Another Action-Packed 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Materializes

March 9, 2013
Source: The Film Stage

Star Trek Into Darkness

"Tell me this is gunna work?!" Paramount has suddenly unveiled another brand new trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness. Now that we've seen the opening IMAX prologue for this sci-fi sequel, this new trailer mixes in some of that footage with some brand new footage we haven't seen at all yet. Chris Pine as Captain Kirk takes center stage, getting lectured to by Bruce Greenwood as Pike. There's a badass new scene with Kirk and Spock, played by Zachary Quinto, and some other exciting shots found throughout. I still get the feeling seeing even more scenes that this is going to be the movie of the summer. Bring it on, JJ!

Watch the newest teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness, found via The Film Stage:

When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated everything the fleet stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a "one man weapon of mass destruction."

Star Trek Into Darkness is the sequel to the J.J. Abrams-directed reboot of Gene Roddenberry's original science fiction series. The screenplay this time was co-written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman & Damon Lindelof. Most of the crew is back, including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin & John Cho. Paramount is bringing Into Darkness to theaters May 17th this summer.

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I'm so onbard

Butchy Butch on Mar 9, 2013


Bad freakin' ass! I feel like it is going to be a very entertaining summer indeed!

Ron on Mar 9, 2013


I cannot WAIT. I'm more and more happy that Abrams is also directing Star Wars.

Chris Groves on Mar 9, 2013


Looking forward to it as well, but still keeping the fingers crossed that it will be a great film.

Scopedog on Mar 9, 2013


I'm with you. Abrams is the most quality director the Star Wars franchise has ever seen, and the first Star Trek was amazing (even my Sci-Fi hating wife loved it, loved it!). There's really no where to go but up with Abrams.

PBGray on Mar 10, 2013


Bad trailer, but I am still stoked.

Xerxexx on Mar 9, 2013



DAVIDPD on Mar 9, 2013


Too much action by the looks of this, unless it's about 3hrs long I doubt we'll get much character development, not good for Star Trek but might work well in Star Wars when it gets made, hopefully he'll leave ST alone then

Simon124 on Mar 9, 2013


It's a 2-hour blockbuster feature film... you have to keep people entertained, not bore them to sleep with the sorts of stories more suited to a television series. I guess "real" Star Trek has been devoid of action so long because middle-aged actors in jumpsuits stumbling around recycled sets couldn't pull it off.

Steve Cramsie on Mar 9, 2013


I agree Star Trek is more suited to television and that's where I'd like to see it again, but not all ST movies were action packed blockbusters with minimal plot and there were a few good ones, even in the TNG universe there was only one really bad one. Also, if you are going to borrow characters from a 40 year old show I think you can at least flesh them out for the younger viewers who may not be so familiar with the show.

Simon124 on Mar 9, 2013


Character development? Did you see the first one or not? The characters are fully developed. Simon pegg might need some more developing but that's it.

Jon Odishaw on Mar 9, 2013


I have seen the 1st one and I'll admit there was an origin montage of sorts for 2, 3 at best of the Enterprise crew, but I've also seen the IMAX trailer before the Hobbit and there is a whole new bunch of characters/ situations that look like they need some screen time to work, think Prometheus, big mistakes in the same area, and we as the audience paid for it

Simon124 on Mar 9, 2013


Im not a huge abrams fan but if there is one thing he does very well, is get you attached to the characters amidst all the action. I mean it depends on your definition of action but basically most of the first ST was fast paced action packed and he still did a good job developing.

Cody W on Mar 9, 2013


Yep. Exhibit A--the first fifteen minutes of the film. I'll say this for the first Abrams ST film--you actually gave a s**t about the characters, even (as you pointed out) in the midst of the action.

Scopedog on Mar 9, 2013


Well the first big action scene in MI3 is another great example. They were rescuing a chick you didnt know anything about except some background and in the midst of her and Hunt kicking ass...and her dying on the chopper you started to actually care about her in a 10 minute period.

Cody W on Mar 10, 2013


I loved Prometheus though. Plot holes and all.

Jon Odishaw on Mar 10, 2013


Well, this isn't a Prometheus thread, but if it were, I might say that I liked it too, even after the initial huge disappointment, but that's probably my love of Alien and the space jockey for years. But, my point remains, Lindlehof only gave us 2, or 3 characters in a crew of many more, and could have done better, let's hope the others keep an eye on ST into darkness, I'd so love to be wrong!

Simon124 on Mar 10, 2013


Well, it's only a 60-second trailer....that's around a minute. The movie itself will be, what--2+ hours? More than enough time for character development. And to be honest, character-driven stories are what Abrams is pretty good at. Just my opinion, mind you....

Scopedog on Mar 9, 2013


60 seconds, is..."around a minute"...???

Brad White on Mar 11, 2013


Great!I was waiting for a movie where I don't have to use my brain to watch it!

lens flare on Mar 9, 2013


"It's gunna be fun" 🙂

David Banner on Mar 9, 2013


I'll admit this doesnt look like your typical ST movie, both in looks and action.. But damn if this isnt a f@#$ng badass trailer !!!

Tester on Mar 9, 2013


You got that right, Tester...keeping the fingers crossed that the movie will live up to what the trailers have hinted at. Loved the first film; hoping that the second will top it.

Scopedog on Mar 9, 2013


"The screenplay this time was co-written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman & Damon Lindelof." "Damon Lindelof" Awesome! Can't wait for another petting a space-cobra-penis-vagina scene !

trewq on Mar 9, 2013


PREPARE FOR...questions...lots and lots of unanswered questions lol. Im waiting for a south park parody of his writing.

Cody W on Mar 10, 2013


Oh, FUCK YES!!!! on Mar 9, 2013


this is me watching this trailer

TOONFED on Mar 9, 2013


London as a setting for Star Trek? Where did the adventure go? It's a little too much video game of a movie to me.

$126191 on Mar 10, 2013


Movies are trying to look like video games and video games are trying to be movies.Both are moving towards mediocrity in the way of telling a story.Graphics rule all or to put it in movie terms ,as long as you have visuals that are "awesome " there is no need for any "brain food" or something that nourishes the soul. Fun times.

a snob on Mar 10, 2013


Your nuts, videogames are reaching a level of story never seen before, yes the graphics are becoming movie like but game like the new Tomb raider and upcoming Bioshock prove that gaming as artform is in its golden age and its only getting better.

Cody W on Mar 10, 2013


Nope,videogame stories are at level of B grade screenplays or average at best and shitty pulp novels most of the time.There are exceptions I grant you that,but considering the fact it's an interactive media there is no real breakthrough in regards of interactively telling a story .Most of the time you are watching cut scenes and then there is a "shooting gallery " sections with some puzzles in between.QTE supposedly give you more interactivity but they are mostly annoying. Some developers are trying to really explore the medium but most of them are trying to imitate movies with "actiony "parts left to the player.Which consists of killing henchmen of one kind or the other. The point is,videogames should really go in the direction of the players being creative and inventive when exploring the narrative of the world of a given videogame and not constricted by the story a game designer is trying to tell.A player should "tell " his own story. And I hope videgames are not in its golden age as you put it.I really hope they,the artists are just beggining to tap into the potential of interactive media. Imitating movies is not new. Sadly now we get movies which are trying to imitate the "shooting galery" part of the videogames.and videogames imitation those movies in turn. Dilution of both art forms in the long run.

talkingouttamyass on Mar 11, 2013


While you make some good points, don't assume that every player wants to "tell their own story" in a videogame - nah, some of us are old-fashioned and actually want to be TOLD a story in a game format with a strong protagonist, just as we are told stories in movies, books, comics, and TV. I am personally not a fan of creating a game character in my own image (a la Mass Effect, Fallout, and other Western RPGs) because I prefer meeting interesting, fleshed-out characters and following them on their journey... I don't want to insert a generic version of myself in their place. The difference with the gaming medium is you do have a level of interactivity far beyond that of a film, and you get dozens of hours of story and character development out of it - instead of just 2 or 3 in a movie. In that sense, playing a good story-driven game reminds me a lot of reading a great novel - you spend so much time with it and are so immersed in the details of the world (many of which you influence and/or help create) that the emotional connection you're able to achieve is very different from that of a film. I agree that I'd like to see more diversity in the gameplay elements that are commonly used and abused, but as far storytelling quality goes, I personally am finding a lot more creativity in games these days than movies (so many film studios seem risk-averse lately)... BioShock, Shadow of the Colossus, and Assassin's Creed are three examples off the top of my head of games that do not have an easily identifiable equivalent experience in movies. Damn that was a long tangent, sorry. Anyway, I love this new Star Trek 2 trailer and am stoked for it. ;P

Ali Miller on Mar 11, 2013


"I don't want to insert a generic version of myself in their place." Well some of us when we are roleplaying are not inserting any kind of version of our selves into the game.We create a different character.It's not that hard to let go and pretend to be somebody completely different. Preferably a pink pony with sparkly eyes. As for interactivity in games.It's far below what it could be in my opinion.But then again like you said not everybody likes sand box type of games. Also I would like games to "grow up" beyond "cool" and "awesome",beyond superficial.We as gamers are getting older and do you believe that as an older person you will still like playing games with teenage type mentality? And let's face it most if not all of them are.

talkingouttamyass on Mar 11, 2013


Setting no, location for part of the story, maybe, could just be reference to something that happens all or mostly off-screen, you are reading too much into that line...

Brad White on Mar 11, 2013


The good: most of the trailer. I want to see. The bad: a spaceship narrowly fitting through a gap for the 1000th time and the words 'Punch it!'

Simon Watkins on Mar 10, 2013


wow, I can actually see what's going on now! love it!

Jacob Denton on Mar 10, 2013


Movie looks and will be epic no doubt...this trailer was poor though.

Eyedea on Mar 10, 2013

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