Ben Affleck's New Batman Will Be 'Tired and Weary' in 'Man of Steel 2'

September 13, 2013
Source: Variety

Ben Affleck as Batman

Now that most of the knee-jerk negativity has died down after Warner Bros. announced Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in Man of Steel 2 (or Superman vs. Batman), it's time to start getting into the details of this new Caped Crusader and how he'll interact with The Big Blue Boy Scout. At an investor meeting, Variety reports Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara hyped up the new film going into production with Zack Snyder behind the camera early next year. First addressing the negative opinion of Affleck, Tsujihara said the actor is "perfect" for this Batman, adding the obvious, "We think it’s going to be huge."

Honestly, even if Warner Bros. cast Carrot Top as Batman, this was still going to be a big movie (some fans might even prefer that considering his muscle mass nowadays). But the real focus now should be on what kind of Batman we're going to be dealing with. Though he didn't reveal any story details, Tsujihara said that this version of the Dark Knight would be "tired and weary and seasoned and been doing it for awhile." That goes hand-in-hand with what we heard when names like Josh Brolin were being considered for the role of a more rugged, established Batman. It makes sense following the way Snyder chose to reveal Batman's inclusion in the Man of Steel sequel by way of an except from The Dark Knight Returns.

Now we just have to wait and see what kind of story this older, grizzled Batman will be involved with. We know that when shooting in Detroit begins, the city will act as both Metropolis and Gotham City. Of course, we're still waiting to learn whether or not Lex Luthor will be a villain, and who will play him if that's the case. Bryan Cranston recently confirmed that he has no idea about the rumors swirling around him being cast for multiple movies as the bald nemesis, but we still proposed plenty of other options if Luthor becomes an integral role in the film. Stay tuned for anymore updates.

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Reader Feedback - 34 Comments


I just pray that this all works out to be a great superman and batman franchise.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 13, 2013


Brolin woud've been so much better.

Nielsen700 on Sep 13, 2013


you have no clue if that's true. try letting the man act before downing him. Affleck has grown a lot.

ColtNoir on Sep 13, 2013


Yeah bluntman's come a long way baby!

Jimmy Love on Sep 13, 2013


And Bale was a newsy.

Alexander Calvo on Sep 13, 2013


Brolin is an amazing actor and would have done Bruce Wayne justice. However, im beginning to think about all the crime-fighting physical activity that comes with embodying the role of batman, Brolin would have to endure. I dont really recall too many movies where Brolin disciplined extreme conditioning in order to embody a physical role. Not to say that he wont or cant, but, thats where Christian shines because he has such an extreme workout ethic which makes him perfect for the batman role. On the flip side of things, this is where im worried with Ben. I know he has the physical tools for the role of batman, but not quite sure if the Bruce Wayne charisma will be there. We'll have to just wait and see on that one. I know Ben has come a long way since Dare Devil (in both acting and directing) so i will hold judgement and hope i will be proven wrong.

Such heroic nonsense on Sep 13, 2013


Brolin would be great! He was jumping around and killin people as Jonah Hex (in the DC Universe as well). Or don't you remember?

Gus Ledesma on Sep 13, 2013


Who fuckin cares at least he was never bluntman!

Jimmy Love on Sep 13, 2013


and neither was Affleck...

ColtNoir on Sep 13, 2013


Wasn't he tired and weary in Dark Knight Rises?

Devin Rodriguez on Sep 13, 2013


Yeah, but I doubt he'll be virtually retired and physically crippled in this film.

Chris Groves on Sep 13, 2013


It basically sounds like The World's Finest is occurring in a world where, instead of The Dark Knight Rises happening, Man of Steel happened instead. Batman is older, has been at it for a while, but instead of falling into retirement like in Rises, the appearance of Superman, a TRUE superhero, spawns a hopefully epic turn of events. Could be very interesting, indeed.

Chris Groves on Sep 13, 2013


Oh Batfleck how much you have tortured the comic book community and fan boys across America. Sometimes these films have to hit rock bottom before someone comes along and makes them the way they should have been created.

blkstar on Sep 13, 2013


Speaking of Carrot Top...(Heath was the BEST joker by far) but I bet Carrot Top would've made a pretty good joker (if he could act and the director allowed him to be doped on coke the whole time)

JBrotsis on Sep 13, 2013


What upsets me is this basically removes a lot of the character development that a new Batman franchise could have provided. We don't need to see the origins again, but what exactly made Bruce "tired and weary" in this new universe? Has he faced the Joker? Is Catwoman around?

germss on Sep 13, 2013


I can't get excited as long as Snyder is attached to direct. Man of Steel's action was boring and the stakes and emotion that should have been present at the climax to make it work were absent. As for Batman, his character was already screwed over. After two brilliant films, The Dark Knight Rises made him a cry baby that threw in the towel after the events of The Dark Knight? This is bullshit and not the Batman that should have been in that film. DC's future in film is looking pretty bleak.

SV7 on Sep 13, 2013


Wow man, cold not agree with you more!

Chewy Gomez on Sep 14, 2013


Man of Steel's action was probably the only good thing about that movie(with Russel Crowe), also, yep, TDKR was pretty lame, they just destroyed the character they were building throughout the whole two movies...

dawko on Sep 15, 2013


hmm, I recall Affleck as Dare(drivel) looking 'tired and weary'...not to mention saddled with 'issues' which made the film lousy! this is not a good sign....the omens are bad already! should have gone with Brolin....and keep it inventive and fresh!

lindsay george on Sep 14, 2013


Detroit will be such a terrible Metropolis and Gotham City. It's kinda laughable.. oh well, I get to be an extra!! Hometown love!

mark on Sep 14, 2013


It would be a perfect down

Kyle Edgecomb on Oct 6, 2013


"Brolin is an amazing actor and would have done Bruce Wayne justice." - Ditto that. Mr. Tsujihara - I know you are thinking , " But I'm CEO of a Major Corp. I KNOW what is so". But take a look at Your own company ,& what you are CEO of - a Failing Empire. And this forth coming MASSIVE flop is gonna be another nail in the "Multi Media Coffin". This is why your Corp is failing. Refusal to listen to the Consumer & making Stupid Decisions.

Dheep' on Sep 16, 2013


I dont know why every idiot says Man of steel and The dark knight were bad, they were great and well made, if you knew about screenwriting (like me) you`d knew they are masterpieces of their genre. As for Ben Affleck, all I can predict is that Batman vs Superman will be a Terrific movie but Ben will disapoint because of the big shoes he had to fill (Christian Bale) I hope one of three things to happen: 1- Ben resigns, 2- Zack Snyder fires Ben or 3- Ben learns how to act and closes our mouths.

Brian Smith on Sep 16, 2013


1. The Dark Knight trilogy was not bad. 2. Man of Steel was bad because it was not true to Supe's character. Superman does not wear a suit that's so dark it's nearly black. Superman does not conduct a massive battle in the middle of a city where citizens will die. Speaking of missed characters: MoS's Pa Kent was a doddering idiot. Yes, Pa Kent dies....but if you compare it to the Richard Donner Superman, Kent dies of a massive heart attack. There is nothing Clark can do to save him. That is the point of it....Clark learns that despite his abilities, he is not all-powerful. In MoS, Pa Kent practically throws himself into a tornado, wagging his finger at Clark as if he was a lapdog. Clark HAS the ability to save Kent, but is saddled by his fathers' disapproval. THAT IS NOT SUPERMAN. Superman would have saved him first, and then decided to argue his case afterwards when everyone is actually alive to do so.

Lee Miller on Jan 2, 2014


think its a shame how the film is being slated before even shot a scene i not a fan of affleck however i choose to keep an open mind give it a chance you might just enjoy it

Jonathan Ladd on Sep 22, 2013


Some say.... Heath ledger never deserved the role of joker... when he was casted as the jokers role..... but today.. wad that man did/..... was nothing short of a fabuluous.... display of live character.. build up.... and nobody.. till that movie.. came up... gave Haeth Ledger a chance..... I for once... m satisfied.. with Ben Affleck... as Batman.... he has the looks... has the height... the voice... and he proved his acting credentials... with movie.. ARGO.....he does'nt need to prove ne thing... to ne one... just go out their.. and disply a role of dark knight.. which.. is original.... we all r disappointed.. with him as casting.. of batman.... bcoz... we were so used.. to...Bale... his.. aurora... his presence... and display of charcter.. in his way.. that we.. have started beliveing... batman's charcter cant be portrayed by anyone.... dats not.. the way.. things.. should be done.... I hope Batfleck... turns out to be greatest... portrayel of Dark knight till today...... This movie.. for once.... will kickass ...... Go affleck... u will rock it...

The casanova on Sep 28, 2013


Whats.....with all the......periods.......

Kyle Edgecomb on Oct 6, 2013


And the....horrible...grammar....spelling...

Khris Tofer on Oct 22, 2013


THis Man of Steel should not even be made, Man of Steel Sucked big time, did not really say Superman to me and way to Jurassic park for me with these creatures on Krypton. I hate that F*&ing new suite. I really would like to see Tom Welling Play Superman in a continued story of Smallvile or a tie in.

Robert on Sep 29, 2013


Man of Steel rocked, and hopefully Affleck won't crap everything up.

Jewkester on Sep 30, 2013


Well I don't doubt that Affleck will be a bad Batman at all, I just think people are so scared of the change from Bale to Affleck. I honestly am too, I never like to see a recast of a leading role. But at least we have the comfort of knowing that our precious Dark Knight is going to be played by a tremendous and prospering actor.

Josh Miller on Nov 7, 2013


I meant to say that I don't doubt that Affleck will be a good batman. Oops*

Josh Miller on Nov 7, 2013


Heck, if you go into the movies expecting an awful movie without keeping an open mind, the movie will probably be bad for you. Give it a chance then after you see it judge it however you like.

Josh Miller on Nov 7, 2013


You wanna know why Marvel is beating the crap out of DC in the movies? Because Marvel lets the characters be themselves. Iron Man is a jerk with a heart of gold, Captain America is old-timey Americana values, Bruce Banner is crazy paranoid of his Hulk side getting loose, Thor is the knight-in-shining-armor, etc. Each character has his or her own strengths and weaknesses and Marvel plays those up. DC has decided to model all of their characters after Angsty Nolanverse Batman. Superman is angsty because he's an alien. Green Arrow is angsty because he's a teenager on UPN/CW/whatever channel angsty teenagers are watching. The only character who wasn't totally emo so far is Green Lantern, and his movie was terrible anyway. Superman v. Batman is going to be even worse than Man of Steel. It's going to get steamrolled by Avengers: Age of Ultron and then overshadowed by Ant-Man.

Lee Miller on Jan 2, 2014

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