Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirmed for Role in Gestating 'Terminator 5'

January 22, 2013
Source: Bleeding Cool


News just keeps on flowing when it comes to keeping the Terminator franchise alive. Shortly after David Ellison and Megan Ellison landed the rights to the sci-fi series for their respective Annapurna Pictures and Skydance Productions banners, they hired writers Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier to take on the new sequel. However, because it's so early in development, we have no idea what's going on with a story. At one time Justin Lin was in line to direct with Arnold Schwarzenegger returning, but with this fresh start, we've been wondering if he would come back. Now the man himself gave the official answer to that question.

At a press junket in London for The Last Stand, BleedingCool got Schwarzengger to list off his upcoming projects. They include the new Conan movie and also the insane Twins sequel Triplets with Eddie Murphy and Danny DeVito. But the actor also listed Terminator in his future, so that means he'll be back for the sequel. We're not sure if it will be a lead role like the first three films, or if he'll just have a small part. Either way, it has to be better than the weird computer animated version of his robotic alter ego in Terminator Salvation. The fact that Arnold has aged significantly since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines would make the robot version of himself a little hard to believe now, but they made a young Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy, so the same effects could be used this time around as well.

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Xerxexx on Jan 22, 2013


Geez busy news day eh Ethan?, as for the news: Sweet!

Cody W on Jan 22, 2013


I'll be back.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jan 22, 2013


The De-aged CGI Arnold in Terminator Salvation looked better than the De-aged CGI Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy.

Chris Groves on Jan 22, 2013


Because CGI Arnold was based on a rubber head made for T1. So no de-aging was needed.

pjs on Jan 23, 2013


Either way, this article criticizes THAT effect, but then suggests what was done to Bridges in Tron Legacy, like that was good. Also, I believe that they did scan Arnold's face for Salvation. I know they did go for the 80s look, from the original film, but I'm pretty sure they did a scan of Arnold's face.

Chris Groves on Jan 23, 2013


I think Arnold was 1 of the first to make full body scans(digital) and molds(physical) of his face(and body?) long before anyone else, for future use. They can get one of these 1990's-Arnold/T2-era casting for a movie today that looks perfect. I wonder if he didn't try to sell his likeness(for $25million?) for free use in future movies/commercials, but either had no buyers, or was shut down by the law? I think this might have a connection to the case of Crispin Glover's likeness being misused in a Back to the Future sequel? He sued and won. Hmm...I dunno, maybe someone remembers this?

David Banner on Jan 25, 2013


Terminator has always been SO good because of the story... but so close to cheesy because of Arnold. Salvation was awesome, there were funny lighthearted parts, but no cheese. I really hope they keep his role small, a short cameo would be best I think.

prantsdagger on Jan 22, 2013


The robot thing that he played wasn't even the most efficient killer, why would they keep making him? Surely the robots would all be those liquid metal ones. Does a teenager really care who Arnold is? I know there are older people who'll go see it, I dunno.

Carpola on Jan 22, 2013


Just came back from seeing The Last Stand and it was a lot of fun! Looking forward to the new Conan movie, but as far as any new Terminator movie is concerned, I don't care much anymore.

Moutchy on Jan 22, 2013


Well that's fine with me. Get Justin Lin back!

OfficialJab on Jan 22, 2013


Sounds like he's borrowing a chapter from Stallone, and resurrecting some of his beloved series during his later years.

PBGray on Jan 22, 2013


Huge fan of Arnold....Huge fan of T1 and T2. Despite that this news sounds awful. He's too old to play the part.

Geoffrey Shauger on Jan 22, 2013


If they make, I will see it.

DAVIDPD on Jan 22, 2013


Get to gestating some comments about gestating gestations, all gestaters! Gestate, I say, gestate!!!

phonostar on Jan 23, 2013


Have some self-respect, Arnie. Don't do it.

castingcouch on Jan 23, 2013


Mmmh.. I sure love to see humans having their machines as well! being resistant or superhuman for a soldier on the battle feild and controlling heavy mech gear’s like secondary armor to fight down skynet. ahhhh. sure love to see horror, more blood. well this will likelly to be more on the hybrid side new project analisis bisley rage grim animal interfairance after skynet station were destroy by the resistance. yesss. and the secret place skynet set grounds on ahhh. a reality aspects, human earth sending curiosity on mars didin’t think i would say that. mars is skynet world. hahhahahaha Anyway guys i like your feed backs on this tophic? did i left out a part?

Ram on Jan 29, 2013

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