Another Cold, Heartless Trailer for Disney's 'Planes' Comes Flying In

July 12, 2013


Yes, a whole slew of families are going to hit the theater when this animated spin-off arrives, but no, that doesn't mean it's worth it. Without the help of Pixar Animation, Disney is taking us to the sky with Planes, set in the world of Cars. Other than that, this film has nothing in common with the quality we've come to expect from Pixar, even in their less impressive Cars 2. In this new trailer Dane Cook's voice still seems completely out of place as Dusty, and the rest of the characters just seem like caricatures with nothing but lame jokes. The gorgeous visuals are the only redeeming aspect of this film and that's not enough. Watch?

Here's the new trailer for Disney Animation's Planes, direct from Disney:

Planes is directed by Klay Hall ("King of the Hill," Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure) and follows Dusty (Dane Cook), a small town crop dusting plane who longs to enter the most epic around-the-world air race despite his fear of heights. But Dusty's not exactly built for racing, so he turns to a seasoned naval aviator who helps Dusty qualify to take on the defending champ of the race circuit. The voice cast also includes Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, John Cleese, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Brad Garrett, Gabriel Igelsias, Teri Hatcher and more. Disney Animation sends Planes to theaters on on August 9th, 2013 later this summer. Anyone?

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An insult to the human race.

Nielsen700 on Jul 12, 2013


The definition of: "Money grab."

DAVIDPD on Jul 12, 2013


Even Pixar knew this was shit.

DAVIDPD on Jul 12, 2013


This one actually looks really good. how could anyone criticize this? It looks like they have the physics exactly right

Moof on Jul 12, 2013


And if there's one thing that makes for a good animated film, it's physics.

Ethan Anderton on Jul 12, 2013


Creating a believable world for the story to live in is something that very few filmmakers ever get right because of how uneducated and simple the average person is. So yeah I understand why you wouldnt care, but it means that it has a better chance of being a good movie than How to Train your Dragon 2 for example, for people like me 🙂

Moof on Jul 12, 2013



Skyesofrock on Jul 12, 2013


Quite true. I should start to fear about my children talking to an Airbus at the local terminal!!!!!!

Joe Kundlak on Jul 12, 2013


Yep, which is a believable conceit for storytelling, and yet if those planes had 14 eyes each, and with no explanation, you'd be scratching your head. The world suddenly operating in a different way than they know throws people off, and while I understand that most don't have masters degrees, unrealistic physics ruins movies for the smarter of us

Moof on Jul 12, 2013


"The smarter of us"???!!!! You must think you are the shit, but you are not.....

Javon on Jul 12, 2013


"I understand that most don't have masters degrees", "for the smarter of us"!????!! Nigga...sit yo ass down u ain't shit

Tasha on Jul 12, 2013


I agree. I think this looks like its going to be better than Cars. After Tangled and Wreck it Ralph Disney Animation has been on a role, and I don't think they'd risk their streak putting this in theaters if it wasn't any good (it was originally made to go straight to DVD). This doesn't look appealing for adults because....its not made for adults. You're point about physic is connected to a larger point about creating a world for kids to indulge in. If say, the wings of the planes flapped like birds it would be confusing to them and they wouldn't get into it as much (which is part of the problem with the movie Up! As good as it is there's so much of it that is odd and far fetched it loses kids in parts). I work with kids and they're already freaking out about this movie, and the toy planes are already showing up in my classroom. Arguably they're more excited for this movie than they were for Monsters U or Despicable Me 2. I would not be surprised if this movie surprises Elysium and takes the number 1 spot on opening weekend.

UrAllThumb on Jul 12, 2013


What did you expect? Cars was just ok and never needed a sequel. Then throw in Pixar has nothing to do with this. Lasseter has a producer credit that's about it. DisneyToon is doing it and even though they are based in CA, most of it is being done in India

Tom on Jul 12, 2013


This must be from the Pixar Vancouver studio

gub on Jul 12, 2013


I stand corrected, animation from India. Great.

gub on Jul 12, 2013


I remember the the taxi cab who wanted to be a race car from the Tex Avery, "One cab's family", the son's name was Hot Rod. I would rather watch that.

mooreworthy on Jul 12, 2013


This movie is going to be critically panned, but kids are already excited about this movie and its still a month out. I still haven't seen a Monsters U toy or a Despicable Me 2 toy show up in my class, but the planes from this movie have already started flying in. Personally I think this movie is a brilliant idea. Planes are way more enthralling to kids than cars. Personally I think this looks better than Cars and I would not be surprised if this movie puts up quite a battle and perhaps even steals the #1 spot from Elysium on its opening weekend.

UrAllThumb on Jul 12, 2013


There was a time when then the Pixar brand used to stand for quality, not quantity. Sadly after the Dinsey buyout, this was expected.

Mithun Divakaran on Jul 12, 2013


But it's not from Pixar, it's from DisneyToon Studios.

Ferguzon on Jul 14, 2013


I don't think this deserves thw criticism ot is getting, just nwcause it is solely disney doesn't mean anything, disney has been really good lately with the movies that they've done. Though i will admit it has the potential for being a screw up, i don't think it will be as bad as it is cracked up to be.

SecretAsianMan15 on Jul 13, 2013


I just think we should do Pixar a big favour and tell everyone you know that it's nothing to do with them! Just horrible.

Dan B on Jul 14, 2013


Gee Ethan; I imagine you clutching your pearls with one hand and putting the back of the other against your anguished brow. "Cold, heartless trailer"? Really!?!? Did the trailer come in the night and steal the children? Get a grip.

Joy on Jul 16, 2013


Whats wrong with planes? Not everyone is into cars,fishing or golf!! What about all the pilots! Personally this looks way More exciting than race cars !

Ivy on Jul 16, 2013

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