'Batman vs. Superman' May Be Going By One of These Awkward Titles

November 21, 2013

Batman vs. Superman

Everyone has been calling the Man of Steel sequel that brings Batman into the mix simply Batman vs. Superman, but the reality is the film remains untitled. Many think that going by the comic book title World's Finest is a great idea, but not everyone is a comic book fan, and that title doesn't make it clear that the movie features Batman or Superman. However, the alternative may be one of a series of awkward and basically terrible titles that Warner Bros. has registered through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor. They all feature the phrase Man of Steel to make sure everyone knows this is a Superman sequel, but they also feature some generic phrases and Batman related puns. It's kind of a mess. Read on!

Here's are the registered titles that Fusible (via ComingSoon) noticed:

Man of Steel Battle the Knight
Man of Steel Beyond Darkness
Man of Steel Black of Knight
Man of Steel Darkness Falls
Man of Steel Knight Falls
Man of Steel Shadow of the Night
Man of Steel The Blackest Hour
Man of Steel The Darknness Within

We're hoping that these titles are merely for video games or other merchandising to tie into the eventual film. These are all just oddly worded titles with terrible "knight" and "night" puns, all involving dark adjectives. Some of them are too similar to Star Trek Into Darkness, while others sound like titles for horror movies. Batman vs. Superman is easily the best title for the film or even Man of Steel vs. The Caped Crusader would be preferable. Warner Bros. is releasing the film on July 17th, 2015, and we hope an official title will be revealed soon. Do you have any better titles?

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Man Of Steel Falls Then Dark Knight Rises Man Of Steel 1 Dark Knight 0 Man Of Steel Falls For The Dark Knight

capitandelespacio on Nov 21, 2013


"Man of Steel Falls For The Dark Knight" would be interesting

iamNotLegend on Nov 21, 2013


Man of Steel: Brokebatman

maxbasix2 on Nov 21, 2013


Think they need to keep brainstorming on that title

David Diaz on Nov 21, 2013


Just call it "Steel," and bring Shaq back into the mix. Affleck and Cavill wouldn't stand a chance.

Goose on Nov 21, 2013


Still better than Batman vs. Superman.

Armitall on Nov 21, 2013


If you say so.

Brian Sleider on Nov 21, 2013


Your all nuts for believing these are titles for the film the studio is teasing us to hype up the film even I can see that!!

FearTheSpear1990 on Nov 21, 2013


These titles are terrible. Especially Battle The Knight takes the cake, it sounds like a toyset. No to Darkness or Darknness. Black of Knight? It's like someone from WB asked their kid to write down some movie titles if these are for real. If they do end up using Man of Steel in the title, Man of Steel: World's Finest. Seriously how hard is it WB. You already have the Superman and Batman logo plastered on the title.

Charlie Hard on Nov 21, 2013


How about Man of Steel without Ben Asslick!!

Gene Gene on Nov 21, 2013


If they stick with Man of Steel as a main title just call it No. 2. Edit: That would be Man of Steel 2 obviously, since he's the main character....

Steven on Nov 21, 2013


Hey how about Batman vs Superman? Or Man of Steel, The Knight.

Brian Sleider on Nov 21, 2013


superdude vs batdude?

Such heroic nonsense on Nov 21, 2013


Man of Steel Battle the Knight Man of Steel Beyond Darkness Man of Steel Black of Knight Man of Steel Darkness Falls Man of Steel Knight Falls Man of Steel Shadow of the Night Man of Steel The Blackest Hour Man of Steel The Darknness Within All of those: No. Man of Steel: World's Finest. Yes.

Quanah on Nov 21, 2013


First and foremost: "The World's Finest" would be my top choice. Of those mentioned...I'm a little partial to: Man of Steel: Battle the Knight Man of Steel: Knight Falls

Chris Groves on Nov 21, 2013


Seconded. Of course it should be called World's Finest. These Warner Bros guys are trying too hard. That said, I'm excited for the movie. It's still early, but think it'll be better than Man of Steel.

Buttass on Nov 22, 2013


Yeah, Man of Steel wasn't perfect, but by no means was it "bad". It's not a sin to just be "good" or "very good" or "great in spots, weak in others". In general, Snyder keeps improving as a director in my opinion. He's come quite a ways from his Dawn of the Dead days. That was a great movie, but to go from that to pulling off Man of Steel and not doing a 'Superman Returns' with it is commendable. I believe that by throwing Batman into the mix, and bringing in an Oscar winning talent like Ben Affleck, who can write, direct, and act...that his overall 'creative contribution' to the film will go beyond just playing Batman, and that it will result in a better film.

Chris Groves on Nov 25, 2013


But in regards to the title. A black poster with 'The World's Finest' and the two logos over-layed on top of one another would be all they need to sell this to people. Beyond that, I DO see the logic of wanting to keep the 'Man of Steel' franchise title. To really sell the notion of 'this is an MOS sequel that we are using to introduce the new Batman', as you can't truly have a "crossover" film if it's not two franchises actually crossing over. It would be a different story if this took place after the Nolan trilogy and they were using the Bale Batman.

Chris Groves on Nov 25, 2013


Man of Steel fights The Dark Knight from The Dark Knight not to be confused with The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan

dvt on Nov 21, 2013


Oh, you mean, M.o.S.F.t.D.K.f.T.D.K.n.t.b.c.w.T.D.K.b.C.N. You should have said that before; it's much trendier.

mooreworthy on Nov 21, 2013


"Dark Steel"?

Nash on Nov 21, 2013


They all sound like a Black Dynamite sequel! Cue porn music.

mooreworthy on Nov 21, 2013


Man of Steel: The Dark Knight Menace

Jox on Nov 21, 2013


Wow and I thought The Dark Knight Rises was a bad title. They continue to impress me... and not in a good way

Richie G on Nov 21, 2013


How about Dark Knight of Steel

Arwen on Nov 21, 2013


BatMan of the Dark Steel Knight Begins Rising

commenter on Nov 21, 2013


And where is, electric boogalo?

toonfed on Nov 21, 2013


The more I hear about this movie the more I just want to hate it. I'll be honest, Man of Steel was garbage, to me it was a waist of film and really didn't have the feel of a Superman movie. Certain scenes were spot on but you had these other scenes that just seemed out of place and made Superman look weak. I can't say I am excited for this film because Man of Steel was such a let down. I don't think Batfleck will do Bruce Wayne justice, but I could be wrong.

blkstar on Nov 21, 2013


Made Superman look weak? It seems like Superman can't win. People bitch that he is too powerful, then the film gives him villains that are supposed to be on his level of strength(read a comic before talking shit) and everyone loses their shit.

Facebook User on Nov 24, 2013


Look too weak? Emotionally or physically? Emotionally: OBVIOUSLY he'll be weak emotionally. It's an origin story. He grew up with strong morals and the burden of being an outsider to everyone he knows. On top of that, he gets his FIRST real test against a small army of beings just as strong as him who are also more skilled. Oh and EVIL. That's a heavy weight to carry for just one person. He just began being Superman. No way he'd have the classic persona yet. The death of Zod will likely bring about that persona. Physically: You can't possibly mean this considering the battle between him and Zod's team left a small town and half a city in ruins. Also, Affleck will do a great job. I think he's more capable than Christian Bale. People THINK Bale did a good job but that's only because they're confused by how good the movies and the villains were. Bale was pretty terrible, ESPECIALLY in his Batman scenes.

wat on Nov 25, 2013


No, those suck. I've got it. The Man of Steel Rises Out of the Dark Shadow of the Knightfall: Redemption. That covers almost all bases.

Krishna Shenoi on Nov 21, 2013


I've got it guys! The Knight Is Always Darkest Before the Superman. Supermaaan. Supermaahn. Supermawn. Ah screw it, close enough. I'm clever, dammit! Anyway, it seems to me like this would most likely be a PR stunt/gag with the added benefit of keeping the real title a secret. I'm sure they'd love to have a huge unveiling of the real title as the movie gets closer to build hype, and the best way to defend against a leak is to have a dozen fake title and one real one. At least, that's my hope, because there's no way in hell I'm gonna be able to ask for two tickets to the 8 o'clock showing of "Man of Steel The Darknness Within" with a straight face.

Wafffles on Nov 21, 2013


"Man of Steel, Man of Shadow" or "Man of Steel, Man of Night." For the contrast while keeping the brand name. Or, if they're insisting on less serious titles, "Batman/Superman: Justice League Origins" is still available.

Outlaw on Nov 21, 2013


Man those titles are cheesy and/or predictable. At the same time I don't have anything clever, but it's also not my job, so..

DavideCoppola on Nov 22, 2013


!ST OFF the whole idea for the movie sucks because unless Bats gets some Kryptonite Supes KILLS him . Easily ..( i'm sure some of you would like to see Afflexk pounded into the DARK asphalt ) ... That being said , drop the 'of ' in # 3 replace with 'vs' Man of Steel VS Black Knight ... I'm not seeing it regardless ....

Dominic on Nov 22, 2013


It should be called "Bruce and Clark: Best Friends Forever"

TheOct8pus on Nov 22, 2013


"Bruce and Clark's Super Bogus Adventure"

lewinston on Nov 22, 2013


Or "Bruce and Clark: A Titillating Adventure"

TheOct8pus on Nov 22, 2013


Man of Steel Pajama Party

DJROBL on Nov 22, 2013


dead parents

Matt on Nov 22, 2013


Man of steel: World without Justice, Rise of justice, New justice idk

Jermaine Savage Isbell on Nov 22, 2013


Brave new world lol

Jermaine Savage Isbell on Nov 22, 2013


Man of Steel: Knightfall

AnotherDan on Nov 22, 2013


Man of Steel: Knightfall. Nice.

Nicholas Vainglory Phillips on Nov 22, 2013


Man Of Steel Bat Shit Crazy

Jimmy Love on Nov 22, 2013


My top four: Justice League: Just Kidding Clark and Bruce go to White Castle The Super Games Twilight

Akirakorn on Nov 23, 2013


Batman/Superman Dark Knight Over Metropolis Gothams Man Of Steel DarkLight Batman Superman Worlds Finest Man Of Steels Dark Knight Supermans Dark Knight Justice Begins Caped Crusaders

Paul T on Nov 23, 2013


and why are they "awkward" exactly?

Mørtifer V. on Nov 25, 2013


"steel in the midst of darkness" would be good...

Stephen Philip on Nov 25, 2013


They should just call it "World's Finest".

Daniel Jesse Spade on Nov 25, 2013


Batman bends over for beefy boy in blue because being brave but not buff enough besides its believable and not bewilderingly bad.

MCBarkingSpoon on Nov 26, 2013

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