Brad Bird Reveals a Mysterious Box of Things from His Sci-Fi '1952'

January 24, 2013
Source: Twitter

1952 Sci-Fi Box

Well, what do we have here, Mr. Bird? One of the many highly anticipated upcoming sci-fi projects we're keeping a close eye on is 1952, the new movie from Brad Bird, in development at Walt Disney with Damon Lindelof on the script, including George Clooney set to star. While we've covered bits and pieces of news, not much is known about the film beyond it involves making contact with aliens, with a Close Encounters of the Third Kind vibe. Well, AICN has pointed out that Brad Bird himself has posted a photo of a mysterious briefcase full of things that are "the seeds of 1952". Including a 1928 Amazing Stories book. Lots of clues!

Now Brad Bird has his own mystery box, but we actually get to look inside of this one! The photo comes directly from Bird's verified twitter, where he states: "The Box… opened." But not much else. Look inside:

Brad Bird 1952 Mystery Box

Brad Bird 1952 Mystery Box

As far as I can see, the big briefcase is full of a few important things: old photos of a man with a mustache who might be Walt Disney; VHS tapes and other old tapes, letters and extra documents; possibly a record, and maybe even some machine parts, too. Just a lot of odd but interesting stuff in there. AICN points out of the most important parts of this - the Amazing Stories book from 1928 (hiding below all the photos). This box of stuff was allegedly discovered by Damon Lindelof at Disney. However, they remind us "if there's a direct connection between the August 1928 issue of Amazing Stories and Disney, I haven't found it yet."

We already debunked the rumor that 1952 is a codename for Star Wars: Episode VII, but other hints seem to indicate some exciting sci-fi ideas. "It might center on the creation of Disneyland", or could cover the original creation of Buck Rogers, as he's the character featured in the comic book in the box. We still have no idea what exactly the movie will be about and/or who Clooney is playing, but this is a rather interesting first look pack with many clues (that may be impossible to truly decipher). With a December 19th, 2014 release date already set, we'll be following this closely. In the meantime, try to figure what these clues mean.

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Yeah that's Disney. Even the one in the back of the pictures has Disney in it. I zoomed in on the picture. The machine part looks kind of like what the guy in the Amazing book is holding. It has that round thing close to his hand.

txsrangerfan08 on Jan 24, 2013


Clooney is boxoffice poison!

vinny on Jan 24, 2013


Really? I see just about everything he's in in the theater...

Matt Peloquin on Jan 24, 2013


You must be the only one then. on Jan 24, 2013


Yea, The Descendants Oceans Trilogy, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Up in the Air, and O Brother Where Art Thou were some real box office failures. If only they had been nominated for some kind of award it may have boosted their earning potential...

Matt Peloquin on Jan 25, 2013


All of those films tanked hard at the BO. on Jan 25, 2013


The last time this happend, all the hush hush stuff about an upcoming sci fi/alien movie, getting our hopes up we ended up with Super 8 and you see how that turned out.....

jah p on Jan 24, 2013


I played the ARG for that movie. What a massive let down that game was.

untricky on Jan 24, 2013


Hmm...interesting. I mean, the synopsis seems like a total sci-fi yarn...but this box and it's contents points to some of 'unknown history' or 'fictional history' type of story...who knows. An article I read said it was an 'epic tentpole' who the heck knows. I'm VERY interested in whatever Bird is up to though.

Chris Groves on Jan 24, 2013


Ahhh, this is gunna be so great, love me some '50's Sci-Fi 😉

David Banner on Jan 25, 2013

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