ethan on May 14, 2014


actually it would look like this

CrazyUncleNicola on May 14, 2014


That just looks like Deadpool but with a spider on it

Kevin Kuo on May 18, 2014


Wondering how he would make any of these suits by hand in real life.

Tim on May 19, 2014


The first one looks like the suit he wears in Ends of the Earth comic

Henrik on May 21, 2014


Love the 3rd one. It screams spidey.

Eli on May 26, 2014


I would love one of these as Iron Spider or Spider-Man 2099. The former would require Sony and Marvel to work together, which I hope does happen. The last one is the only one that could work as a regular Spider-Man costume, the rest look too much like armor. I actually liked his costume in Amazing Spider-Man, wish they had stuck to the more original look.

Sam Kay on May 26, 2014


When will people realize that Peter Parker is not a fashion designer with a ton of $$$ to make these fancy costumes? He's a freelance photographer who can barely scrape up a few dollars to buy a hot dog from a vendor on the street. The closest portrayal I saw for a costume was in the first Spider-man movie with Tobey Maguire. The outfit he wore for the human Spider wrestling character, that's the closest I've ever seen.

mrbrockpeters on May 27, 2014


They look cool in the drawn concept, but how would they play out on screen, in real world context. Like comic book pages, sometimes what pops on a page or a render does not equate to a successful look or feel in the real world, both grimy or brightly lit. The other thing is the how, how would the character make or get such depends seemingly on finances, time and skill or very secretive outsourcing....

Xavier on May 27, 2014


looks awesome

Marvel Slots on May 29, 2014

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