Ben Affleck to Play Batman in Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' Sequel!

August 22, 2013
Source: ComingSoon

Ben Affleck / Batman

Wow. This came out rather quick. Word is that Zack Snyder has cast the one, the only, Ben Affleck to play Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel - tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman. Warner Bros made the official announcement, confirming a July 17th, 2015 release date for the highly anticipated DC Comics sequel, as well as Affleck's involvement. Affleck won an Oscar this year for directing/producing Argo (which won Best Picture) and also won one in 1998 for Good Will Hunting's Best Screenplay. Many may remember he already played George Reeves, aka Superman, in Allen Coulter's Hollywoodland and was one of the best parts of that movie. No more rumors - it's official, it's happening. Affleck vs Cavill in 2015. Are you ready?

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder provided a quick comment on the casting in the press release sent out by WB: "Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry [Cavill's] Superman. He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne. I can't wait to work with him." In addition, Warner Bros' President of Production Greg Silverman commented: "We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on one of DC Comics' most enduringly popular Super Heroes, and Ben Affleck certainly fits that bill, and then some. His outstanding career is a testament to his talent and we know he and Zack will bring new dimension to the duality of this character." Let's hope that is true.

This news is definitely going to shake up the fanbase in a big way. Not many were expecting someone like Ben Affleck to be in consideration for this role, but he is obviously a very experienced actor. However, one could argue that his directing and writing is much better than his acting, at least nowadays. That said, this sounds like it might just be a good fit. My hope is that Zack really pushes Ben and challenges him to give a performance that lives up to the legacies of Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Adam West. Warner Bros is really pushing with Man of Steel to make sure this is their new Avengers-like comic book series that will (maybe one day) lead to Justice League. Don't forget, Affleck was once rumored to be directing the Justice League movie, but that's still a few years away. For now - his casting is the biggest news. What say you?

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I'm into it. Let's do this.

Quanah on Aug 22, 2013


not going to be what we all wanted

Jkro on Aug 22, 2013


i just cant see batman wearing a beard. this is really dumb and i think it'll be distracting

Lorp on Aug 22, 2013


and superman SHAVED his beard too! if they think it wont be weird for one to have a beard and one having serious doubt about this

Lorp on Aug 22, 2013


I have a feeling Ben Affleck will come out and blow all the naysayers away in this role. But, sadly I'm not sure about Snyder anymore.

Guy who comments on things on Aug 22, 2013


I am totally on the same page with Guy, here, on Snyder's ability to pull this all together. I wasn't too impressed with Man of Steel, and it seems his (and WB's) only creative tactic is to go bigger. Not only a Batman/Superman crossover, but Batman vs. Superman with no real set up prior to the event. Not just any good actor to play Bruce Wayne, but a two time Oscar winner (who cares what category). Just seems like their reaching a bit. Mr. Affleck may come out and surprise us all, but if I see one butt-chinned-lip-quiver from the Dark Knight, I'm out. My biggest fear is Snyder. At least with Whedon on Avengers, fans knew they were in for a treat. This project seems to be worrying more than exciting the fan base. Have we all forgotten the mediocrity of Watchmen? Which is also on the list of best graphic novels of all time with The Dark Knight Returns. Lets hope Snyder can confound expectations and do this right, or at least do it Justice.

Rob Z on Aug 22, 2013


I highly enjoyed Watchmen, never having read the comics. Plenty of friends did as well, and others. Even fans of the comic book agreed, it was a splendid adaption. I think the hate is overrated to be honest. Dr. Manhattan's past story, the intro, and the ending were just a few of the beautifully directed shots throughout. It was a beautiful movie, though we may have our disagreements, you have to realize that there were plenty of fans, comic book or not.

dvt on Aug 22, 2013


I enjoyed parts of Watchmen, too. Visually, it was pretty good. But, I do agree that WB is really going all out with this one, and maybe not in the best way. I think this was the main point he was making. They area bringing two of the most popular comic characters of all time together with very little setup. This project will be difficult enough for the director to pull off with ANY actor playing Bruce Wayne, let alone Ben Affleck. (Who knows, maybe Ben WILL be playing a kid from the Wayne orphanage, and this all takes place YEARS after TDKR.)

Cuba on Aug 23, 2013


Also , I feel this should be a "buddy-cop" type of movie , with them teaming up against almost ANY combo of DC villians you'd like . Not a "we'll fight 1st and be friends for JL " type flick . The premise of the title is , 1st , ridiculous ; unless Batman goes to "Smallville" to get some green rocks , Superman destroys him .... Yes I'm sure DC put out some graphic-novel type series exploring this premise , but they also put out prob hundreds of Supes-Bats team-up stories . Which was the real reason/need to create a Justice League : they needed other heroes at those two's level

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


I enjoyed Watchmen, but that was with no previous knowledge of it. Man of Steel was the let down for me.

Guy who comments on things on Aug 23, 2013


well , isn't this the point , for Hollywood ? That they are making these CB movies not for us CB nerds , but for an audience that may know nothing about them ? It appears that no CB movie can be as good as the CB itself . Thus the only way to enjoy them is to NOT see the film as some expert on " Hero X " . and to criticize it for what it is . Not for what it is not ... ( for example : in The Wolverine , the bar scene in the beginning ? with the original way the character was scripted , everyone in that bar would have been gutted . The woman too if she attacked him . That however is not how the character is scripted now , in the movies OR the comics . It became a cute way to introduce Yukio , and Japanese swords .So if you hate the movie cause he's not violent enough - I believe someone in that movie's Forum said there wasn't enough "rage" - you saw the movie with unreasonable expectations ... )

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


Didn't see this coming, but I will say that I respect the creative team that is behind this movie, and I think Ben will fit the cowl well. I have a hunch we could be in for something really great!

Antonio T. Guterz on Aug 22, 2013


Wow...wouldn't have picked BA for this role in a hundred guesses. At first I reacted negatively, but the more I thought about him, I think he might be ok if Snyder will get the performance out of him. I can see him being the "older wiser" to Cavill's younger, inexperienced Supes...could be interesting. He wouldn't have been my pick, but right now, I'm just happy to see this movie coming together. I'll reserve judgment until I've seen the finished product.

Gohikeone on Aug 22, 2013


Yes. It will be just incredibly awesome to hear Batman speaking in a whiny and slightly Boston accented voice. Sure.....

wobbles9094 on Aug 22, 2013


Is the NY accent any better ? they're both nasal .... guess that's why they accentuate the gravely voice in the movies . don't remember if they made an issue of Batman's versus Bruce Wayne's speech in the comics ..

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


Wow. I was really into the idea of Armitage and would've been fine with Brolin. I mean, Affleck is a pretty good actor, but wow.

Rick on Aug 22, 2013


Two words, "Dare Devil" I was really excited but now I am out.

James on Aug 22, 2013


Well, its not like Affleck wrote or directed the script. He did fine with what he was given . The uncut version of that movie was WAY better anyway.

JudgeMethos on Aug 22, 2013


having doubts...

Avi on Aug 22, 2013


This is great news. Affleck is gonna crush it.

Trey Wilson on Aug 22, 2013


I think those who did not enjoy MOS are obviously gonna pounce on this casting decision. Affleck would not be my first choice, but I believe in reserving judgement until after seeing the finished product. People seem to forget that there was a huge outcry online against Heath Ledger's casting as the Joker. Now many of those same people try to act like they always knew Heath would be great. People's EXTREME reactions to this kind of stuff are hilarious.

Todd on Aug 22, 2013


I agree Todd. Run with it. Live in the moment. This could end up being great. I have to remind myself that Affleck is a 2 time Oscar winning. Sure, not for acting, but he's been in the business a long time and I felt his performances in his last 2 directorial efforts were great. I think he's long since shaken the perception he can't act. We all knew Bale wasn't going to jump into this, so why not Affleck as the alternative. I think it should also be noted Affleck was in the running to direct Justice League. I'm sure he will provide Snyder with some great creative ideas for this next chapter in the Superman franchise, as well as Justice League. This may turn out to be like the player who doesn't just coach from the bench, but while playing IN the game as well.

Quanah on Aug 22, 2013


Well said, Quanah. Those were some of my first thoughts as well...that Affleck could provide some great creative insights to the production. He's a very talented filmmaker and his acting has improved since he's been more involved creatively with his work. Fingers crossed that all of this will translate into this production.

Todd on Aug 22, 2013


...and don't forget, Kevin Smith was called upon once to do a Superman movie and the guy also loves Batman. I'm sure he'll throw some things at Ben as well that may get worked in just as a fan. Its possible.

JudgeMethos on Aug 22, 2013


Kevin Smith would be better as Batman than Affleck. God knows he cares about the character more. This is straight up Baskin Robbins 31 flavors of wrong.

wobbles9094 on Aug 22, 2013


Maybe...but I'm gonna hold out judgment on this one. He has definitely improved as an actor in the last few years and even a storyteller/director. I'm willing to see what happens. Could be great enough to make people go 'Oh, that was actually pretty damn good. Wow!'

JudgeMethos on Aug 22, 2013


Go watch Daredevil...if you can get through the whole thing without ending up in the corner in a fetal position and crying...and tell us how we should reserve judgment again

wobbles9094 on Aug 22, 2013


I agree. Daredevil was awful. Everyone in Hollywood has had their share of failures. But Affleck has made far better choices in recent years. You'll find it difficult to come up with an actor who hasn't been in horrific movies. Hell, Christian Bale was in Terminator Salvation and Reign of Fire. But you've obviously already made up your mind so this is now all moot.

Todd on Aug 22, 2013


the point above is correct : the Director's Cut is much better than the original , an original that FX still plays about 5 times a year . As Wiki notes the film is sill the 2nd highest grossing movie that has ever opened in February ...kinda the same about Elektra - the scenes showing that the whole thing WAS a chess game between Stick and the Hand leader give you a context the theatre version lacks .

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


Daredevil...the 10 year old movie...a decade about we move on?

Quanah on Aug 23, 2013


They should have given the shine to someone else. Affleck is used up and his face is too big. Karl Urban would have been phenomenal.

High Pitched Coworker on Aug 22, 2013


Karl Urban would have killed it. Fuck Ben Afflec

jimfromtoto on Aug 22, 2013


Wait.... It's a mistake... Ben Affleck is directing it and Zach Snyder is the new Batman. Everyone can relax.

daneforst on Aug 22, 2013


Actually, Him directing wouldn't be such a bad idea. I dig his movies. He should focus behind the camera. Just my 2 cents...

Buzzfunk on Aug 22, 2013


Anyone who says they're not seeing this is kidding themselves. It's Worlds Finest for crying out loud. Loving Affleck as an actor aside.... the casting could have been MUCH worse. Any decent pretty boy actor would have done a sufficient job. I bet you if Channing Tatum was cast, people would bitch... and STILL pay to see it. I wasn't a fan of MOS.. but I know I'm in. Summer 2015 is going to be bah-na-nus.

Duane on Aug 22, 2013


So wait, does that mean your opinion is a fact?

Buzzfunk on Aug 22, 2013


Fair question. Nope. So I'm gonna ask you specifically Buzz.... is the fact that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman going to deter you from seeing this film?

Duane on Aug 23, 2013


This comes out on my birthday 🙂 Oh, thank you Lord! Awesome news!

JudgeMethos on Aug 22, 2013


Happy Birthday dude! I hope on your 2015 Birthday you get a Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne/Batman action figure. 🙂

Duane on Aug 23, 2013


I'll be 37 if God allows me to live that long. If anyone will be gettin an action figure, it'll be my son cuz he loves Batman and Superman. And I've never seen a down vote for someone sayin it'll be their birthday. Weird. gotta love trolls 🙂

JudgeMethos on Aug 24, 2013


As a director Affleck is a great one but when was the last time his name was associated with a blockbuster or even a succeful one? Hell he wasn't even the best thing in Armaggedon! This, the whole Batman vs Superman thing looks like a cry for help from DC because of how Marvel is kicking their ass at the box office year after year.

Héctor Pérez Tovar on Aug 22, 2013


You cant be "kicking their ass as the box office year after year" If they are barely putting out any films. Since 2008, DC has only released 1 film a year, thats 6 films. Marvel has released 13 and im not even counting Kick Ass, MIB or Thor that comes out later this year

dsjj251 on Aug 22, 2013


Dear God, hasn't Affleck ruined enough beloved comic franchises? Was Zach Snyder in a Coma and miss how Affleck butt-raped Daredevil in front of the world?

wobbles9094 on Aug 22, 2013


Affleck was only in one comic movie...

Akwasi Asabere on Aug 23, 2013


WTF?! Seriously, WTF??!!

Terrible Reactor on Aug 22, 2013


OMFG! What a fucken HUGE mistake. He is the worst actor ever. This will fail miserably. Ar-go-fuckhimself.

jimfromtoto on Aug 22, 2013


too well known, he's not even a versatile actor. Whole movie Im just gonna be like... "Why is Ben Afleck in a batman costume"

Zak Coleman on Aug 22, 2013


Exactly. It's like casting Nicolas Cage in a high profile role. I can never forget that someone under that mask once played Daredevil and Jersey Bro.

Tyler Morgan on Aug 22, 2013

49 *Flips Table*

Nerd Girl on Aug 22, 2013


Hmm Kilmer, Clooney, Affleck. Worst castings for Batman ever ever. Michael Fassbender with 20-30 lbs of muscle put on. Now that's Batman

Nafiis on Aug 22, 2013


I couldn't care less for Ben Affleck after watching Argo, don't even mention to Zack. Plus, this project is boring from the very beginning... but maybe it's just me.

Lautaro on Aug 22, 2013


ok so im up in the air about this... ben affleck is a very talented man and his acting in all of the kevin smith movies are good. but one comment below says everything that needed to be said which was ledger as joker.... the outcry to that casting call was very negative, but the man won an oscar for it (not cause he died but because he was that damn good). ill reserve my judgement till i see a trailer and hear him speak, because just like the joker batman has a unique voice (something that bale did not do justice but still loved his performance) hoping for the best.

jason on Aug 22, 2013


Here's an idea. Leave the superhero genre alone for a bit and focus on real movies. You know, like they used to make em?

Buzzfunk on Aug 22, 2013


Actually I think the CB movie has the themes and morals you want , that the "real movies" used to espouse . This is just Hollywood's new setting for them . And it's ABOUT TIME the genre started to get some respect from Hollywood . Since it's now the only way the studios can put out a " summer blockbuster " and make some money ....

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


Ben Affleck..... NO! Karl Urban ...... YES!

Chris McDermid on Aug 22, 2013


That was my hope as well. Saddened.

mooreworthy on Aug 23, 2013


Batman is finally reduced to a revolving axle of Batmen- after Keaton's continuity was destroyed by Kilmer and Clooney, WB shatters its decade old legacy that it built with Nolanverse, and shelving in the actor who features in the roster of Hollywood's Worst Superhero failures. WB once again wears the suicidal hat of decisions, taking point-blunt stupid decisions and derailing its train of record with follies like Snyder at the helm of affairs. If WB supports Affleck just coz' he's the Oscar milching machine of the studio, then they've got a serious wreckage coming.

Detective Comics on Aug 22, 2013


Well said. I mean 5 different batmen in as many years is just too much for me. Seems like anybody can just step in and take the role at this point. Whatever - Affleck can have his go, but I'm putting in my vote now for a Lindsay Lohan cast Batman for the next one! She's got the voice at least!! F**king WB.

avconsumer2 on Aug 23, 2013


So , is this not another reason why Marvel movies are superior ? Only Hulk movies have made money with different lead actors in the role . look how many hate Don Cheadle as Rhodey .. Marvel realized they need to lock up actors in roles once they are established AS that character , with good reviews ...even the females : would you NOT want Jenifer Lawrence and Anna Paquin back ??

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


In my mind... yup. I mean, I have quite enjoyed the Bale Batman, but it's like they're punishing me for it now!? Maybe DC (et al) will learn a lesson with this one failing. But... who knows. Maybe he'll pull it off & surprise us all. Doubtful, but he could indeed pull a "Ledger".

avconsumer2 on Aug 26, 2013


Casting Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark took balls and much foresight. It worked. This, sadly, seems based on box office numbers and safety. DC needed to step it up with this move and sadly, I think they failed.

Pendy16 on Aug 22, 2013


I don't think this has anything to do with safety my friend. If it did it wouldn't be Ben Affleck, think about it, if they wanted to go safe they would of bribed Christian Bale to come back. They are taking a huge risk with casting Affleck because they do not know how fans will react to it. But WB and Zack Snyder obviously know something we don't. Like many comments have mentioned here, look how great Heath Ledger turned out as the Joker.

Akwasi Asabere on Aug 23, 2013


Everyone trashes him for Daredevil but he didn't write or direct it it's not his fault the movie was what it was, he did what he could with a role in a movie. Plus that movie was meant to be uncut, that version is so much better, he nails the role with more impact in the director's cut version, plus that director was the guy who also made Ghost Rider, if you're blaming anyone for the Daredevil film blame him. Geez, and not going to judge him on the role because people judged Ledger way too much before TDK and look at how that turned out, people are just ignorant and then when they like what they judged it makes them hypocrites.

Fidel Reyes on Aug 22, 2013



Frank Mancino on Aug 22, 2013


casting the broke back mountain guy for the Joker i thought was the biggest joke made by WB. but it turns out to be greatest villain ever put into film. so i`m just gonna shut my mouth on this one and see what happens.

Leo Ruin on Aug 22, 2013


I was really rooting for Karl Urban, but Ben is great and I hope he will deliver

Incretdible_TC on Aug 23, 2013


He is a great actor. He is not a great batman. They should had hired Josh Brolin

lonestar567 on Aug 23, 2013


Kevin Smith must be creaming his pants right now.

PCSutfin on Aug 23, 2013


I would pay money to have seen that reaction.

avconsumer2 on Aug 23, 2013


So Ben Affleck is Batman... Daredevil is Batman... I guess he might be... blind as a bat!

JakeWhyman on Aug 23, 2013


Bale isn't batman! He was just a version of the bat! Give Ben a chance, moaning on before he's even been given a chance to deliver! I can't wait for this movie, it's all building up (all be it slowly) to the justice league movie, which I personally am looking forward to seeing. Now somebody please bring us a Wonder Woman movie already!!!

Steven Lee Atick on Aug 23, 2013


awesome love it!!!!!!!

mikmar83168 on Aug 23, 2013


I love it...he was definitely on the list of guys I was up for seeing get the role. I'm excited as hell.

Chris Groves on Aug 23, 2013


Nothing against Affleck, but they should have played it safe and got Bale back on board. Affleck is two years older than Bale, so the new role of an older Batman doesn't suit. Would have rather they had gone for an older actor to better fit the bill or a younger actor as simply a kid from the orphanage that is Wayne Manor in Nolan's trilogy that became easy to have linked.

Steven on Aug 23, 2013


Interesting how some actors some how get the opportunity to play multiple superheroes during their acting career without anyone stopping and saying "wait, didn't he play such and such?! Would it be a good move to let him now play this role?" Chris Evans: Capt America and Human Torch, Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool and Green Lantern, and now Ben Affleck: Daredevil and Batman

JBrotsis on Aug 23, 2013


Don't forget Reynolds was also in 'Blade: Trinity' so yet another comic book character under his belt. But i get your point.

Duane on Aug 23, 2013


Wait, what??

Nielsen700 on Aug 23, 2013


Be interesting to hear Fatman on Batman next week. Wonder who he'll get in to talk about it...

AnotherDan on Aug 23, 2013


I will have to tune in. Same bat channel?

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Aug 23, 2013


Ben Affleck is a great director but a mediocre actor and with nolan's batman so recent the comparison with bale(a great actor) will make him a horrible choice for the role

JH on Aug 23, 2013


actually your life, and your quality as a man is mediocre. Ben is doing all right

OG{antonis_petropouIos} on Feb 17, 2014


When I heard Josh Brolin could take the role I was like perfect. But Ben Affleck is a good choice as well. He's a good actor. Not sure about his voice though.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Aug 23, 2013


Ben Affleck being cast as Batman is getting the same negative reaction that Heath Ledger got for being cast as The Joker and he turned in one of the all-time greatest performances ever in any movie. Give Ben a chance. His performance in both Argo and The Town, his last two movies, was fantastic so he can act.

gjbender1 on Aug 23, 2013


This is a perfectly fine choice. People freaked out when Mr. Mom was cast as Batman too.

MattM1974 on Aug 23, 2013


Agreed, I remember myself back then thinking the same about M. Keaton and he proved all of us wrong. So I think Affleck can pull this off too, at least I think he'll make a better Batman than DD.

nate on Aug 23, 2013


Except Mr.Mom had proven he could ACT. Something Ben has yet to do IMO.

Brian Sleider on Aug 23, 2013


The naivete of those saying "trust WB" is simply astonishing. With this casting they have explicitly showed their cards in simply not giving a shit about their product. Affleck is a damn good actor, no way am I going to diminish his accomplishments, but this is just simply bad casting. The guy has limited range at best and doesn't inspire me to fear him in any way. This is a bummer.

Alboone on Aug 23, 2013


You can't call a guy a "damn good actor" then say he has no You cant be one without the other. None of you were there you don't know what Affleck may have done to earn their trust. This is a huge franchise, Marvel is smashing records right now and are you're direct comp with Rob Downey, You just loss Christian Bale...Just for the money involved with this thing I highly doubt you cast this guy unless he wowed your socks off. They do CARE about this project if not but for the mere money involved and trust you me! with the way twitter blew up and the response if they weren't aware now they are and so is Affleck ...We will see.

David Moses on Aug 23, 2013


Alboone...WELL SAID!!! I couldn't agree more!

editboy on Aug 23, 2013


Thank god we've Marvel to fall back upon.

Steven on Aug 23, 2013


I really couldnt be more upset

Richard A K on Aug 23, 2013


It's Only going to work if this version of Batman's from Boston

Richard A K on Aug 23, 2013


All of these people bashing this choice will be the same ones that see the first trailer, get a glimpse at Affleck's performance and say 'Well, nobody predicted he would pull it off.' Even though there ARE people right now who are optimistic and see the potential in this choice. Affleck is an A-list talent guys. Some people prefer to be doubtful until they are proven wrong, but I'll be optimistic until I have something that actually gives me a reason to fret.

Chris Groves on Aug 23, 2013


I do agree with you but you cant act as if this is not a surprise. Heath Ledger did Surprise as the joker keyword surprise so I chose to wait and see. Whatever Affleck is, he has not shown it yet in acting. He has not one movie to even graze christian bales performance in AP, Bale to Affleck is something that of course is going to cause a stir just as Nicholson to Ledger did. Now is his opp to step up push himself as an actor an show he not only has the chops but plans on using them. But lets not act as if he's shown it in his myriad of let down roles. To date he's only been pretty good in movies where he plays his bostonian roots up. (The Town, Good Will) Im hoping he does it, and I think he will. But Im not going to act self righteous and say the panning isn't understandable.

David Moses on Aug 23, 2013


It's understandable, just not justified. It's total 'I hate new things' reactionary "crap" if I do say so myself. Affleck has had plenty of great performances that got him critical acclaim(Hollywoodland, for example)...let's not pretend like every role has been another 'gigli'. Between The Town and Argo, his talent in front of or behind the camera can't be denied...and if you think he can't handle Batman, that's just being ridiculous. This isn't Shakespeare. This isn't Oscar bait, it's summer blockbuster film-making. A lot of this hate is because Nolan fanboys are very judgmental and condescending people. They act like Christian Bale gave the best film performance of all time. He was fantastic, without a doubt, but am I about to pretend that he is the ONLY guy who can pull of the duality of a cocky rich-guy persona in unison with a tortured soul who fights crime? Not a chance. Some people also got far too emotionally attached to who they wanted in the role. So now it didn't happen, and all they have to do is bash who DID get the role. It's quite immature.

Chris Groves on Aug 23, 2013


I dont think the reaction would have been the same if Brolin got the job, or Gosling. As I said before you are in essence right, to an extent but I think you give afflck a little to much credit. And blockbuster filmmaking is not the same as it was ten years ago. Especially in comic book films. I think it is proven Who you cast on your blockbuster film makes all the difference in how well it is received. Captain America, Thor (Starring Evans, and Hemsworth) both made money but in comparison to Iron Man, and The Dark Knight ( Downey, Bale) pennies. Affleck got critical acclaim sure but so have Justin Timberlake, and Eminem, doesn't mean anyones running comparisons between them and Bale anytime soon. Again any of those roles you named do not compare with the all out, nothing left behind performances that a Downey and Bale have done in their careers. Affleck's acclaim has always been a sort of "wow that was good for an Affleck film" sort of deal. When you're taking the cowl from a guy with Bales chops regardless of the truth in your statement about his performance in the Dark Knight (Bale may not be the ONLY but he is on a short list of which Affleck is not a part of) People want to hear the names of people whose careers are looked at in the same light. And you're plum out of your mind i you think Affleck is in the ring with those guys. If Downey had left you think people would want to hear Eric Bana is taking over? Bana like Affleck has also had some decent roles, ( black hawk down, Chopper, ) also played a well known comic book hero in a movie that ultimately failed. No because while he is good he has never been great yet, even though if you look closely the potential is there. Nolaners can be condescending , doesn't mean we need join them Nolaner or not this was a surprise casting, I know plenty of people ranging from those that barely know film to lovers who aren't the biggest fan of Nolan, who are shocked by this casting. Because well... it is just that SURPRISING coming off the heels of who last donned the cape. Does it mean the end of the world as some are pretending?... no, but again I feel like you're giving Affleck a little more credit than he is due.

David Moses on Aug 23, 2013


Perhaps. I mean, I would pull for Brolin over Affleck...but Affleck is a MUCH better choice than a 'pretty boy' like Gosling, and I like the guy. But if they want the grizzled, older Batman, Gosling is the worst person to go with. As far as giving Affleck more credit than he is due. The guy has won notable awards for screenwriting, acting, and directing. He's certainly talented enough to pull off "DO I LOOK LIKE A COP?!?" And that's not a slight against Bale at all. I love him. But Bruce Wayne doesn't require Daniel Day-Lewis to do the role justice.

Chris Groves on Aug 23, 2013


Dude Groves is always so optimistic about these half ass moves from Hollywood. Once this movie hits he will be the first one to praise Affleck's performance. If WB had announced the Rock to play Bruce Wayne, Groves would have been the one in the corner praising that choice. This guy just wants comic book movies to be made. He doesn't care about story, casting or how close they stick to the comic universe, just as long as they are getting made he sits happy. First off I don't hate Affleck but just because the guy can direct and won an oscar, doesn't mean he can pull off Batman. I'd say Affleck's best movie was the Town and lets face it Jeremy Renner made that whole movie. Two, this guy was Dare Devil and look how great that movie did. And three, and I have to bring this up, but Did Chris Groves actually call Affleck A-List talent? Dude, are you high? or do you just like crappy movies?

blkstar on Aug 23, 2013


I'd rather be an optimist by nature than a miserable pessimist. I'll be the first one to say when a movie isn't great. I've kept no secret about the fact that Man of Steel was 'good' or 'very good' but certainly not great. Elysium was also just plain bad. The only thing is that more often than not, I talk about what I like and what I'm looking forward to instead of just trolling about and hating on things. And yes, Ben Affleck has won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, and just directed, produced, and starred in the Best Picture winner. He also won other/lesser awards for the likes of Hollywoodland. Do not try and act like the guy isn't an A-list talent.

Chris Groves on Aug 23, 2013


Benny is an A list DIRECTOR, not actor.

Brian Sleider on Aug 23, 2013


Affleck is a soft hack who couldn't act his blind ass out of a wet paper bag in Daredevil.

Seth Pyrzynski on Aug 23, 2013


First off people have no idea what kind of Batman is going to be portrayed. If its like the Keaton Batman, then Affleck will be fine. Nolan has said that his "dark knight" is a seperate universe so it probably will not be like that Batman. If however they are going back on their word, and its a continuation of the Dark Knight, then yes i don't think Affleck is the right choice. Would have gone with Brolin myself if its "Dark Knight" Batman. As for poeple wanting Bale back, that was never going to happen. The man is a thespian actor that probably did not want to do a couple more Dark Knights for 5+ years. He certainly does not need the money, nor seem like the type of guy that money would influence his decision process. Also we have no idea what kind of Clark Kent is going to be portrayed. At the end of Man of Steel it looked like a GQ model with a million dollar smile .LOL

nigel wright on Aug 23, 2013


Color me skeptical.

Brian Sleider on Aug 23, 2013


This isn't the Batman we deserve but the Batman we need *End of Bale's growl* Come on guys WB have been keeping a close eye on Ben Affleck from the start to replace George Clooney for the reboot of Batman since 1999 but instead we got Bale when Christopher Nolan was hired for the rebooted franchise. This is a full on effort from WB to get Ben Affleck interested in directing the Justice League story and cause a little controversy to keep attention on the movie now things will quiet down since they now know a lot of people will be keeping a close eye on the development of the movie to see what Ben can produce. This is all a strategy that is clearly working to keep the attention off Marvel.

BinaryChaos on Aug 23, 2013


I wonder how many people here are paid by WB to comment positively about this news. That is the new viral marketing that studios are doing now. Just like those who get to go to advanced screenings are actually friends and family of the production. tsk tsk

LegoMaster on Aug 23, 2013


Fassbender would have killed it........just my opinion.

PikeyOneil on Aug 23, 2013


I love what Snyder did with 300 and I will never ever let anyone bad mouth the Watchmen, but this Affleck thing really has me wondering where his head is at, and I am not ashamed to admit that I didn't enjoy Man of Steel that much. Like I said to Chris Groves I don't hate Affleck, but to cast him as Batman, one of the most important and legendary comic book characters of all time, NO! FUCK NO! Keaton did a great job, then came Bale. In between both Keaton and Bale was Kilmer and Clooney, and both of those Batmen tanked. What I'm trying to say is casting for Batman isn't easy, and considering Affleck didn't bring anything to table as Dare Devil, what makes any of you people think he will be a good Batman. So he won an oscar and he can direct, thats great but that doesn't make him Batman. Batman is griddy, dark and most of all a bad ass. What movie has ever made Affleck a bad ass. The Town? yeah okay but guess what, Batman doesn't use guns. So unless Batman starts using full automatic weapons anytime soon, this movies seems doomed already.

blkstar on Aug 23, 2013


I concur. Plus i dont even know if Ben would be considered a badass in The Town. Jeremy Renner stole the show as far as being a "badass" in that movie. I agree completely tho. This decision feels very rushed and i am just NOT feeling Ben for this part. Picking a batman is a very delicate thing to do and rushing this could easily fuck up everything. IMO.......Josh Brolin is still my pick as the "next batman" but you cant unscramble scrambled eggs i guess. We'll just have to wait and see if Ben is a different actor now.

Such heroic nonsense on Aug 27, 2013


This is worse than the OJ verdict!!

Angry Lester on Aug 23, 2013


Only Batman or Transformers can push to over 100 comments on here. Woohooo Ben Affleck, How do you like them apples?! In a gruff voice

Carpola on Aug 23, 2013


Abed will always be a better Batman.

mooreworthy on Aug 23, 2013


Joke's over... No seriously, who are they really casting as Batman?

cobrazombie on Aug 24, 2013


Who really goes to a Batman movie to actually see Batman? In the 80's, we went to actually see Jack Nicholson's Joker, next we wanted to see Michelle's Catwoman, We didn't care about Val; we wanted to see Jim Carey's Riddler. Dark Knight, we wanted to see Heath's Joker and Tom Hardy's Bane. The only time we actually sat and watched Batman for the sake of Batman, was Batman Begins, and only because the main Villain didn't show up till the third act. I am guilty of jumping the anti-Ben wagon too, but then thought, it will all be about the main villain. That will be the reason we will watch the next one.

mooreworthy on Aug 24, 2013


really. how can batman fight superman? there is no need of batman when superman is there. if joker or bane fight against superman they are going to die instantly. can anyone explain how its going to happen

Cyber Revengeance on Aug 26, 2013


The movie is NOT going to be about a hero vs villain battle. Its about them having to establish a coexistence with one another. Thats what this movie will be about, thus opening the doorway to inviting other Justice League superheroes.

Such heroic nonsense on Aug 27, 2013



Rick on Aug 30, 2013


this thread must seem pretty hilarious to some . a rguing about a movie before it's even , cause some hate the lead .... Really this hater pub is just doing Affleck favors . He can say " Look the haters are going to PAY for it anyway , just so they can savage it " ....

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


arguing ... even shot ...

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


Not so excited bout Ben as batman but I think itz possible he might actually do well&surprise pple. While not my fav actor by any stretch of the imagination he has played what I think are some good roles,I think he might be able to pull it off,I hope so anyway. 1 good thing in a way is a lot of pple don't seem to happy about it&think itz possible George Clooney will no longer be the worst batman,pple think Ben is going to let's say screw up the movie some by being a crap batman(just putting it out there,itz true) the good thing in this is pple aren't expecting much&sometimes when you don't expect much you can be pleasently surprised. So while I was in amazement and disbelief that Ben is going to be my new batman,yes my new batman! I'm now thinking he might have what it takes to pull it off,although I was very disappointed in the beginning&had the movie killed off in my brain once I heard the news after much thought I'm reconsidering&going to keep my mouth shut&give him a chance,till the movie comes out I'm not going to make any judgement,Ben has had good roles,he can act,he's at a decent age to play Bruce/batman,think he will look okay in the mask&suit,he's got the chin for it 🙂 he can def pull off looking good in a suit&pull off that richy rich millionaire look well in this case billionaire,I'm not sure bout the voice,don't want him to copy and try to talk like Christian bale though,anyway guess we'll see when it comes out,I hope they continue making batman movies would like to see cat woman,riddler,penguin,me freeze,poison ivy,2 face etc of course to me the joker and Harley Quinn will never get old. RIP Heath you played a bad ass joker,pple had their doubts&u pulled it off big time.

Mortisha on Sep 2, 2013


I concur. Wasnt really feeling the choice with Ben, but bottom line is he has been selected and thats who will continue the franchise. Until i watch the movie with the chance of being disappointed, i will hold judgement. IMO, the man behind the mask is easier to play than Bruce Wayne. Ben has the physical tools to pull that off. Its the Bruce Wayne charisma that worries me. I just hope that Zack keeps that sense of darkness that Chris Nolan utilized. To me, that just brings so much realism to the comic book so much so that you feel you're right in the comic book. That doesnt happen to me in any other comic book film.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 10, 2013


My major concern is that we finally get a Batman who is a tactical/strategic genius, sufficiently so that he truly can take on Superman and potentially win (which has happened numerous times in DC Comics. Yes, a mere mortal Batman has truly kicked Supes' ass). My other hope is that we finally get a version of Batman who is neither a killer ( Keaton's Batman essentially threw Nicholson's Joker to his death) nor blase about death ( as Christian Bale's Batman simply stood by and did nothing while Ra's al Ghul fell to his death. Neither is even remotely an accurate portrayal of Batman. Batman truly cannot kill nor can he allow a death to occur by his inaction, which is truly why he is so powerful a character in the comics. I'm hoping that we will finally see a REAL Batman in a film, we've been waiting a long time. As for it being Affleck? I'm ready to accept him as Batman, I just hope it is finally the real version from the comics given a proper "live action" treatment at last.

Skeloric on Sep 6, 2013


Sorry to say an exact portrayal of a comic book to movie production will never ever be done.......for various reasons. The Chris Nolan adaptation is the closest you'll get when it comes to batman. And this goes for all comic books, for all super heroes, and from both comic book universes.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 10, 2013


Except... Marvel has really been hitting in the 97% to 98% consistently since they created their own production company and started exerting extreme levels of quality control. DC is screwed in that they can't do the same as they are the ones OWNED by a film company -- a film company that has thus far not really given a single damn about what the DC offices might have as input in order to get the best overall portrayal/accuracy that the character truly deserves. Marvel used to be in the same sort of predicament, luckily they could create their own "studio" instead of being the property of one and that has created a much superior Marvel film in comparison to anything Warner Brothers has released lately: Superman Returns? Green Lantern? Nolan's Batman? I'm still not quite certain how "Man of Steel" managed to be a somewhat good film while continuing the same amateurish mistakes of having another "anti-kill" hero finish the film as a murderer.

Skeloric on Oct 13, 2013

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