Ben Affleck Finally Chats Batman & Early Reactions on Jimmy Fallon

September 16, 2013
Source: Batman News

Ben Affleck on Jimmy Fallon

"I'm a big boy, I could handle any snub… I can handle anything." There isn't much revealed about his role or the story, but that's no surprise. A month ago, Ben Affleck was officially cast as a "tired and weary and seasoned" Batman in Zack Snyder's in-development Man of Steel sequel, tentatively called Batman vs. Superman. The news rocked the entertainment world and caused fanboys all over to lose their minds, and not necessarily in the good way. However, after remaining silent for weeks, Affleck finally talked about the Batman news on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, briefly addressing all the early reactions.

Note: discussion about playing Batman begins at 1:45 into the video above and continues until the end.

Thanks to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for hosting the video, found via Batman News. He talks about his hesitation in taking the role until they brought him in and explained their concept. Here's what Affleck did say: "[Zack Snyder] has this incredible take on it. Obviously you can't do what Christian [Bale] did, those movies are amazing… He wants to do something different, but still in keeping with [what Chris Nolan did]. So I thought… this is a brilliant way to do this, and I really know how to hook into this." We'll have to wait until 2015 to find out what exactly that means, but it's still fun to hear him talk about the project this early.

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Reader Feedback - 68 Comments


I think while hes a good director (and seems like a nice guy), most people were a bit angry because..well lets face it, hes just not as great of an actor as he is a director. In that regard, Bale had that covered. Not that i care about superhero movies anyways (which i dont) but im surprised that people are so mad at Ben when the actual travesty is that Snider is directing. MoS was a turd. It looked nice. But it was forgettable.

Buzzfunk on Sep 16, 2013


You've got to be kidding me? How is he not a great actor? He's had numerous great performances, he is both an award winning actor and director. And honestly why is everyone acting like Batman is the hardest character to play, seriously what is so damn hard about being Bruce Wayne? Be cocky, make some jokes done. As batman your entire freaking face is covered and you have to punch people. This isn't a Christy Brown role (Daniel Day Lewis in "My Left Foot"). Also if you don't care then don't comment, you're just wasting everyone's time. Also it's spelt Snyder. Zack Snyder, if you're going to bitch about someone's work at least get their name right. Ben Affleck is a great choice, he'll do great. Does no one remember the outrage after Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker? Look how that turned out.

Timothy James on Sep 17, 2013


"Great" performances? And no, he has won no awards as an actor. At least check your facts before posting

Have Hope on Sep 17, 2013


A lot of great actors have never won awards ... People forget that he , along with most of this Hollywood generation , grew up reading comics , and these roles are opportunities of a lifetime for them( NOW that Hollywod finally respects comics) . DD was was great for him because he was a fan as a kid . ALL of us grew up with Batman ..... also remember that he's tall , not greatly muscled but he could jack up a bit . So he's perfect for superhero roles ... I"M not gonna see it ,( in theatres) but that's because I'm tired of Supes and Bats being the only movie stars of DC . If they don't build for Justice League correctly they'll screw that one up ...

Dominic on Sep 17, 2013


Gary Oldman has never won an Oscar, that doesn't change the fact he is one of the greatest actors around.

ocp on Sep 17, 2013


Speaking of fact checking... http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000255/awards?ref_=nm_awd I'm not condoning the casting... but he's got some awards.

avconsumer2 on Sep 17, 2013


I think it is more that he acts the same. Even in Argo his line delivery was the same as it was in Dogma. Although he is in good company in that respect. Tom Cruise, Christopher Walken, Bruce Willis, Jeff Goldblum, Jesse Esienberg all act the same in the every movie they do. They just have different names and looks. A lot of people didn't like Heath as Joker because he hadn't played that type of character before and so they couldn't see him as that character. They don't like Ben because we have seen him play this type character and saw that it comes off as Ben doing the same type of character he does in the other movies. There are some great actors that really get into the character and can have you believe they are actually that character. And there are some actors that just put on the makeup and dress up like the character and then speak the same in every movie.

netizen24601 on Sep 17, 2013


Exactly. Very well put...

Buzzfunk on Sep 17, 2013


SO , what that type of actor needs , is a role that allows him to use his limited ( your call ) talents wisely . A superhero movie where the leads(s) just have to grunt and snarl through the fight scenes is about his pace , right ? Since this movie is Batman being cynical and depressing , I guess poor little Ben can handle that one-note , according to you .... Metaphysically speaking , however , I think your " actors that just put on the makeup and dress up like the character and then speak the same in every movie " is more of a projection from you . Understandable ; some roles are just about how you look , how you dress , how you speak . Once Hollywood KNOWS you , you get put into typecast roles ( and why not take them ? Nay SEEK them out ! , if you're getting paid ) . Should you need a tall , dark-haired , good-looking scoundrel , Ben's agent is on speeddial . He can't play a 50-yr-old wizened Egyptian , can he ?

Dominic on Sep 18, 2013


The reverse is also true : there are some roles that NOBODY can play like one actor can . This happens in soaps , as a beloved actor IS the embodiment of how that character looks and is written ..and the fans hate the replacements .... dark-haired scoundrel with a Boston/Northeastern accent is Affleck's resume . Think I've seen him as a Southern character once somewhere ....

Dominic on Sep 18, 2013


Oh dude, please cry me a river. Really? I care about this site, I care about good movies. And the one thing everyone on the net has...is an opinion. Dont like mine, dont reply. You dig, brah?

Buzzfunk on Sep 17, 2013


You're a turd.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 17, 2013


Are you trolling a turd on the net? its like woa, your SO SMART!

Buzzfunk on Sep 17, 2013


Pffff, Im not the one who said "MOS was a turd", then contradicted yourself to say, "it looked nice", then went on to say you dont care about superhero movies, but yet you feel the need to put your 2 cents in a column that has to do with a superhero character for an upcoming movie, and lastly, cant even spell Snyder right. No, you're right, you're the smart one here, Buzzfuck........oh sorry, bumfuck, oh shit, wait buzz-funk.....wow what a tricky name, perhaps you should change it.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 17, 2013


I remember the good ole days when trolling meant pulling your dick out your zipper to pick up chicks, not some pussy defense thrown at someone telling it like it is on the internet. if he is "trolling" on you then you are "trolling" on MOS and everyone who made that great movie. you people are never happy.

seanwills on Sep 17, 2013


Not to twist the proverbial knife... but it's "you're" in that context. A contraction of "you" & "are". Just sayin'.

avconsumer2 on Sep 17, 2013


This video reminds me of how Bruce Wayne would usually act on TV...

Tey on Sep 16, 2013


Where did i see a tired and weary Batman ? ? In TDKR !

carrie on Sep 16, 2013


That wasn't a batman...that was a cripple..

dawko on Sep 17, 2013


There is a lot of potential mileage from that angle, it's not like they focused on Batman most of the movie anyway.

OfficialJab on Sep 17, 2013


I am sincerely down for this...Snyder is a capable director and I am interested in seeing Affleck as Bats...if it sucks then oh well...let's see how it goes.

Xerxexx on Sep 16, 2013


I am really excited! Cant wait to see what they do with the character!

Armitall on Sep 17, 2013



Have Hope on Sep 17, 2013


Not many sequels get me excited, but this is one I'll definitely check out!

DavideCoppola on Sep 17, 2013


Took me a couple of days to get over it, like everyone else, but he honestly deserves it. I'm sure he'll be great. I'm more concerned about the story I enjoyed Man of Steel... sorta, I just hope Snyder and Goyer do a better job this time around

Richie G on Sep 17, 2013


If Affleck helps a bit with the script, I think in terms of narrative it could be stronger. It was mostly the writing that held MOS back, it could have used another draft or two just to kick it up that final notch.

Chris Groves on Sep 17, 2013


helps with the writing?!?! i honestly cannot believe some of the crap that you people say! And what the hell was wrong with MOS?!? that was an incredible movie! you people blow my mind.

seanwills on Sep 17, 2013


"OMG! People disagree with me?! That's impossible! I"m always right!"

Angelo Barovier on Sep 17, 2013


There was a lot of amazing moments in MoS, but they weren't tied together very well. There was a lot of expositional dialogue too, like a LOT and the conclusion of the climactic fight was pretty bad "stop bein evil" "NEVEEERR!" or whatever. I STILL ENJOYED IT, but yeah it could've been better

Richie G on Sep 18, 2013


Ben is a screenwriter. An Oscar winning screenwriter. They may goto him for dialogue improvements for his own character.

Random on Sep 18, 2013


I like Ben but considering how lame Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises was I'm astonished people would get so out of their pram. Costner and Crowe couldn't save Man of Steel and Cain and Bale couldn't save The Dark Knight Rises so why would the success of the sequel rest on Affleck's shoulders?

Payne by name on Sep 17, 2013


Last time I checked, MOS and TDKR did pretty well and was well received by the majority of fans. So if you're talking about saving a movie just to please you, then I doubt that matters much.

nate on Sep 17, 2013


Well said Nate.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 17, 2013


Avatar was well received and did pretty well. However, that doesn't make it a good film. In fact it was cliched trash. MOS was forgettable, noisy, empty nonsense. If directed the same way, the outcome of any sequel will have no relation to Ben being in it.

Payne by name on Sep 17, 2013


I understand it's your opinion, but as I stated both movies were well received by majority of the public. MOS has a 76% on Rotten Tomatoes from the public. I guess you're part of the 24% who didn't like it. Even with Avatar, the majority of movie goers liked it. I agree that none of those are Masterpieces, but they were entertaining enough to the majority of viewers. So think what you want, but majority rules! Maybe these sort of movies aren't your cup of tea, stick to what you like and you won't end up being disappointed so much.

nate on Sep 18, 2013


Exactly, they aren't masterpieces, so why will Affleck being in them suddenly render them trash? The fundamentals of the film are (to me) so flawed, that casting Affleck will have zero impact. Am I meant to believe that they are so finely crafted, so exquisitely created that Affleck's inclusion will render them poor?

Payne by name on Sep 26, 2013


are you high?

seanwills on Sep 17, 2013


Are you a moron?

Payne by name on Sep 17, 2013


He's a little harsh But right , in that some of these flicks are just escapist 2 hours , with no real meaning . When it's the 4th ( 5th ? ! ) iteration of the same story of the same hero OR the usual "1 guy starts/heads a rebellion against his own kind" , it's kinda hard for it to be the "best ever" ... I saw ur rave of it further up : do you mean that VISUALLY it was "incredible" ? I can see that . But from reviews , it's not that great a MOVIE . Just good visual entertainment for "2 hours 20 mins" .... With today's SpecialFX , you have to make that distinction with movies ... Pardon that this is an Affleck thread , but expound on why u loved MOS so much . Or its meaning ...

Dominic on Sep 18, 2013


I just don't know. I love Affleck as much as the next Kevin Smith fan. I just don't love this casting. I don't think he can compare to Ledger in this aspect either. He SHOULD show up @ a con somewhere wearing a really terrible Batman costume though, with some equally horrible acting... that would make my day.

avconsumer2 on Sep 17, 2013


ok, kevin smith fan, that says it all.

seanwills on Sep 17, 2013


People need to stop bitching about the cast and the director. Like it or not, Chris Nolan extraordinarily changed batman forever, and Snyder to Superman and their interpretations will stand the test of time. These comic book made movies are never gonna be perfect and are never truly gonna reflect the mythology for various film-making reasons. There is far worse garbage out there!

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 17, 2013


I think its more about wanting an actor that you could believe is the character instead of an actor that makes each character they play look like a variation of the one they played in the last movie they were in.

netizen24601 on Sep 17, 2013


Thats true; however, i think Ben has the height and build to play the man behind the mask. Its the Bruce Wayne part that everyone is worried about. But if you think about it, it felt as tho Christian didnt utilize a lot of charisma to embody the role of Bruce. Most of his dialogue was short and simple. IMO, Michael Keaton is still on top as far as pulling off the Bruce Wayne charisma the best. I agree that even i was a little like "WTF! Really?" when Ben was announced as the new batman, and as we all know, Dare Devil was a god awful film, but we have to realize, that was long ago and hes kinda come a long way since then (as an actor and as a director). I think hes more aware now more than ever, of what and how things need to be done. We have to give this guy a 2nd chance to prove himself. Now if he F's up this one too, then that will validate him as an actor who cant properly fill the shoes of a superhero character. Hopefully it'll all work itself out, and if it doesnt, well, no big deal.........There will be many more comic book-made films to come good and bad.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 17, 2013


Daredevil wasn't horrible, Elektra was horrible. Daredevil was far better than Batman and Robin. I totally agree with the rest of the points you make.

bugger_butt on Sep 17, 2013


Specifically the Director's Cut of DareDevil AND Elektra make both films worth watching . I don't wanna get into an Elektra debate here too , but I rate a CB movie by how well the lead actor nails the role . And JGardner Fff-ing nailed her perfectly . Esp. how hot she looked in the Red Ninja costume . Now Elektra was never drawn with such a generous backside . Think I can live with that ..and it makes putting up with the bad parts easier ...Also why I can admit to liking DD even when it's not the D.Cut

Dominic on Sep 18, 2013


perfectly stated.

seanwills on Sep 17, 2013


What ELSE is Ben going to play ?or really be able to , but a Northeastern-looking dark-haired scoundrel ? Like Batman .. His agent is probably ONLY looking for roles like his typecast ... It's really your perception , as I noted above .Was he the same in DD as he was in Clerks ? LOOKED the same( stood straighter in DD ) yes acted the same no .

Dominic on Sep 18, 2013


haha oh wait. Are you telling me hard 'facts' now? Since when has this become Fox news? Right....

Buzzfunk on Sep 17, 2013


Well, I need to get into your brain because I'd love to KNOW what is going to 'stand the test of time'. Such surety of prognostication must make you a very special person. Not like we mere mortals who don't have such unerring foresight.

Angelo Barovier on Sep 17, 2013


Thank you?

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 18, 2013


No, don't. I'm mocking you for your self-aggrandized foresight. You're not that awesome.

Angelo Barovier on Sep 18, 2013


You're not gonna get in my brain with that attitude, pal.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 19, 2013


Oh, darn. I'm crushed.

Angelo Barovier on Sep 20, 2013


I know but therapy does wonders. Anyway, to conclude this little quarrel we have going back and forth, your all but forced rhetoric to convey your condescention, i guess to make you feel superior, is nothing more but terribly vexing. Im done with you.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 20, 2013


If you think I was in it for some ego boost, you've missed the point of the first reply. It was a fair bet that you would, though, all things considered. Have a great weekend!

Angelo Barovier on Sep 20, 2013


I remember when Michael Keaton got cast as The Batman. I remember when everyone was saying, "Oh God No...not the Busom Buddies and Johnny Danerously guy." I remember thinking at the time, "Michael Keaton? Brilliant!" I thought Ben Affleck did a good job playing Daredevil. Too bad Daredevil wasn't in the Marvel cinematic universe at the time. Unfortunately, Jennifer Garner was horrible as Elektra (in both movies). I think Ben Affleck will nail it. This movie is going to rock.

bugger_butt on Sep 17, 2013


;O)) Somebody with the name of " bugger-butt " is saying JGard was horrible , when her " butt " shoulda been the star of the movie for him .. hate the movie all you want , but as far as an actor getting her character TOTALLY down pat , Jenn was Perfect ! in her presentation of Elektra , including her "strut" The big hips were actually the only thing NOT in sync ; Elektra was drawn in CBs kinda skinny with black hair , more ninja-like

Dominic on Sep 20, 2013


Really?is that a Joke?He's good in Daredevil? Have you seen the entire movie?did you saw how he moves and used kung-fu to the bad guys and elektra in the park?Batman's a Martial Arts Expert ,knows every fighting technique in the planet,not a Robot Ballet Dancer!

Kim-Joy Villabroza on Sep 27, 2013


This man directed and starred in Argo, absolutely one of the best films of last year...he can play Batman.

Chris Groves on Sep 17, 2013


that's a joke right?!? Argo?!? because he directed and starred in the worlds most boring movie ever, he can play batman?!? unreal.

seanwills on Sep 17, 2013


So just because your wife is Iranian that makes her an expert critic on a movie that is hardly about the Iranian people and really about how the CIA comes up with an extraction plan for Americans that are hostage during a revolutionary period in the 80s?!?!!........Dumb.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 17, 2013


You did! You associated your wife's opinion with the movie just because it was in Iran as if her, being Iranian, had any bearing on the quality of the film. What you wrote and what you wanted to try to say are two different things; nevertheless, your statement/opinion in regards to the movie had no logical correlation, hence failing at making a logical argument. I'm also having a hard time understanding how you thought any of this movie was "comedy". There was nothing funny about the historic events of people being held hostage and some even killed and perhaps tortured, while others living in fear of being captured.......... Im done.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 18, 2013


Motif superhero movie of Holly's too boring for the viewers already. What is worth mentioning here instead

Ebog on Sep 18, 2013


whether they act the lead role credibly or not . Granted that the director might change things about the character , but is the lead actor representing the hero as well as most of us know that hero ? will be what makes CB fans flock to the flick ...

Dominic on Sep 18, 2013


I don't care anymore. Bring it on and let's see what happens. Just don't fuck it up.

cobrazombie on Sep 18, 2013


I actually doubt that Ben and whoever plays Supes will screw it up . More like the director or the writers ....

Dominic on Sep 18, 2013


Noooooooooooooooooo!!! i rather see Richard Simmons as Batman...Simmons can do a better job than affleck....

Martin on Apr 3, 2014

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